The Sick Ideology of Europe

Liberalism is great because, unlike other ideologies, it lends itself to self-destruction and makes it easier to overthrow, the more ridiculous its ideological defensive attempts are, the faster its collapse and overthrow. To some extent, liberals are instinctively aware of this, from intellectuals to ordinary amoebas. That is why, in recent decades, they have been most actively grumbling with drool, like rabid animals, cornered by their sick inferiority. Liberals are most actively protesting against the war, but they demand war with those such as ourselves with all the small convolutions of the brain, even though neither of them poses a real threat to the power of their ideology — truly, the civilizational loneliness, which Fukuyama designated as the victory of liberalism, is maddening.

That conditionally right-wing liberals, that conditionally left, every single one of them demand in the name of protecting “human rights” to shed rivers of blood and organize revolutions around the world or to exterminate groups that potentially harm “humanism”. What is it, if not pure schizophrenia? What but the delirium of a “sick man of modern Europe” who wants to live a little longer in his agony? Falsehood and hypocrisy, contradiction on contradiction, existing for the sake of belief in “nothing” as the only objective picture of reality! How it all went, old-fashioned, retrograde, despite attempts to get younger, resorting to the idea of “eternity of progress” on the left or “no alternative to the Western path” on the right!

So what are the main problems of liberals of any kind, the solutions to which ethnic National Socialism can have? Let’s analyze now the two most important pillars.

Lack of political anthropology:

The formulation of the question “who is a person?” has never worried liberals, writing it off as “self-evident”. While it was not an ideology, but an attempt at political humanism based on Christian virtue, this problem did not stand — the liberals used the Christian concept of man as God’s creation, possessing free will and dualism of spirit and matter, which is absent in animals. Many did not consider people from among the “descendants of Shem and Ham” to be full-fledged or believed that it was possible to turn them into full-fledged people by re-education and gaining faith. Banal — man is a creation of God, which means his property, and the violation of human rights is nothing but a violation of the right to be a creation of God. With the secularization of the church and the state, the development of secular sciences and anti-Christian philosophy, liberalism partially renounced Christian humanism, recognizing every representative of the species Homo Sapiens as a person, which in turn devalued the concept of humanity — if every scum and scum who does not possess virtues and intelligence is recognized as a person who has rights, then no one has rights. The idea is logical, and the liberals consistent in this thought gave birth to socialism, from which, in turn, Marxism grew as the most rational form of democracy of the most disadvantaged strata (even in Marxism, political anthropology is present, unlike liberals — so, the most disadvantaged and most progressive strata moving history were designated by full-fledged people; and it is collectives, but not individuals). In the dry balance, “human rights” is nothing standing behind the emptiness of idealism, which has no support in the material world.

We, National Socialists, as full-fledged persons nominate a personality who is inextricably linked with the collective, connected to each other on blood, cultural, identification basis, living on native soil. That is, ethno-nationalists defend the rights and privileges not of an individual in life at his discretion, but of a collective that is built according to the blood hierarchy in the order “family/clan — tribe — ethnos — nation — race”, and in the social “the lowest elements of the nation — community members — aristocrats — Leader / Supreme Senate”, where all people have value only by contributing to the overall structure, but without it are not full-fledged people.


Liberalism won and became popular for the reason that it preached to the masses a simple idea: they are capable of achieving no less glorious deeds than the noble and worthy — it is only necessary to deprive the noble of sacredness. This led to the fact that as the world was disenchanted and then God died, any hierarchy began to lose its legitimacy. Since all people in the aggregate are not rational and thinking personalities, but a herd of moderately intelligent animals, the lack of legitimacy of the hierarchy did not lead to anything but chaos, devastation, and an even more miserable existence — in a word, degradation. What did the liberals come up with in such a situation? Representative democracy turned out to be the best solution, but devoid of virtues and order, it is the power of oligarchs, liars, and secret tyrants whose legitimacy is based on nothing but documents, in turn, the legitimacy of which rests on the decision of the masses, who, in turn, decide anything only by having an opinion leader. That is why in the liberal era there are so many uprisings, coups, rewrites of documents, as well as under the Eastern autocrats, relying solely on their own, unfounded desires when making decisions.

We, American Futurists, recognize hierarchy as a natural state of society, by which we consider it necessary to build it on the values and virtues appropriate for the ethnos and the natural order. Virtues express the quality of a person who translates values, therefore, although these concepts are often not interconnected (especially liberals), without the first, the second will not be worth a broken penny. Is it possible to talk about traditional values without conforming to traditional virtues (honor, nobility, moderation, etc.)? We can declare them, but they will be nothing but a populist ploy. Hierarchy is natural, in whatever manifestation it may be, and the fight against it is as ridiculous as the fight against the clouds before the celebration of Victory Day on May 9 in Moscow.

Fascism is based on natural human communities, respectively, it will be guaranteed success in the future. No artificially formed society on secondary grounds will function as it is declared (it is characteristic of civilized nations to collapse too often as soon as the political unity of the masses torn apart by different forces is lost). Once a serious political crisis occurs, a block that once seemed to be a monolith begins to disintegrate into small ethnic or political groups, and the unity of such a nation turns out to be broken by such an insignificant and short-term unpleasant fact from the standpoint of time. How far away modern nations are to the greatness of Rome! For this reason, we declare — it is not worth flirting with a senescent “liberal old man”! Enough of these manipulations on the part of the moderate-right! The current order does not have long to live — so why resist this process? It is necessary to show all his pathetic and anti-human essence, and then help him to pass away from life all over the world, banning and replacing in minds, like his miscarriage from the last century — communism!