Siege Available for International Orders

As a news update for our store, there will be some reforms done to how things are done currently as there have been some issues lately in how things are run. First thing being first, international orders of Siege will now no longer be expensive as fuck ($40+) as we have partnered with NSVendor (please look into the Jewelry and Art he sells as it is excellent, one of our staff members got his engagement ring from him and he sells books as well including an older edition of Siege and Mein Kampf) in Europe, due to his country of origin being cheap to ship orders out of compared to the United States where it is absurdly expensive, while on his end it is less than $15 for most countries of the world. So if you are from Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand or more, you can now get Siege for cheap on shipping, however international orders for Siege will by Cryptocurrency only for both OPSEC and simplicity reasons.

If you have any questions or concerns email us at [email protected] with “STORE QUESTION” as the subject, thank you.

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