Preparedness Worldview Part I

An Article by Rusty Shackleford and Raccoon This article will be the first of a series we are excited to introduce, the focus of these articles is something not usually covered here, rather than just discussing or encouraging the inevitable collapse; we will discuss how you can ensure you survive and excel in such a […]

On Ukraine

As a statement for the current Russian Invasion into Ukraine from The American Futurist, we felt we needed to make this post explaining our position more so than our brief statements on our Telegram and Gab accounts. To make it clear we do not support Putin or Zelenskyy during this conflict, however that does not […]


As a topic, especially within the Pro-Siege/Accelerationist Faction of the movement, that is often up for discussion is that of systemic collapse. An issue that I often see however is just a flat out wrong idea of what a systemic collapse would look like. This being a uniquely American problem as I don’t really see […]

Stop Using Windows

To quote from the immortal words of Terry A. Davis, “The computers went wrong when you made them for niggers, that’s when it went wrong. […] The white people are like ‘it’s a command line what’s your point?’ The niggers are like, ‘no we don’t like a command line’. Here’s the difference between a white […]