Preparedness Worldview Part I

An Article by Rusty Shackleford and Raccoon This article will be the first of a series we are excited to introduce, the focus of these articles is something not usually covered here, rather than just discussing or encouraging the inevitable collapse; we will discuss how you can ensure you survive and excel in such a […]


As a topic, especially within the Pro-Siege/Accelerationist Faction of the movement, that is often up for discussion is that of systemic collapse. An issue that I often see however is just a flat out wrong idea of what a systemic collapse would look like. This being a uniquely American problem as I don’t really see […]

Stop Using Windows

To quote from the immortal words of Terry A. Davis, “The computers went wrong when you made them for niggers, that’s when it went wrong. […] The white people are like ‘it’s a command line what’s your point?’ The niggers are like, ‘no we don’t like a command line’. Here’s the difference between a white […]