The Waiting Room

If you are waiting for social collapse or other ideal scenarios before acting, you will likely die waiting. Victory is only achieved through a man’s will being forcefully imposed on the world. Hitler was not a simple man who got lucky by being in the right place at the right time. Only those willing to accept the hardship required for victory can truly be included in our cause. Simply embracing the ideology of National Socialism in mere thought is of no use to anyone.

Your personal beliefs have no purpose unless you enforce them on the world around you. Our weakest links are foolish enough to think this can be done by simply joining a political party and other acts of minimal effort. To get this kike boot off our neck is not simple or effortless. If it was easy, it would have already been done.

Alienating the dead weight from our circles has zero negative consequences. These people are a liability at best. We need men of action. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our enemies are not our biggest threat. It is our cowardice. This is not a call to throw your life away. We need you to simply use it effectively. Make it count and live as a free man another day.

“The guerrilla fighter is primarily a propagandist, an agitator, a disseminator of the revolutionary idea, who uses the struggle itself-the actual physical conflict-as an instrument of agitation. His primary goal is to raise the level of revolutionary anticipation, and then of popular participation, to the crisis point at which the revolution becomes general throughout the country and the people in their masses carry out the final task-the destruction of the existing order and often the army that defends it.”
-Robert Taber, War of the Flea

Your personal opinions about political matters or ethics do not matter in and of themselves. They require action to become reality. Preferring the National Socialist worldview, as a mere intellectual abstraction, does not make you a National Socialist. The way you carry yourself is the only identifiable characteristic.

If we can’t defeat our enemies in the ballot box, then we will defeat them in the streets and even in their homes, if necessary. If you do not see yourself as the “we” in that statement, then you aren’t one of us.

There is no patch. No medals. Nothing but the pride earned through actions that sculpted the world around you. When you’re ready, show off your craft to the world and more will do the same. Just lead by example and don’t sell yourself short.

If you are a White man with two arms and two legs, then you have all you will ever need. Put one foot in front of the other and do your part.

The most effective tool in your arsenal is your willingness to put the work in.

Only then are you truly a walking, talking revolution: the fascist one-man band.