The Informant: A Measured Response

A filing by Kaleb Cole’s Lawyer has told us what we already know- Joshua Caleb Sutter, aka SwissDiscipline, is an FBI informant.

This ‘man’ is a prime example of an arch-traitor: the kind of person who will shake your hand and call you his “comrade” and “brother”, all while plotting your arrest and incarceration.

And, what does he get from it? Fame? Love? Honor? No. Over 18 years, in exchange for ratting on people he called his comrades, Sutter has received the relatively paltry fee of $140,000. This is truly an indictment of the US Government- the people that they use to persecute National Socialists are the absolute scum of the Earth. Nobody is willing to do this who isn’t already morally and ethically bankrupt.

I knew this person quite well, or so I thought. I’ll admit that there were many failings here on the part of myself and others. Sutter always had nasty rumors flying around him, but, once you’ve accepted a man as a friend, collaborator, and comrade, it is very hard to disown them.

We made the decision to disown Sutter roughly four months ago, before any hard evidence had been released. He was in the middle of a plan to host a gathering of young National Socialists, and he surely planned to use this opportunity to entrap more good men.

There are a few small positives here, though. Kaleb Cole has possibly saved many young NS men from arrest, by releasing this information. And, we have learned from the experience- and this sad dealing with a rat will not soon be forgotten.

In regards to Atomwaffen, this revelation thoroughly disproves the unwarranted allegations that we were “run by the FBI”, or a “Government Op”. If we were run by the government, why on earth would they pay a rat to infiltrate our organization? Obviously, they wouldn’t. What this shows is that the FBI was so scared of us, that they paid Sutter at least $80,000 alone for his “investigation”. Millions of tax dollars in total were likely spent by the FBI and various other three-letter agencies investigating us. It is indeed a damnable shame, however, that we were not vigilant enough to prevent this rat from ingratiating himself with us.

We wish nothing but the best for our comrades, including Kaleb Cole and Cameron Denton who were imprisoned as a result of this rat. Kaleb is taking his case to trial, and we are cautiously optimistic – every piece of so-called “evidence” against Kaleb stems from the work of the rat Sutter, and, if Kaleb gets a judge or jury that aren’t completely brain-raped, he can beat these trumped-up charges.

Last but not least, this serves as an example for all rats or would-be rats. Sutter was paid a relatively inconsequential amount of money in exchange for his treason- and now, the FBI has thrown him away. He has been given his Thirty Pieces of Silver, and has now been left to the same fate as Judas – to be hated by the people that formerly liked and respected him. He has been cast aside, and will likely now live the rest of his days as an outcast in a sad trailer in South Carolina. Rats, this will be your fate. Nobody likes a rat – not even the people that they are working for.

And, to Joshua Sutter if you are reading this – you are the scum of the earth, even worse than a kike. A kike acts only according to his nature, whereas you knew the Truth, and decided to turn against it for a small profit. I hope that you realize what you have done.

As for information on Joshua Sutter he also goes by the names of SwissDisipline and Swiss. Below will be included 2 recent photos of him provided to us in case he still acts as a snitch and tries to change his name. He also has a deep southern accent.