The Futurist Manifesto

As a further statement towards our enemies who think they can stop us. You cannot. We’ll always be online and there is nothing you can do about it. You can arrest the team of individuals behind this site as well and confiscate everything. It matters not because we’re not a simple organization with a central leader or organizational structure but an idea and you cannot stop an idea. You can even kill everyone involved with this site even including killing people like James Mason and it wouldn’t matter because all it takes is for one person who’s reading this to start their own site after that and repeat the process.

We are American Futurists, We are the Future. You cannot stop the future just as you cannot stop night from turning into day. Constantly inventing new ways of doing things. Not relying on the past but creating a new future. Making us unstoppable and hard to predict unlike our Movementarian Counterparts. Time and Space died yesterday. Now there is only time for victory!