Modus Operandi

A previous article discussed the new domestic “War on Terror” and went into how to approach political movements in this context. This article will discuss what YOU need to do to secure your own personal safety and identity in the wake of this new move by the system.

Many people, even in this part of the movement fail to understand the US government for how it operates. Communist China may have a social credit system to encourage pro-state behavior, but the United States is no freer than the Chinese. If anything, I’d go as far to say many of these one party states are MORE transparent than the US government. We live in a walled garden where we are given freedoms as long as it is within an acceptable bound. The system has been repeatedly tightening these bounds over the years for its own sake, and they will ruin your life and given you unfair bullshit trial if you slip up. Even more recently entire definitions as we have known them have shifted, with typical idiot Trump supporters even being treated the same as an Islamic terrorist would have a few decades ago (some in the media even call for domestic drone strikes against American citizens!). We are not in a position to dick around and the following paragraphs will discuss how you can cut dicking around to a minimum.

The technocratic state we live in is essentially every dystopian model combined. Smartphones and related technology make everyone a walking camera, the stories older people tell me of all the shit they got into back in the day simply could not happen again without everyone being arrested. Following the capital riot, you had East German Stasi-esque examples of the feds prompting people to turn in their own family members over a supposed “insurrection” where almost no one had any weapons. You have big media companies which control the narrative, and tech companies which record your every movement in person and online. You need to be aware of this if you plan to exist anywhere near modern society and are aware of what is going on.

There was a relatively recent wave of doxes in the movement due to various forum leaks, most of the account did not get doxed, but the few that did had one thing in common: social media. Something as simple as having a Facebook tied to an email resulted in the public release of names, pictures, associates, location, and family. If you are using this stuff GET OFF OF IT. If for some reason you “need it’” be sure to take proper security measures such as not allowing it to be looked up via email, having it not indexed by search engines, and having it set to friends only. When it comes to the government, having anything (even something like a twitter under a pseudonym) puts you at risk. If you’ve used these platforms for organizational purposes, you should probably off yourself. These are tools of the surveillance state and should be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to the actual tech-media companies themselves not much has to be discussed. Ween yourself off the dominant online ecosystems like google or Microsoft and try to use encrypted messengers. Always remember that the most secure and reliable discussion is in person. Don’t trust alternative platforms any more than you do Facebook.

Beyond freeing yourself from the internet, the other important aspect of security is your behavior in person and online. Tom Metzger moved on from W.A.R. to adopt a more low profile means of acting. The state thinks of us as enemies, and it should be a primary goal to keep your beliefs as private as possible. Do not try to make your family or coworkers more ‘aware’. Most doxes that are not just someone leaving information public come from people you are associated with, and I tell you this as someone who had a school mate tip the feds off about my choice in friends. There is very little to gain discussing these things publicly besides making yourself a target.

I already discussed my view of online platforms before, but the fact is they are convenient. Use encrypted messengers and don’t say anything to anyone online that could incriminate you or tie you in to any real-life events that happen no matter how innocent. Don’t join groups online, do not post information about yourself online, and talk online as if it were in public because it essentially is. The feds are not as incompetent as they seem, the days of “Would you like to join my militia my fellow skinhead?” have gone and they are more aware of the new wave of nationalists.

The final thing that needs to be discussed but doesn’t fit in with the rest of this article is life choices. This is mostly targeted towards younger guys who haven’t picked their path yet. The reality is that the system is cracking down horizontally in all of its compartments. If you have used the word “nigger” online in any context, it is quite realistic that in a few years this could prevent you from employment in many positions. If the previously listed advice fails, the best means to secure yourself against a dox is to not have a dox matter in the first place. A company will not hesitate to terminate your over such trivial activity, but Joe at the local roofing outfit will more than likely be indifferent about it. Government and military positions are out of the question. The military is attractive to many people in the movement and putting the ZOG elements aside you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position. There is currently a process to stamp out q-anon types and they will have no reconciliation for you. A dishonorable discharge may as well be a felony.

The best way to sum all of this up is to simply say: do not be stupid. We here have been advocating against most major political groups and public type stuff for a while, and many other old school figures in the movement such as the late Tom Metzger deviated from public action long ago. You cannot logically call what we live in a technocratic dystopian hell, and then proceed to make your information and associations publicly known without being some form of idiot.