In Defense of Sam Woodward

As a piece we feel is needed and with the recent news regarding the trial of Sam Woodward, we felt that we should write up a piece explaining Sam and what actually happened here and why we feel Sam’s case is a clear case of self-defense and advocate for his immediate release. We’ll be citing our sources here, including what Sam directly told the police after his arrest in 2018.

Let’s start where it all began: with Sam Woodward in California. Sam had a private habit of using Grindr to contact gay men and send them photos of gay suicide victims or gay men executed through private messages, and just generally liked to screw with LGBT individuals for fun. Being a young National Socialist man, this was quite a normal thing to do, although a bit reckless and short-sighted trolling.

From what the evidence pointed out by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department paints the picture of a young man who liked to troll those he deemed as degenerates for fun. As stated, this was a bit reckless but harmless fun that only resulted in some gay men having a ruined night. Sam, unfortunately for himself, made the decision to troll one of his former classmates, a gay jew by the name of Blaze Bernstein. From what we were able to piece together from Sam’s own statements and his prior activities, Sam wanted to meet up with Blaze, make fun of him and demean him in person, and then leave him at the park alone. A very funny trolling plan.

However, from what Sam stated, Blaze sexually assaulted him by kissing Sam and touching him without Sam’s consent. Sam himself has gone on record saying he tried to push off Blaze Bernstein, but the fag wouldn’t stop. So, Sam, angry and wanting this gay jew to just stop it, pulled out his knife in self-defense and exercised that self-defense. It’s recognized in society that if a woman is being sexually assaulted, she has the right to self-defense and to use lethal force on her rapist. Yet, Sam, due to his act of self-defense against a gay jew who was kissing him and touching him sexually against his will, is treated like a sick murderer. When he was a victim of a sexual assault by a homosexual jew, Sam defended himself against Blaze’s advances on him.

Blaze Bernstein himself, in leaked phone records, has been recorded as stating his intention to want sexual intercourse with Sam Woodward. Mostly because Blaze got turned on as a gay jew to being sexually involved with a White National Socialist man. When Sam didn’t return the favor, Blaze clearly tried to force his will on Sam, but Sam pushed back and exercised his self-defense against sexual assault. Now the question lies, should Sam have met up with Blaze for his plans of good fun and trolling a gay jew? Probably not. It was short-sighted of him to do such things, and he shouldn’t have even considered doing that, especially since Blaze knew who he was. So if Sam made fun of him then left him there, or Sam beating up Blaze at the park, it would have resulted in some criminal charges against Sam.

However, we all make our own short-sighted mistakes, and just because Sam wanted to troll a gay jew for fun and that gay jew sexually assaulting him and Sam practicing his right to self-defense doesn’t make that self-defense invalid. It’s because of this that The American Futurist calls for the immediate release of Sam Woodward and compensation to be made by the State of California, every media corporation that labeled him as this awful, evil person, for which the compensation should be at least six million dollars plus interest, and for January 2nd to be named “Sam Woodward Day” as a national holiday to celebrate Sam Woodward and raise awareness of homosexual sexual assault by gay jews and its dangers.

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