The Chink Menace

A growing problem within the American section of the movement at least has been that of the rising issue of China and those either ignoring it or those celebrating it, either because they’re contrarian idiots or they’re being paid off by China, like, for example, Andrew Anglin. Either way, an issue that must be brought […]

American Futurist News Site Launched

The American Futurist is happy to announce the launch of its new sister site The Futurist Observer which instead of opinion pieces, The Futurist Observer will focus on news related things such as investigative journalism and the news of the day. Considering the fact that The American Futurist is nothing more than an opinion piece […]

The Waiting Room

If you are waiting for social collapse or other ideal scenarios before acting, you will likely die waiting. Victory is only achieved through a man’s will being forcefully imposed on the world. Hitler was not a simple man who got lucky by being in the right place at the right time. Only those willing to […]