The Path Forward

In 2023, the dissident right is in an interesting situation. It is very clear that there are more people convinced of our views or getting closer to them by the day, yet many people rightfully are aware of the fact there is little follow through due to the lack of vessels to exert our willpower on the political system. I have been in the movement for a decade, and have had the wonderful opportunity to interact with many sides of the movement. The ultimate goal which cannot be forgotten is VICTORY. It does not matter how cool we look or how right we are if we cannot apply our views to the real world. The following article’s purpose is to identify the key issues we face, and what I believe is the best method of organizing in our context.

Key hurdles and misconceptions in current political activity


  1. Anything that is not focused against the state is waste of time

The American Futurist is an accelerationist organization. While we expect most people to be fully subscribed to that idea, even among ourselves there are people with false notions of how useful outdated tactics are. There is no political solution, this extends to mass movement style rallies, propaganda, street fights. These are another walled garden of political activism that chose to focus on individuals rather than the real enemy, the state. While I would never shed a tear for antifa being beat up, it does not serve a practical higher purpose in a political sense. The system’s neatest trick is the underlying concept here, the state is our only legitimate enemy. Antifa, liberals, and other groups are not relevant enemies. While I hate transgender story hour with all of my heart, this is not the keystone issue and is simply one of the millions of issues with the same root cause: Our state hates us and has the explicit mission to eliminate us.

  1. The only way the state will lose power is through an unprecedently violent civil war or collapse.

If we find ourselves in conflict with the state or the state dissolves- we will be in one of the most violent conflicts in human history. America is an incredibly divided country armed to the teeth. Given the demographics of the country, there is no way we will ever have a peaceful coup or elected solution (legitimately or illegitimately). The number one hold up for more typical people and entry level Fascists is thinking (even just that sliver of hope in the back of their mind) that someone that is part of the system will be able to save us, or that the system is somehow able to be infiltrated by a non-connected person.

  1. We will not win the civil war currently

While I advocated for systemic collapse and civil war, the fact is that the civil war right now, if it happened, would be won by conservative militia groups who have numbers and strong ties to their community. We don’t have anything comparable at least in a broadened sense. We’ve been welcoming collapse for a long time, but the movement as it is not in a position to succeed if it happened. Owning guns and training for MMA/Backpacking does not mean much if you don’t have a local network of people with varied skillsets and roots to work with you. Especially given some of the lower quality elements in our movement that I will discuss in the second half of this.

  1. We do not have the numbers to cause a collapse directly

We have small groups of people usually in the tens or low hundreds. We do not have effective numbers to waste people in risky plans that have a low chance of success. The collapse will come on its own gradually, the best we can do is build up our core and try to have a stable foundation to actually survive and thrive when this occurs. Efforts should not be focused on this besides as a last resort, or until our numbers are greater.

  1. Social Atomization

Your average American at this point has a small family, few friends, and very little if any interaction with their neighbors. Old style strikes, mass movements, and other tactics aren’t viable when people don’t have attachment to their community, social safety nets, etc. Simple Fascist rhetoric will fall upon deaf ears if people cannot even comprehend what an ethnic group is or why they would want to act out of their self-interest. The safety net portion is important, as before you had a certain level of protection or independence from the state due to your local community being more impactful on you directly.

  1. Feds

One factor that is somehow minimized by many in the movement is how severe the psychological operations against us are. The intelligence apparatus we face is unprecedented and by far our biggest hurdle, there was no comparable issue in the Weimar or any other context resulting in a fascist takeover. They have feds or informants in nearly every group and many chats, they work with all information platforms to trick us into pursuing useless actions, and they constantly do the same to the general population. This isn’t even touching the electronic surveillance which is a risk for anyone and will worsen in the future.

Recruitment and Shifting Views

  1. The internet is a superior method of disseminating ideas than anything else

The most important factor behind the significant growth in far right ideology in the last twenty years is the internet. A lot of members of our community have a gross under-appreciation for what it has accomplished, and what it can do. The internet has been a more useful ideological tool for us than every post-ww2 group combined. George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William Luther Pierce ran wonderful groups, but they pale in comparison to the sheer volume of people with a solid grasp of ideology that we have today.

The most valid opposition to the internet is that you need to have in impact in real life and cannot just hide behind a computer. I agree here, and do not advocate for an online only movement. My main point is that the internet is far more useful of a tool for building an ideological base by a factor of one hundred when compared to the best IRL methods of accomplishing these things.

