The Path Forward

In 2023, the dissident right is in an interesting situation. It is very clear that there are more people convinced of our views or getting closer to them by the day, yet many people rightfully are aware of the fact there is little follow through due to the lack of vessels to exert our willpower […]

Total Nigger Death

Total Nigger Death, or TND, is a recently popular phrase in the dissident right circles. To some it is a joke, and to others it is one of the most important concepts to be introduced to the movement. I belong to the latter group. The stark reality is any white victory requires the total annihilation […]


There has been a rekindling of debate about education in right-wing circles recently. This is not a new topic of conversation, but I have grown increasingly impatient with some of the misconceptions and straw maning that’s being done, which has compelled me to write this article. The dissident right in its modern form is in […]


To control language is to control the debate, a trend that has been seen in recent both from the system and in some cases even within our own movement and within the broader right wing in the US in general, language is purposely dumbed down to limit the capability of people to conceptualize and communicate. […]

Preparedness Worldview Part I

An Article by Rusty Shackleford and Raccoon This article will be the first of a series we are excited to introduce, the focus of these articles is something not usually covered here, rather than just discussing or encouraging the inevitable collapse; we will discuss how you can ensure you survive and excel in such a […]

Civil War

This article today will discuss many things our viewership is familiar with: civil war, the dissolution of the American government, rising illegitimacy, and the fact your government hates you. The twist to all of this is that it isn’t us saying it, rather it is regular media and the US government. A few years ago […]

Modus Operandi

A previous article discussed the new domestic “War on Terror” and went into how to approach political movements in this context. This article will discuss what YOU need to do to secure your own personal safety and identity in the wake of this new move by the system. Many people, even in this part of […]