It is by model of virtue that we are the way we are. Virtue is defined as a good and moral character and I cannot find a better way to describe the Aryan race, for we are both good and moral – it is our essence.

We fight for good, in it’s truest sense – we are righteous, we are the upwards force, we are aligned with Nature, and we are true.

We then take Nature’s beauty of creation and we set ourselves ever increasing standards in the form of self-adhered moral laws that each of us inherently know as part of our birthright.

Many try to subvert this moral adherence, our enemies try to poison our goodness and yet we still prevail, furthering our growth and constantly shifting the boundaries of these natural and moral guidelines to ensure that we are constantly striving for something greater than what we are.

We strive for beauty, for sun, for light, for life, and we do so mentally, physically, and spiritually.

However oftentimes, especially in more recent times – we forget that one must build the cornerstones before we construct the cathedral.

We, through any combination of indoctrination, unawareness of our racial struggle, subversive means applied by those who wish to destroy us, or simply being separated too long from our joined Aryan consciousness – by the vices of the modern word and it’s hedonistic ink that seeps into everything we cultivate and create – have forgotten the most important thing about our self development and upward struggle: we must work from the ground up.

A weak mind is a dangerous thing, and easily manipulated thing, and potentially, an evil thing.

In our enemies playground, living in the occupied territories we once called our homelands – we are taught, nay – drilled daily – that it is not only okay to be the emotional equivalent of a busted omelette, it’s actively encouraged.

Not only should you give into to mental weakness, you should actively seek out new and freshly forged labels for your unhappiness in this morally void wasteland, they say.

You need to cry daily, for your own health rather than embrace your natural stoic state and masculinity – you need to be dieted for slavery while taking an increasing quantity and variety of pharmaceuticals before you can even consider yourself to be a functioning human being, despite your forefathers for millennia needing none of this, and more – needing only the rays of the sun, and the thrill of the chase to keep their happiness flowing through them.

I have said maybe a thousand times that the most underrated anti-depressant of the twenty first century is exercise.

Basic, fundamental, exercise.

It’s a known fact that exercise releases endorphins, it is wise Natures built-in feel good system – and as Aryans we embrace the Natural Law not because it is easy, not because it is convenient but because it is eternal and absolute Truth.

So, for no other reason for this alone – a daily exercise routine is an absolute prerequisite for any Aryan amid his or her awakening.

This is the first and foremost reason we must, and our ancestors did push their bodies to and sometimes past their limits but secondary to this, as Aryans we embrace the beauty that we see in Nature – and exercise has an absolutely beautiful effect on the aesthetics of one’s physique. It is something that aligns very heavily with our constant upwards struggle – our never-ending quest for perfection.

It was Socrates that is quoted as saying, “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”, and honestly – I couldn’t say it better myself.

The greatest enemy of the Aryan, besides the obvious, is stagnation. Stagnation means a cease to movement, and inevitably – death. Inertia is life, a constant movement which begets movement whereas stagnation is the quicksand of the soul.

So for us to fulfil our destinies we much embrace the struggle and strive to reach the perfection of our potential, beauty through strength. It is strength that we use as a weapon to achieve this beauty in the realm of physical prowess. It can shine it’s light on us in many ways, but it always burns blisteringly bright.

Without strength, we are not warriors.

Without strength, we are not soldiers.

Without the beauty that we carve our potential into with this strength, we are neither the poets nor artists we are destined to be.

We must utilise the most basic of struggles, one of physical discipline in order to breed the desired traits we require in order to forever strive upwards towards our perfection, our Eternal Aryan spirit, our Ubermensch – the coming man.

For that is who we seek to bring forth, that coming man, a better man in a better world for a better future.

It is discipline that, like our enemies poison ink, seeps into one’s soul, acting as both a counterpart and combatant to their evil ways.

It is self-discipline, once bred that will spill over into all aspects of one’s life and allow for even higher peaks to be reached, but it is only through cultivating this self-discipline much like we cultivate our beauty through strength that we can apply it with correct measure to the portions of our lives that find it necessary.

This mindset of being more, of chasing more, of seeking more is pure, unadulterated Aryan spirit, and it is within each and every one of my brothers and sisters if they only seek to plant the seed, for the tree that grows forth will have many different branches, and a variety of colours and blooms dependant on what this tree is fed, dependant on the purity of it’s water. Alas – it is a tree not at all, without it’s seed.

So plant your seed, fellow Aryan, cultivate it through strength into beauty and determination, into life and discipline, into blood and honour and let the wings of your dedication carry you loftily forward and upwards to those higher peaks where you may sup on the fruits of your own labour and seek yet higher peaks again among the clouds.

Stay strong, stay disciplined, become Aryan.

Blood & Honour.

-Jim Roberts.