“Old school” methods such as rallies or posterings are not really effective tools in an ideological sense (at least in their typical application). A poster with a black sun on it describing a group has no appeal to anyone who isn’t already adjacent to our views. This can be a valid tactic for recruiting ideologically sound members, but should not be viewed as an activity with any function other than marketing. While it is nice to see people having energy and wanting to be active, you cannot let the desire to be active let you see the above as something that will actually be a major step towards achieving anything in a political sense. At best they are an alright form of advertising, at worst they are masturbatory actions that fool many into thinking they are winning a real victory, while in actuality they are treading water. Many of the major groups currently do not do much at all besides advertise.

Tactful campaigns, like the “it’s okay to be white” campaign or similar which seek to deliberately cause a divisive conflict through the media can be useful because they aren’t seeking to directly gain followers to a particular view. Similarly, “culture jamming” is a very valid tactic which makes extensive use of posters etc. These options seek to wreak havoc rather than being an ends in and of themselves.

  1. Ideological influence vs Recruiting direct people different intentions

We need the broadened masses to be accepting of our ideas, but they will never go from normal joe to accelerationist in one sweep. The best way to influence them is getting them exposed to ideas or demoralized. If the appropriate information is available they will come to this conclusion on their own. The recent #BanTheADL campaign on Twitter is a prime example of this. With some carefully targeted posts, millions of people have been exposed to how the ADL influences the media. This act alone has done more in one week than most groups have done in half a century.

In order to grow Fascist groups, you need more Fascists. The path of getting people far enough of our side to be active involves (just like anything else) people coming to their own conclusions. The internet offers us a great tool as we can plant the seeds of our ideology in public consciousness and promote questioning of system ideology. Energy spent here is far more useful than typical activism, as the hardcore people will likely seek out or form groups by their own agency. This isn’t to say they should not be recruited actively, but it requires far less effort on our end.

Revolution is a spectator sport after all, and having more people with a baseline understanding of the key concepts of our ideology is more important so that they come to us when the going gets rough.

  1. Edgelordism and Behavioral issues

As stated previously, we will face a very violent situation and need members capable of tolerating such conditions as a “revolutionary vanguard”. Revolutionary and “normal/functioning person” are not mutually exclusive. While we need ideologically sound members who will do what needs to be done ,we also cannot get caught up in extreme ideological purity or plain distasteful views or aesthetics which alienate functional people. At the end of the day, the goal is to have a society of “normal people” who simply have shifted to our views.

A family man with a good job who shares our views is far more useful than a loser full of angst. The normal person will be won over by charisma and strength, not a spiteful reject. The latter are actually bad to keep around, even if they are hardcore. A proper Fascist’s views are ultimately correct and morally well intentioned at the end of the day. There is a clear disconnect between this and wanting the race war so you can have concubines.

The latter also tends to attract degenerate drugs addicts and the mentally ill, who are counter productive to keep around. These groups alienate useful members and doom a group to be a fringe social circle and not much else.

A Plan for Victory

So far, I may have lost many of you. People dislike it when you call out what they hold as standard or sacred, but these are key boundaries we MUST overcome if we want to change with the times and adapt. The “SIEGE” groups of the previous decade were successful (at least in the short term) because they breathed new life into a movement which was previously weighed down by the groups stuck in their old ways such as the NSM. I am not simply shitting on everything , nor am I trying to demoralize you. My solutions for the above problems are below.

Activities Focus on relatively innocent activities and an emphasis on future preparation would help to mitigate their potential impact. There should also be a limited publicity to this group as publicity for a serious organization does not make sense in this context. When thing degrade well enough they will be useless or involved.


We want to WIN, which means we needs to achieve political power and defeat our enemies. In order for this to happen, the following conditions will need to be met:

  1. To get the general population demoralized with the state, its institutions, and the trajectory of the country overall. We want people to know the government hates them, and view the political apparatus as controlled or an ineffective means to advance their desires which ought to be overthrown or destroyed. They need to completely separate their “nation” from the “state”.
  2. American people need to develop a racial consciousness and understand the reality of race relations and how they fit. Americans have been entirely brainwashed into having no identity, or at best a very vague and materialist one. Your average person in the country does not fully understand what constitutes a nation or people, and if you explain to them that Germany has a lineage going back thousands of years you will get a look of bewilderment. We need to understand that we built this nation, that we have a common culture beyond guns and burgers, and that its acceptable for us to have an in-group preference that is carried out via a political means.
  3. We need people to become Fascists or something close to it. This is a gradual process, but our views need to become understood beyond a vague world war two boogeyman to a comprehensive ideology that they support.
  4. We need a solid base of people that are physically skilled, mentally and economically stable, intelligent, and willing to locally coordinate to actually be an effective and self-sufficient community. This is why I commented on small town conservatives earlier, as they actually have a community of “normal people” that can provide skills and have a high level of cohesion. This will let us survive dangerous conditions.

