Total Terror: A Self Reflection

Co-Written by Rusty Shackleford and Tim Turtle

A glaring issue plagues our community. It must be addressed. A common complaint we hear about our criticism, whether it is directed towards Patriot Front or someone else, is: “You criticize movementarians yet your own people have their own issues! Why don’t you comment on that?” This is a great point. The unfortunate fact is that, in many cases, it is true. It is long overdue that we undertake some self-reflection regarding issues plaguing our community of Accelerationists, Siegeists, Revolutionary Fascists, or whatever you call us.

So, let’s do that.

The Great FBI Psyop:

Ever since it was created, the FBI has been a thorn in our side. Recently, we’ve unfortunately witnessed it first hand. The FBI does more to harm us than arresting us or spreading rumors. Also, the FBI, with the help of their undercover pigs and their paid rats such as Joshua Sutter, focus intensely on derailing us tactically and ideologically.

The FBI promotes a meme that we all act like psychopathic edgelords with no real ideological goals besides being psychopathic edgelords. Think of the typical Hollywood depiction of national socialists. They show us as societal rejects looking for belonging. They show us as rapists, gangsters, etc. This is purposely manipulative propaganda.

We’re not trying to move us away from revolutionary rhetoric nor “optics cuck”. However, we must all understand that the FBI has a vested interest in promoting useless violence. It helps them secure funding and promotions. It gives the government a reason to crack down on us even more. Examples of FBI-promoted senseless violence are shooting up random niggers, animal abuse/torture, pedophilia, sexual assault, child abuse and more. Read Tim Turtle’s article on the “Strategy of Tension” and how the feds use it to learn more.

A famous example of this happened in The Base. An undercover FBI agent convinced members of the Georgia cell to steal a goat from a farm, then torture it to death so they could take group photos with its severed head. These photos were quickly spread to the media, damaging the reputation of the movement and especially that of The Base. Which was obviously the FBI’s plan here.

From late 2017 until our departure from Atomwaffen Division in late 2018, there were many points of contention between Joshua Sutter and ourselves. One point was the promotion of animal abuse. Another point was him openly wanting Atomwaffen Division propaganda to promote young men going out and committing random acts of violence against niggers, gays and others. He promoted things like going out and shooting your black neighbor a block down the road and other insignificant acts.

Joshua Sutter also demanded we promote books from his publishing company “Martinet Press”. This company was bankrolled by the FBI. In it, he promoted books that promoted the rape of children, cannibalism of White babies, sexual slavery of young girls, and other despicable things. According to others we talked to who knew Sutter better than we did, they confirmed that Sutter would frequently bring up weird and even downright degenerate things. We kept our distance from Sutter. We had our arguments, although we never thought he was an FBI informant. We just thought he was an opportunistic snake.

So why would the FBI do these things? What’s in it for them?

They paid Joshua Sutter $80,000+ tax free and bankrolled his publishing company (plus another $60,000 prior in the early 2000s for his work against Aryan Nations). Why would the FBI pay informants to do this? Simple. They did it to discredit us and our cause. They did it to make us out to be deranged psychopathic pedophiles. They did this because we are right and our cause is true and just. It’s a complex form of slander. They can’t show us to be normal, healthy people who are rationally angry at the way the system has been handling things and who now seek revolution to protect themselves and improve their lives.

People like Sutter usually have enough blackmail for the government to control them. They also have the passive benefit of discrediting us. This deters valuable people from joining us. Why the fuck would anyone who is not a sick fuck want to join a group of weirdo psychopathic pedophiles that torture animals for photos? 

We sure wouldn’t. Nobody would. That is the entire point of the FBI’s psyop. It’s to make sure we cannot recruit intelligent, competent, and dedicated individuals. It’s to ensure we can only find and recruit rare school shooter rejects and edgelord drugged out losers. From a tactical perspective, it’s ingenious on the FBI’s part.

You go into a successful organization or movement. Then, your pigs and paid rats come in and psyop it to become a group of ineffective degenerates where anyone of value either gets removed from that movement or loses interest and leaves. In fact, it was Joshua Sutter who was the main guy who got us kicked out of Atomwaffen Division. We’ve confirmed this with multiple individuals.

Then during Tim’s work with SiegeKultur, Joshua Sutter pestered and begged and cried to Cameron Denton demanding Tim’s removal at once and all of his writings, which were under the “Bob Igelston” name at the time. 

Obviously, the FBI wants to get rid of people who question the shit they use to poison our communities. It’s all a vain attempt to stop us. However, psyops are only good if the targets are unaware about the psyop. We have no interest in keeping silent about this whatsoever. We can and must educate each other to be aware and stay vigilant in keeping bad actors out of our communities.

The Misanthropic Weirdo Losers:

A problem that has plagued our community for years is the weirdo losers who come to us without anything more than a vague ideological interest with Fascism. They can’t spout off their issues with the system to save their lives besides some vague platitudes. Their solutions are not about establishing a society of our own values and systems. Instead, they’re just weirdo losers who have simple angst against society rather than legitimate problems and solutions. They only seek us out for the purposes of identifying with something opposing society. In some cases, they approach us looking for acceptance despite this mostly being a Hollywood Jewish trope. 

