Worship of the Ashes

Tradition is the passing of the flame, not the worship of the ashes.”

The only thing worse than sticking with outdated concepts is to attempt to apply them to the modern world. The current “dissident right”, of which we are not a part, is stuck in the past. They believe in a version of the popular “whig history”, only in reverse. Rather than seeing history as a sequence of constant progression, from a depraved past to a glorious present, they see it as a downfall from a golden-age past to a degraded present.

We’ve seen many of our fellow National Socialists be seduced by this mindset- our opposition to many aspects of modernity makes this an attractive and simple answer. “Everything was better in the past, everything is worse in the present”. This has led to sympathy for monarchy, aristocracy, and feudalism, among other aspects of the past. It has also led to a bizarre application of old ideas of an “elite” to modern members of the liberal elite. Rather than attempting to appeal to the natural elite – men of action, great thinkers, etc – some on the “dissident right” are trying to ingratiate themselves with the modern, unnatural liberal elite. They are trying to soften up their ideas – refusing to talk about race, the jewish question, and other “edgy” issues – to soft-sell their watered-down ideas to university professors, lawyers, government officials, and other members of the liberal elite. They are abandoning their base – those potentially great men who have been held down by their refusal to abide by the Jewish system – so that they can try to sell an unappetizing product to those who will never believe in it.

It is easy to see this as pure cynicism – “We’ll bypass those without power, and we’ll sell our ideas straight to those who have power.” – but it goes further than that. Their poisonous right-wing views lead them to a slavish worship of their “social betters”, they’ve simply mentally replaced the aristocracy of old Europe with today’s liberal aristocracy. They see the “elite” as a persistent, eternal group which must be coddled and appeased, rather than an ever-changing group which can fall victim to its own weakness and depravity, and be replaced.

We must ask ourselves – why exactly does this suicidal anti-modernity appeal to some National Socialists? Are we feudalists? Are we Monarchists? Of course not. National Socialism does not represent an absolute rejection of modernity. We’ve taken the ideas of the 18th and 19th century revolutionaries, especially the revolutionaries of 1848, and stripped away any egalitarianism, non-racial thinking, and philosophizing leftist nonsense. We’ve replaced it with primordial Aryan thoughts about race, sex(male/female), religion, the laws of nature, and societal organization, among other ideas. National Socialism, in fact, represents Revolutionary Modernity. You simply can not be a Nationalist while supporting the monarchies or the aristocracy of the past – after all, who played the largest role in suppressing the Nationalist idea for centuries? And, can you be a socialist if you constantly defend the actions of men who hoarded wealth for themselves, and lived in gilded opulence while the people, the true backbone of the nation, starved?

The very idea of a hereditary aristocracy is in complete opposition to one of our most sacred principles – eternal struggle. Men living on the accomplishments of their ancestors, preventing the rise of a natural, meritocratic elite. Without the fall of the power of the hereditary aristocracy, starting with the French Revolution, and proceeding onwards throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, we’d have never had men like Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goring, or Dr. Joseph Goebbels – men who, through their own innate greatness, rose to the top.

There is no place in our movement for those who are stuck in the past. The NSDAP faced this same issue – the backwards-thinking right-wingers plotted against Adolf Hitler when they realized that he intended to take Germany forwards, rather than bringing it back to their beloved past. We must purge all right-wing thought. The right-wing is a millstone around our collective necks, they prevent any forward motion on our part with their fetishization of all aspects of the past.

But, of course, there is a simple solution – we must take whatever is useful from our history and traditions, and discard the rest. Can we break the chains of right-wing thought? If we can’t, we have no future.