The Structure of Organizations

There are two main types of organizations which can serve to expand our interests. They can be combined as two arms of the same organization or as independent organizations.

The Movement:

  1. Objectives and Purpose

The movement group of the future is a loosely coordinated set of local communities that get guys learning skills, making friendships, and serving the purposes of forming a parallel society which can be as independent as possible from this system. This ensures if any major uproar happens, we will be resilient to it, and ultimately, will come out on top.

Members of this group should most importantly be able to form a resilient community. This requires its members must have a community in the first place. They must live near one another, have mutual trust, interact frequently, and have common factors in their local area binding them together. The two biggest factors in this besides locality, are financial coordination and varied skillsets. Imagine you need something repaired, and you have a number of people in your ‘extended family’ to call upon. These skills should primarily be things that would be useful in a post collapse scenario, such as repair or fabrication. Additionally, members should seek to financially coordinate on sharing rentals and bartering with their skills and services.

Training and combative skill is important. All members should understand shooting, survival, prepping, and some level of combat sports. I will note that while this is very important, the other factors I mentioned should have more attention. Many groups fall into the trap of over-emphasizing of training which can turn you effectively into a LARP group if you have structure to defend. A small group of expert shooters will not fair well against something with an actual support structure.

  1. Recruitment and Organization

The active organization needs to be almost strictly “IRL”. A dispersed group of members in a telegram chat cannot reasonably serve any purpose in this sense. The primary focus should LOCAL people you can actually get to know, trust, and work with. Using chats etc. will be necessary, but members not within a few hours driving distance should not be allowed in. the ultimate goal should be to have everyone living in the same county or town. Recruitment should be handled through word of mouth only. The existing “network” in the movement is quite strong, and it is much easier to vet people this way than allowing in random people from Telegram or IRL events.

The organization can be one group or many. The cell structure advocated for in siege is very effective IF PROPERLY FOLLOWED. A loose leadership can exist with hierarchy among chapter leaders, but that leadership should only serve to give direction and coordinate between groups to share knowledge and plan for eventual contingency plans. Groups can even have open source materials to allow others to copy their methods, without actually needing direct interaction with any existing groups.

  1. Branding

The most controversial point I will make is the following: The group should have very little branding, if any at all. Resistance groups have been effective in other countries largely because of a decentralization or weakening of authority, which is not a luxury we have. If your group actually seeks to do anything, you likely WOULD NOT want the authorities and media to already know who you are. Stickers for recruitment etc. could still be used, but the goal of the group would be to build a coherent and effective organization, not one with a largely focus on image. This can change at a later stage, when the system is weak and have very little means to actively focus secret police on us.

The Propaganda Arm

This will be a shorter section, but for the time being it may be more important than the previous one. I have emphasized the internet and its value very heavily. One of the most effective organizations that could exist right now is one dedicated solely to internet propaganda. This does not just consist of memes, but also purposefully shifting narratives and causing issues around the internet to increase how our ideas are disseminated. The ultimate purpose of this group would be to actualize the four conditions I opened this half of the article with.

The best way to change someone’s mind is to let them come to the conclusion on their own, or to get them to believe they created it. A small group of people, especially one that can get loose followers to assist them in their influence is a very effective force for changing views. Social media campaigns can bring all sorts of things to the public view. This tactic has been used extensively and is likely the reason 95% of Fascists under 30 have their beliefs. This can be accomplished with video edits, meme videos and image, comments of existing content, content that promotes certain baseline views under filter friendly or inconspicuous formats, and targeted harassment.

This content should specifically be done with the intent of:

  1. Demoralizing your average ‘normie’ into being totally disenfranchised from the state.
  2. Getting people aware of the realities of race relations, the Jews, and historical/cultural realities.
  3. Promoting existing right wingers to have a real understanding of what the Third Reich was and why Fascism solves all of our problems.
  4. Encouraging people to be functional human beings that have a good job and are in shape.

While “keyboard warriors” get a bad rep in the movement, the reality is that they have done and can do much more than any rally or protest, regardless of whether it is less “hardcore” or risky.

We face unprecedented challenges in our movement. While it may be demoralizing for some that their notions of an effective movement are entirely invalid, this should not get in the way understanding when tactics need to be shifted. If we accept reality for what it is and act effectively to circumnavigate these barriers with a new strategy, we may be able to see significant prospects for our ideas (and ultimately society) in the future.

As always,