Action is something not many in “NS Circles and Communities” Partake in, and that’s a huge problem we’ve encountered within followers of the Worldview or should I say, Fanboys of the Worldview. These Hang arounds insist that they are the Vanguard of the White Revolution, the saviors of the White Race. Yet they do nothing […]

The Sick Ideology of Europe

Liberalism is great because, unlike other ideologies, it lends itself to self-destruction and makes it easier to overthrow, the more ridiculous its ideological defensive attempts are, the faster its collapse and overthrow. To some extent, liberals are instinctively aware of this, from intellectuals to ordinary amoebas. That is why, in recent decades, they have been […]

In Defense of Localism

The Problem: A topic that is often not discussed but should be in our circles is that of the decline of localism, that being the economy within your local community is local, things such as local shops and alike. However besides select remote rural communities within the US, you’re going to be shit out of […]

Introduction into Pragnat

Part 1: Survivalism vs Self reliance: In our community it is not uncommon to hear “there is no political solution”, in fact it probably is a staple in the sound board that is the lemming amongst us who merely parrots back talking points and thinks they are edgy. But lets dive deeper into what is […]