Counter-Terrorism is a Racket

Something that I’ve come to learn during my tenure as a “Far Right Neo-Nazi Extremist” is just how much of a scam counter-terrorism truly is. The very NGOs and “experts” who are tasked with monitoring people like myself, well to put it short, they’re all running a pretty impressive scam on the system and it really only benefits people like myself, let me explain.

For those unaware on how much of the counter-terrorism industrial complex works post-9/11, let me explain. For the most part, the FBI, CIA, Local/State Police and alike don’t really do much of their research on people such as myself, instead, at least from what I can tell, it’s privatized and the burden is given off to NGOs who get tax funded grants in return. To put it simply, the NGOs do the research then hand off that research to Government Agencies and in return they get grants and alike kicked their way.

The issue with this system however is that these NGOs largely either do bare bones research that only covers the absolute basics of the group/person/entity they’re researching into or they do that half way then make up the rest. This happens all the time but as an example with Atomwaffen Division, literally everyone of these “experts” claim it was founded in 2015, however the official Atomwaffen Division website said 2013. So where did that get that number? Well it was due to the fact that Brandon Russell made an official post for the group on Ironmarch in 2015 and the SPLC mistakenly thought that this meant it was founded in 2015 and that’s how we got here. This is just one example of these people just citing false information because of bad assumptions or just general laziness.

I myself got so sick of hearing the 2015 founding date that I emailed one of these NGOs myself citing an archive of the Atomwaffen Division website and I shit you not they replied back “Atomwaffen Division is not a credible source on Atomwaffen Division, the SPLC are experts on hate groups so our citing of them in our report remains”. Another glaring reason why they keep the 2015 date is because these people taint their data to fit a political narrative in their heads, which is also a common thing in these circles of just fucking over your research data to fit a preset narrative. I’m not joking when I say that I’ve seen many times these people bring up “Atomwaffen Division was founded in 2015, you know what also happened in 2015? Trump announced running for President!”, ignoring of course that Atomwaffen Division was against the Trump campaign from day one, seeing that Trump was just another Reagan, that being a system made pressure release valve. However as stated these “experts” on us tend to not know the basics about us or just ignore the basics to fit their own narrative.

Another funny example pertaining to this site was the research paper on us written by Jessica Davis, a woman who likes to tout on and on how she “exposed our financing”, you can read her “research paper” here. Which to spoil how she did this “research”, she went to our donation page and cataloged that we accept donations in Bitcoin, Monero and Cash sent to our PO Box in Denver then she cataloged something that got some articles written about us with us selling some books on Amazon last September for about a month before we got banned and then she made some guesses like how we sometimes use our own personal money for this project and that’s it, that’s the article. She acted like she exposed the heist of the century on writing research paper on the most basic shit ever that we put out publicly. Someone’s got to have their hobbies I suppose and her hobby is LARPing as this anti-Atomwaffen Division crusader who’s exposing us at every turn even though we don’t hide anything and it’s just a publication run by several guys in their early to mid twenties.

What I’ve listed currently is just scratching the surface alone, it’s all just one big scam with the entire counter-terrorism industry. These people haven’t prevented a single terrorist attack ever, not only the NGOs but also the Joint Terrorism Task Force which is made up of different policing agencies from the FBI to State Police to Local Police, they haven’t prevented shit, even national agencies that spy on everyone such as the NSA have yet to prevent anything. All the “terrorist plots stopped” are ALWAYS just some fed who convinces some idiot teenager usually to agree to a plot that the fed thought up. The reality being that actual terrorism isn’t something that can be prevented, that’s something these people will never admit to. The reason for this is twofold, first being that actual terrorist attacks tend to just be 1-3 people involved usually and they don’t let the conspiracy get any bigger than that, which makes it really hard for lets say the FBI to find out about this plot and makes it impossible if it’s just some guy planning this by himself, the other massive reason is that the security organs of the system are just incompetent as hell.

On the topic of this incompetency, Ted Kazcynski himself even remarked in an interview he did on his shock on just how retarded the FBI really was. The Unabomber case still is the most expensive case in FBI history due to the amount of manpower and resources they poured into finding Ted. However just looking into the case before Ted’s brother tipped them off, the FBI was way off the mark on finding the most basic things about Ted. For example, the reason why the FBI took decades on this case was because the FBI was adamant that Ted was living in the San Francisco Area and also had ties to the Airline Industry. Why? Because the packages Ted dropped off at was dropped off at mailboxes in San Francisco, Ted took the Greyhound from Montana to San Francisco to drop off his packages as a diversion and the FBI took the bait and ran with it. The Airline Industry bit wasn’t even something Ted had as a diversion, it was a conclusion they came to because Ted built a package bomb meant to take down an airliner by taking a garage thermometer and running a wire on the needle and putting the connector on a low temperature so when the temperature got lower then the needle would have the wire strike the connector and the bomb would go off, the FBI concluded that only someone who worked in the airline industry would know that air is colder up in the sky than down on the ground, I’m not joking and even Ted was shocked by this.

Now why even bring this up? Why bring up how those who oppose us all suffer from being incompetent retards? Well because it proves our point in an ironic way, the security apparatus of this system is nothing but a joke run by retards who think themselves scholars and experts, it’s Dunning-Kruger on a massive scale. This just further proves that this system needs to be removed and replaced because not only does it do massive harm to our race and to humanity as a whole, it can’t even prevent harm to itself even and only furthers the damage through its own incompetency. It’s nothing but a joke on a cosmic scale that only God himself could come up with. Now that the system is ramping up to bring the War on Terror home, it’s only going to get more retarded as now the current Biden administration has “Declared War on White Supremacy” meaning of course declaring war on people such as ourselves. Which will only result in more and more blunders by this security apparatus and its only “victories” being them convincing some poor 16 year old to agree to bomb a mosque for them then parading that case around as if they prevented the next Osama Bin Laden, like they’ve been doing for decades. This ultimately will only spell victory for us in the end however if our enemies are this retarded at the end of the day and that of course is a gift to be cherished by God.

Hail Victory!