American Futurist News Site Launched

The American Futurist is happy to announce the launch of its new sister site The Futurist Observer which instead of opinion pieces, The Futurist Observer will focus on news related things such as investigative journalism and the news of the day. Considering the fact that The American Futurist is nothing more than an opinion piece newsletter, we felt it appropriate to split off some of our staff to instead focus on building a separate but united site based around covering the news and doing investigative journalism.

We’re really excited by this project of ours and have high hopes for it. Especially since over the years we’ve heard non-stop complaints among our compatriots that the movement doesn’t really have any news media going for it. The Daily Stormer stopped being of the movement years ago as Andrew Anglin is no longer a racialist and National Justice has long been abandoned by its owner Eric Striker who instead is focusing on producing more of his paid content. 

So we saw an opportunity to expand ourselves and we took it. If we didn’t take it then someone else would have taken it. With this we plan to grow our message and narrative even further than before within the movement. With the future as bright as ours and the things we’ve faced, there is nothing but progress and victory ahead.

In the meantime please check our new website with its new investigation piece exposing the Federal Agent who arrested POW Cameron Denton.

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Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!