Focus on Reality

Over the years, we have noticed a disturbing undercurrent among aspects of the National Socialist sphere – a sickening form of abject defeatism disguised as High Spirituality. This sad trend has been seen in many formerly solid National Socialists – a total rejection of real world problems, a lack of interest in the search for […]

Our Sacred Mission

In Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “The Joyous Science”, he poses a question: if a demon were to appear to you, and tell you that you are destined to eternally re-live your entire life in the exact same way, with the same thoughts, pains, joys, and sufferings, would you recoil in anguish and beg for another fate? […]

Eternal Struggle

As National Socialists, we have found that conflict and struggle are the nature of all things. From the beginning of time, Good has struggled against Evil, in a contest for dominion of the universe itself. Nothing is unchanging – everything that has, does, or will exist is in a constant state of change and strife […]

Revolutionary Conditions

“What will you do when the revolution comes?” is an often-discussed topic in NS circles. Idle talk about firearms, revolutionary fantasies that sound like they’re straight out of “Mad Max”, and talk about “who needs to be killed first” are standard fare. Before any revolution comes, however, we need to discuss revolutionary conditions. It is […]

How To Spot Feds

As a member of the Atomwaffen Division from 2016-2020, and as a member of two other Revolutionary National Socialist groups from 2020-present, I’ve had a number of experiences with people who were later found to be FBI informants or out-and-out FBI Agents. Having avoided arrest and/or prosecution despite numerous attempts by the aforementioned Agents & […]

Undercover Fed Exposed

THIS IS A REPOSTED ARTICLE FROM THE FUTURIST OBSERVER FROM BEFORE IT WAS SHUT DOWN. The gross incompetence of the federal government has enabled us to expose yet another system pig who was involved in the arrests of multiple Atomwaffen members. Through carelessness, an unredacted document was posted regarding the appeals process of Kaleb Cole.  […]

Remember The Martyrs

On May 19th, 2017, Atomwaffen members Andrew Oneschuk and Jeremy Himmelman were struck down in one of the most brazen acts of treachery that we’ve ever seen. Devon Arthurs, their murderer and betrayer, killed them due to their discovery of his psychotic plan to ambush and murder multiple members of Atomwaffen at a then-upcoming meetup. […]

One Big Union

For centuries, the political left has held a nearly unbreakable stranglehold on the workers-rights movement. By and large, the so-called right-wing has completely abdicated its responsibility in this field, choosing to represent the interests of big-money corporations and wealthy donors. The right-wing panders to its white, conservative voting base by offering them political table scraps […]