Action is something not many in “NS Circles and Communities” Partake in, and that’s a huge problem we’ve encountered within followers of the Worldview or should I say, Fanboys of the Worldview. These Hang arounds insist that they are the Vanguard of the White Revolution, the saviors of the White Race. Yet they do nothing in contribution to it, they sit at their computers protected behind an anonymous online profile where they post their memes and make their empty threats, sitting at the sidelines as cheerleaders calling out “We got this, We’re going to save the White race! We will fight the Jews!” As if they’re the ones marching and demonstrating with us while we’re out there risking our asses for our People.

When you ask them to get out there and do something other than sit at home all day in their uniform cosplays, you are met with excuses and accusations of being a federal agent for even encouraging them to quit their laziness and join the struggle. They will watch the videos we activists put out, the content we release as a result of our action, our propaganda and praise us but when asked why they weren’t there, you’d get the typical excuse; “well what If the guy I’m meeting up with is a fed?”. All these what ifs as an excuse to not fight, yet they will don the skull mask and the swastika and call themself an Aryan warrior, one of us, a fighter in our struggle, our brother.

Consider it like a cheerleader or a spectator in the Olympics claiming the Gold Medal Prize because the athlete they supported won first place. If you sit behind a computer screen in these communities, and endlessly evade opportunities to join the fight so you may hold onto your Bread & Circus and Material Value. You are not one of us. You are not a National Socialist/Fascist/American Futurist/White Nationalist and you have no right to use our symbols and wear our clothes like we do, The swastika is not your symbol and it’s very clear you didn’t pay attention to a thing written in SIEGE.

In SIEGE, James Mason said, We do not wish to rock the boat , We wish to sink it. How are we going to be able to even move the boat if you don’t get off your ass and do something? Memes won’t sink the boat, harrassing niggers on Omegle won’t sink the boat, And surely neither will your podcasts about droning on the same old talking points we’ve heard before for 5+ years now. You have no excuse to not be doing some form of real life action. What would your ancestors say about your inactivity, what would our countless martyrs think of you doing nothing? Get out there and be active! There are not excuses. Go print some stickers and put them up in your town, plan for serious actions, do more! The internet isn’t the end all be all!

The time for people being lazy worthless hang-ons and hobbyist armchair Nazis is over. You either fight, or you die, There is no middle ground. The Idea that organizing and meeting up with your fellow brothers-in-arms are all feds and that you’re safer inside alone is a set up for failure and something that the FBI themselves encourage with “Bad Jacketing”. while there are minor risks that come with meetups, we as activists take them for the greater good of our people. Our fight carries on and if you are not willing to stand up and fight with us, You are no National Socialist or anything for that matter, you are not one of us and you will either get out of the way or we will march over you when the time comes.

Action or Defeat, the choice is yours, White man.

Hail Victory!