Undercover Federal Agent Warning!

This is an urgent PSA from The American Futurist! We have been given photos from a former Atomwaffen Division member from the Nuclear Congress of 2019 and just by coincidence the undercover FBI agent who was with FBI informant known as Joshua Sutter had a slip up and this former Atomwaffen Division member who supplied us the pictures had completely stumbled unto them by mistake completely forgetting they took these two photos at a bar. This individual who went by “Mark” at the time was usually pretty good at avoiding photos or refusing to be in them, sadly for him and the FBI until now.

We originally published these pictures on our Gab and Telegram and since then has spread around far and wide. Since then we’ve gotten several emails from people saying they’ve seen this individual at National Socialist Meetups and usually refusing to be in group photos or if he caught you trying to take a picture of him from what we were told, he’d insist of its cropping or removal.

Federal Agents who infiltrate our circles according to former undercovers themselves in interviews, tend to bounce around groups trying to pick up as many people as possible. If you recognize this man by his tattoos or his facial features, this man is an FBI agent and someone to avoid. If he is in your group, chat or circle, kick him out and the person who invited him in as soon as possible.

Here are our two photos of him with his informant Joshua Sutter, to learn more about him including reading court documents on how he took over $140,000 over his 20 year informing career click on our article here.

We were also given a tip through our email from a reader regarding this FBI agent that he was at an NS meetup with Timothy Wilson, a man who would later be killed in a shootout by the FBI for “plotting to attack a hospital” and this undercover FBI agent vanishing in the wind after this arrest. He also was really concerned about being in any photos and wanted his face blurred out citing “A Child Custody Case”. Which gives further proof that “Mark” is bouncing around our groups, circles and meetups.

If you recognize this man from any groups or meetups you’ve been to, give us a tip about it at [email protected] and also please share this article around as much as possible to increase visibility of this person. The more people recognize him, the harder it is for him to infiltrate our circles.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from The American Futurist!

Hail Victory and Stay Safe!