Focus on Reality

Over the years, we have noticed a disturbing undercurrent among aspects of the National Socialist sphere – a sickening form of abject defeatism disguised as High Spirituality. This sad trend has been seen in many formerly solid National Socialists – a total rejection of real world problems, a lack of interest in the search for solutions, and a stunning disinterest in the temporal fate of our people.

Instead, these closet defeatists purport to have “advanced past” the issues of today, seeing the real-world struggle as irrelevant compared to an abstract struggle being fought in the “spiritual world”. They claim that the real battle is being waged on a different plane of existence, and that we simply can’t do anything in the real-world. They totally renounce any efforts to effect any positive real-world change as a waste of time and effort.

This point of view can not be seen as simply a different way of looking at things – it must be seen as nothing more than cowardly defeatism couched in, for lack of better words, mumbo-jumbo. Rather than being open and honest with their defeatism, however, they promote this non-temporal nonsense to others as the only valid means of operation – the only path that will lead to our victory. By focusing on occult research, obscure spiritualism, and useless esotericism, they waste valuable time, energy and resources that we simply can not afford to lose.

There is indeed a spiritual aspect to this struggle- but it is not fought on a separate plane of existence, and the battleground is not in a silly shrine in your closet. The spiritual battle is being fought out here, in the real world. The real-world fight against Jews, White traitors, and the Jews’ non-White lackeys is the spiritual struggle. The spiritual and material aspects of the universe are united in one universal reality, they can not be separated.

National Socialism is, in its essence, a scientific, biological worldview. We seek to discover the laws of nature, and to find the best ways to apply those laws to human affairs. There is no inherent occult or esoteric aspect in National Socialism – it is based on simple, exoteric Truths, comprehensible to all Aryans.

With this worldview couched in absolute reality, we must always strive to remain reality-focused in all things. We can never let otherworldly fantasies get in the way of our struggle for real-world power. Spiritual beliefs are important, but unless they aid us in our upward struggle towards Total Aryan Victory, they must be cast aside. There is nothing more important than the racial struggle, and nothing can be allowed to get in its way.

Unless we, as National Socialists, adopt a total focus on observable reality, we will go nowhere. Despite what some of our erstwhile comrades may tell you, our enemies are not focusing on a hypothesized otherworldly battle. They are focused on our real-world destruction, on subsuming us into their planned mongrel world. The question is, will we effectively participate in the real-world struggle that we know exists? The fate of the Aryan race, Earth, and possibly the universe itself all depend on our answer.