Successful Propaganda

Propaganda, “marketing”, and “spreading the message” is one of the – if not THE – most important missions of our sphere. It has always been a pivotal part of the struggle, since the days of the Kampfzeit to today. Think about it: how did we ourselves come into this sphere? How did we become truly […]

Undercover Fed Exposed

THIS IS A REPOSTED ARTICLE FROM THE FUTURIST OBSERVER FROM BEFORE IT WAS SHUT DOWN. The gross incompetence of the federal government has enabled us to expose yet another system pig who was involved in the arrests of multiple Atomwaffen members. Through carelessness, an unredacted document was posted regarding the appeals process of Kaleb Cole.  […]

Remember The Martyrs

On May 19th, 2017, Atomwaffen members Andrew Oneschuk and Jeremy Himmelman were struck down in one of the most brazen acts of treachery that we’ve ever seen. Devon Arthurs, their murderer and betrayer, killed them due to their discovery of his psychotic plan to ambush and murder multiple members of Atomwaffen at a then-upcoming meetup. […]

Total Nigger Death

Total Nigger Death, or TND, is a recently popular phrase in the dissident right circles. To some it is a joke, and to others it is one of the most important concepts to be introduced to the movement. I belong to the latter group. The stark reality is any white victory requires the total annihilation […]

NSLF Book For Sale

The American Futurist is proud to announce that we have for sale physical copies of A Short History of the National Socialist Liberation Front compiled by Vincent Snyder (Cameron Denton) with excerpts by Tom Metzger and others. Once thought lost, we were able to secure a PDF and now have published this in physical form […]

AWD Archive

This is a near complete archive of materials from the late Atomwaffen Division which is now defunct. Use these materials as you will. Considering donating to help out as these videos eat up bandwidth on our servers. You can also buy from the store as well to show support. Atomwaffen Division – Fire Up The […]