These people have no real ideology. They do not seek to improve society, to uplift mankind, or to create something great. They are edgelords who have an oftentimes impotent propensity towards blind violence. To us, these people are no better than faggots, fetishists, and other dregs. Many underground movements have had similar issues, as many people (such as faggots) seek out any sort of underground thing and simply co-opt it for attention. They do not see “the collapse” as a means to an end or a means to make the game more fair for us. They only see it as an end itself. They have an escapist fantasy which largely comes from fictional books and television—and nothing greater.

The FBI has a hand in this as well. They use our communities to attract these people because these dregs serve as the best way to discredit us and drive away useful, helpful people who provide value towards achieving our goals. Misanthropic losers only bring harm.

We learned this first hand in Atomwaffen Division. The organization was in a state of decay and stagnation. Various individuals (who won’t be named) fit the profile of stereotypical edgelord loser who is only in this because of petty personal gripes rather than valid and legitimate reasons. All of them ended up either being sex pest degenerates. They left us to go join another group in their tourist career. By other group, we mean they switched to being communists, faggots, or, in the case of Joshua Sutter, was an FBI informant.

There was never an exception to this rule. It was always these people endlessly promoting idiotic things like poisoning the water system or mass shootings of malls. We’re sick of these people coming into our communities and ruining our image and reputation, without even mentioning the service they provide to the FBI and the system. It needs to stop. Dr. William Luther Pierce, in one of his last speeches ever, perfectly expressed this need: “If we allow losers within our ranks then we ourselves become losers!”

We are not saying that we should not be radical or revolutionary. Nothing short of total revolution will save us now. What we want and demand from our readers is an end to the self-destructive edgelordism. Do not fall into this obvious trap! You can be radical and revolutionary without coming off like a nihilist who has no principles other than being a misathropic faggot. Timothy McVeigh, for example, wasn’t this. In interviews, he was articulate and explained his beliefs well without coming off as some edgy retard with nothing of value to say. Dylann Roof, while never having done an in person interview, comes across in writings as a warrior poet of a man. Robert Mathews was a lion of a man and completely articulate in his words and what made him angry. Those are examples of rhetoric to follow, not being idiot edgelords with nothing to say.

We may seem uncharitable and brutal in our wording, however you must understand that we have a small window of time to succeed for our people. Our opportunity is being pissed away. We should be seeing the movement growing and evolving out of necessity. Instead, we are metaphorically seeing the movement commit suicide.

We have one segment of the movement, the movementarians, who are only interested in recruiting pussy college right wingers who are here today and gone tomorrow. Many of these tend to be some racial mongoloid mutts recruited solely for the sake of numbers (see Patriot Front and the weirdo mongoloids they have in their ranks to understand what we mean). On the other extreme, we have edgelords poisoning discourse and discussion by repelling valuable people so they can instead attract potential school shooters. You get the picture.

Within the movement, one demographic no one mentions as a people to radicalize is the alienated Small Town Whites. While we’re aware Rural White America is no paradise, it is one of the places full of radicalized people who have been most oppressed by the system. We can and must gain a foothold in these areas instead of the Urban areas filled with the niggers, spics, kikes, communists, transvestites, faggots and freaks. The urbanite is under total control of the Jews; there is no real opening for us there. The rural areas will also fare the best in any “collapse” scenario. They are already full of revolutionary people that only really fall short in refined racial views and financial power.

The mindset of ideological eremitism is very frustrating. An eremite is a hermit. We are self-isolating from the people we need to win and save this nation. You often hear people saying rural whites can never be convinced of our ideas and that they aren’t extremists. It is true they fall short in some departments. However, it only takes going to a rural bar for an hour to hear multiple people openly talking about shooting politicians and wanting to secede. They’re most of the way there. Even compared to a few years ago, normal people have gotten many times more radical than they were.

This idea that these people can’t be converted and aren’t worth interacting with is self sabotage. Most of these blue collar family men will not be convinced by a lanky teenager worshiping serial killers or satan. They also have large, cohesive families and communities which will fare far better than five guys who have a month of food and NVGs that live in the middle of Chicago. Community outreach and CONVINCING SUCH PEOPLE OF OUR IDEAS IS THE KEY.

In Conclusion:

The main takeaway from all of this is we are the good guys. Don’t misconstrue this for passivity. We will need to be utterly ruthless in our treatment of our enemy, using types and quantities of violence that have not been witnessed in centuries. However, this violence is not the end goal, it’s a means to an end. We seek to take power and build a society which will bequeath the White race with mastery over this planet. We do not want to create an apocalyptic society full of mass death and starvation; this would only be a transitory goal as a means to take power and trim the fat. 

Ultimately, we seek to achieve our own society and system in the end, focused on wholesome living within a safe and cohesive society. This will have to be built on the graves of our enemies. However, anyone whose end goal is the state of violence itself is not an ideologue but merely an antagonist. These people serve no purpose. They do not actually agree with us. They are often degenerates. As a result, they are usually some of the sharpest tools the FBI employs against us. The National Socialists of Germany and every prominent Fascist Movement in history overall sought to lift humanity to a higher form, not to reduce it back to barbarism.

If you ever question whether or not Hitler would support what you’re doing, you need to reconsider your place in the movement.