In Defense of Localism

The Problem:

A topic that is often not discussed but should be in our circles is that of the decline of localism, that being the economy within your local community is local, things such as local shops and alike. However besides select remote rural communities within the US, you’re going to be shit out of luck in terms of finding anything local anymore or at least not finding something that isn’t drowning in national corporate chains.

I myself am still lucky enough to where localism to an extent is still somewhat prevalent within my community, although it is still on a decline as more and more local businesses go out in favor of national corporate chains. Thankfully we still have the local butcher, grocery stores that just single stores and not just only Walmart or some variant of Kroger with a different logo to trick you into thinking you’re shopping local. However I’m under no delusion that this will last forever, it won’t. It’s quickly becoming common place in my area that we demand corporatization of everything, how we should beg to become the next Los Angeles or New York City or Chicago, which we are.

What saved us originally was that corporations found our region to be “unprofitable” due to the shrinking population and low income. Now however that has changed, California and New York especially have become over-saturated with a wash of corporatization and consumerism. Everything is owned only by a few corporations and they’re all looking for greener pastures to spread their poison. On top of this, comes the flood of transplants from these areas, sick of their rent being $5,000 a month for a closet sized apartment, so they come flooding from the coasts and into the heartlands.

Granted just because someone is from California, New York etc. doesn’t automatically mean they’re bad. In many cases they’re good people who were born and raised in the wrong areas and just want to flee, however there is a lot of the transplants flooding in to areas such as Texas, the Great Plains and the Rust Belt and bringing their garbage with them. In my own area, I saw various towns and cities that were once pretty alright and local turn into mini cosmopolitan shitholes. Colonies of New York and Southern California come to our own front door. Instead of being able to go into a store or restaurant and knowing the owner and employees and the employees acting like actual human beings with real emotions and lives, instead you’re greeted to a fake feeling corporate shitheap with employees that don’t want to be there and have to fake being happy and act empty while being suicidal and depressed because they can’t afford losing their job and all other jobs in their area are the exact same but with a different uniform.

This is really the logical conclusion of the current structure of our system really, we currently live under a NeoLiberal Capitalist system. Instead of getting meat from your local butcher, groceries from your local grocer, other things from other local stores and shops. Instead what you get is the wonderful ability to purchase lower quality goods from Walmart or some variant of Kroger, what a deal! Instead of me being able to purchase quality meat from a butcher that gets his products from local meat processors who in turn get their stuff from local ranchers, instead I get to have it come all from JBS, Tyson, Perdue and more that’ll come stressed or contaminated with some disease because they hired illegal migrants in under the table that are insisted upon by their bosses to work as fast as possible and that includes by the way a lot of fuck ups when killing the animals which leads to the commonality of stressed meat. Look out for that next time you’re buying meat at Kroger or Walmart or whatever corporate grocer out there and you’ll find this more and more just how garbage quality the meat is.

Rural areas of the US aren’t safe from this either, sure Kroger, Walmart, Target, Safeway etc. may find a county with only 20,000-50,000 people in it unprofitable but don’t worry there is another form of this cancer as well, as like any good disease there are variants meant to attack specific things. To anyone who’s ever frequented such areas that I speak of or live in them, you know one thing. THERE ARE DOLLAR GENERALS/FAMILY DOLLARS EVERYWHERE! Quickly it is becoming common place like poisonous mushrooms in rural communities for these tumors to pop up. For those unaware of what I’m talking about fully because you’ve never been inside of one. Dollar General/Family Dollar are not Dollar Stores despite their name, they once were until of course it was Dollar General who figured out during the Great Recession of 2008 that they could basically just build a mini version of a Walmart for a fraction of the cost but tons of profit, other dollar stores such as Family Dollar copied this model.

Local shops in the area of course cannot compete with a corporate giant and thus go out of business, I have been to rural communities where literally the only thing left in the town is just Fast Food places like McDonald’s or Subway and then a Dollar General and maybe a Family Dollar to compete. It’s disgusting and deplorable and makes me sick every time. On top of this, these institutions only serve to further promote the system as embassies of the system’s thinking and being more and more reliant on said system. As McDonald’s, Subway, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walmart etc. aren’t localized at all, they all rely on national supply chain hubs that only number a dozen or more at their biggest across the US. Meaning lets purpose an area all of a sudden becomes rebellious against the system, well the system can easily cut off supplies in no time as a town in rural Missouri isn’t getting their stuff from Missouri, they’re getting it from a distribution hub in Chicago, so the system can easily just cut off the taps at will.

The Solution:

I could go on and on about these issues, however I’d just be rambling on the same point even further than I already am. The solution to this issue, under our own system is complete localization and decentralization of all things regarding domestic commerce and production. That meaning that a region/area is self-sufficient largely, they largely produce their own food, water, fuel, electricity and more. Before rise of Liberal Capitalism and its spawn NeoLiberal Capitalism, this was the norm of the world. Some international and national trade for rare and luxurious goods but beyond that, everything was internal and largely local in most respect.

This isn’t just a philosophical point to make either but a logistical one, it would prevent the current supply shortages we’re already facing under this shitheap of a system, as for the sake of profit, everything has been internationalized and nationalized. Meaning the logistics to run such a system is prone to collapse at anytime causing a domino effect internally, all of this for the sake of profit of a few system elites rather than actually being useful and long term effective.

Something that’s always stuck with me was the rural areas of my state are largely hydroelectric and the power comes from less than 1 mile away in many regards if you live in these areas. That thing that’s stuck with me for years was how whenever a power outage occurred, the power would be back on within an hour at the most because everything being localized and small scale, it’s easy to navigate and find the problem in the grid. In larger systems, this just isn’t possible, leading to small problems snowballing into large scale issues, compound this with corporate greed and refusing to update systems for the sake of profit and you can see even further problems develop.

Localism fixes all of this, you can avoid the shortages and supply issues and more just by having everything provided locally and provides a steady supply of goods and services. As an added bonus it keeps areas stable and under control and making sure everything is solid. All of this to further prove how incompetent and down right stupid our occupiers truly are, they sacrifice the long term for the short term and yet another reason of many why this system should be overthrown and replaced with a Pro-White Fascist System.

Something to note with all of this:

Ever since this pandemic started in 2020, it’s just been a never ending parade of incompetent action after incompetent action and exposing openly just how fragile and poorly built our occupiers have built their system, it’s something I’d hardly call a system anyways, it’s more akin to a rotting abandoned house with rats living inside, sooner or later the forces of the natural world will cause it to break down. Hence why we need to be the ones not just pointing out that this house is rotten, that’s easy, but giving solutions beyond that. Sure the house may fall but what will come after that? How will we do things differently? It is time to think up solutions rather than just droning on and on about issues with no solutions to them, for example with this very article, what we can and should do when we take power to fix up our own system and our own logistics, how we will set things up etc.

Think in a proactive and productive mindset rather than a reactive and destructive mindset and you’ll accomplish anything you want. Alexander the Great himself said on this “There is nothing impossible to him who will try!”. Success and victory is possible within our lifetimes, we just have to put our will towards it and the rest will follow.

Hail Victory!