Contrarianism: The Cancer of our Movement

With the recent news regarding the invasion of Ukraine, it has really been the catalyst for showing ones true principles and beliefs and whether or not an individual has principled beliefs on a subject or they’re just an ignorant retard and/or grifter who’s only opinions stem from being a reactionary that adopts the opposite views of the current ruling system in order to reform a new Left v. Right Dichotomy.

We can see this especially within the so called “Dissident Right” within the United States for sake of example, where there are no principles, just adopting the opposite of your enemies beliefs then working backwards to justify those positions. This really stems from reactionary thinking more than anything else and seeing the world only in black and white and refusing to understand context to situations.

Ukraine has just been the perfect litmus test for this due to how many Americans especially within more reactionary elements of our movement as well as outside of it within the broader so-called right wing. Where they refuse to understand anything about the complexities of Ukraine, the relationships between Nationalist Paramilitaries/Movements such as Azov and more. They just have it in their minds of “OUR JEWISH RULERS SUPPORT THE ZELENSKYY GOVERNMENT SO THEREFORE NOT BASED! RUSSIA DOESN’T SUPPORT THEM AND THEREFORE BASED!”, it really does boil down to this level of retarded thinking mostly, it’s no better than how retarded sportsball fans think or especially retarded lemmings who obsess over Republican v. Democrat politics think.

The waters muddy even more once you mix in the delusional idiots who are also massive contrarians into the mix, especially and specifically for this movement, you have Western Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy whom are massive Russophiles and can’t shut the fuck up about how “Based” Russia is, despite them never speaking the language, not knowing the culture or in many cases not even being Slavic. It’s a complete LARP and pathetic, these people being completely delusional too and telling everyone how Based Putin is going to convert the West to Orthodoxy and Slavic Culture, despite Putin opening up Mosques and Islamifying Russia, but hey the Patriarch of Moscow supports him so you must too! Despite Russia themselves outlining their disgust at Western National Socialists and Far Right Wingers who support them because Russia is firmly Pro-Jewish and Pro-NonWhite Muslim Migrants.

This anti-revolutionary and completely reactionary way of thinking also lends itself to foreign infiltration and psyops. While this may be a liberal talking point, our system isn’t wrong or lying when they talk about foreign influence within the United States by Russia and China. Specifically, Russia and China influencing dissident organizations within the United States to be under their thumb and their sway and using propaganda to push their agendas.

Foreign influence has been something of a massive concern on our part for years, due to just how annoying it is to deal with people who are being paid by foreign governments within our circles to push an agenda that is counter-productive to our goals and in many cases unironically promoting the idea that we should abolish our system (which we do not oppose) only to live under the rule of the rival Jews to our Jews (which we do oppose) on idiotic justifications of “X Foreign Power opposes Gays and/or Feminism so we should live under them!” or just directly lying about such powers and their ideas and actions on things.

Relevant Picture in Question

Another big idea that is promoted heavily that we suspect heavily is coming from foreign powers is the idea of “Balkanization of the United States”, which we firmly as American Futurists oppose since that’s literally divide and conquer. In my own book, The Futurist State, I go into detail how I personally feel we’d be better having most of the North American Continent to ourselves and us as a superpower. Dividing the place into opposing states would simply allow foreign powers such as China, Russia etc. to come in and hold influence over us. Conveniently, those massively promoting this idea tend to also be the same people with suspicious foreign links to them as well, could be a coincidence but from our own personal experience, coincidences tend to be rare and things tend to go deeper.

This all leads to an entire psyop of our entire movement that has been going on for decades, actually sit down and think about it, how often are you taught to be ashamed of being a Westerner within the movement and how we need to model ourselves off of the East? This just isn’t within the Pro-White Movement by the way, this goes for the entire Western Right Wing and even parts of the Far Left as well. You can easily find people promoting how great the East is and how we should strive to be like them and be ashamed of ourselves and how disgusting our identities as Westerners are.

I for one am not ashamed of being a Westerner, I find disgust in our occupational false governments, our institutions and more. In fact, I wrote an entire book (The Futurist State) regarding my own view on the subject of North American Identity and how identities such as American and Canadian should be thrown into the trash as Liberal Enlightenment ideas. However the solution I presented wasn’t to just LARP as Russian Orthodox Slavs, it was to create a new identity entirely that is based on Western White Cultural ideas and feelings. On Ironmarch, there were people opposed to stuff like this, retarded Serbians and alike (though not all the Serbs) who basically demanded you apologize for being a Westerner and how you should try to be like them and act like them and think like them. How you should hate yourself for being a Westerner etc. It was all pretty annoying to see, especially seeing Americans on that forum LARPing and worshiping the East as this wonderful place, converting to Eastern Orthodoxy (which considers racism a heresy by the way) and how Western Identity as a whole should be destroyed in favor of a cheap knockoff of the East.

To make this even clearer, we don’t oppose “American Geopolitical Dominance” in the world in so much of the concept of our region that currently occupies the United States and Canada dominating the world geopolitically, we only oppose what it promotes with that dominance, things like LGBT, Racial Mixing, Liberalism and more, as we can see from a 2006 internal document from the US Embassy in Estonia in which the US State Department contemplates how to influence and destroy Estonian resistance to our system’s ideas of LGBTism, Racial Mixing and Liberalism. We do not wish to destroy American influence in the sense of making our region weak and becoming dominated by foreign powers, that’s just geopolitical cuckoldry more than anything. We only wish to change what we promote globally from NeoLiberal Faggotry and Degeneracy to our Fascist ideals and more.

To add more content on the subject of foreign influence, even though we may not fully agree with this individual, the Martinez Perspective did a pretty excellent video regarding foreign influence within our movement and the links many movement leaders have to the Russian Federation and anti-White figures such as Aleksandr Dugin and his ilk, you can watch it below.

click here for the video

In conclusion, we as a movement must abandon contrarianism and stop being ignorant on things for the sake of simplicity and becoming educated on what we as a movement really want and what really benefits us, because being under foreign domination by the rival Jews to our Jewish rulers surely isn’t a solution that works for us, only for the rival Jews of our current Jewish rulers. Assert our claims and things beneficial to us and our people, that’s the only real way forward and becoming wary of foreign influence and psychological operations done on our movement as it isn’t just the FBI doing such things but also the Russian FSB and Chinese MSS seeking to influence us for their own personal gains. We’re not for our Jews nor their rivals, only ourselves and our goals.

Hail Victory!