Narcissism: An Infantile Disorder

A more unique problem within the American Movement is that of the narcissistic wannabe fuhrers that litter every aspect of our movement. For reference, I’ve been in this long enough to see the rise and fall of every narcissistic cult leader in the movement ten times over. So it starts becoming a thing of yours to notice and easily spot these tumors of people from a mile away.

The issue I speak of is the man who runs a group of 5-100+ people yet demands respect he never earned. Fosters a cult of personality around himself where he’s worshiped for who he is rather than his ideas. Where this man’s followers have a near homosexual love for him.

It’s disgusting frankly and annoys the hell out of me.

I judge a man on his ideas and actions alone and nothing more. I don’t care if you run a group of 100 people, I don’t care that you wave flags in some major city for a video to have people jerk you off, I simply don’t care. What matters is your ideas, convictions, and principles over all. A person is defined by their convictions and their dedication to them.

This is why I despise these knock off fuhrers. They have no originality. No real principles or convictions. They just repeat what is fashionable in our movement at a bare minimum to gain as much popularity as possible and gain an audience of willing paypigs to treat them as the next Adolf Hitler.

For example with myself, I say what I say because I believe it and to hell with what anyone else has to say. I’ve made more enemies in the movement than friends because of what I say. I’ve screwed myself over in more ways than one. To the point where I can’t even get a book published in the US through any movement publishers. They refuse me. Instead I have to go get things made half a world away in Bulgaria.

Beyond that, you don’t see me going around bragging about all the things “I’ve done for the cause” because I have nothing to prove. For those that know me personally, know that I go out of my way to do things in real life more than just write. I don’t give a damn to go gloating to people that hate me on the list of things I’ve done because they can go fuck themselves. If they want to slander me and state that all I do is write because I co-run a publication that publishes essays then so be it.

I also don’t give a damn about personal fame either. I’ve been doxed for several years now and yet still refuse to publish under my real name or face. Out of the personal principle that I should be listened to based on what I write and nothing more. If I wanted personal fame, I’d do something else.

However, you see these narcissistic cult leaders who foster pseudo-homosexual parasocial relationships with their followers go on the constant to remind everyone how much they’ve done and how better it makes them than the average peasant in the movement. Almost like this is all a game to them. To myself it’s an actual belief. I came into this to improve the lives of those who needed improving and to combat injustice. Not to give money to some loser who demands I worship him and give him respect he never earned. Their followers then worship their phony fuhrer daddies to a creepy extent.

As a point, I used to make fun of those who pay lots of money to these obvious cult leaders but now I just feel bad. As those that just blindly follow such people are just men with daddy issues. You know that girl at a bar that instantly falls in love with you because you said hi to her? That’s these guys but applied to political groups.

Who else could willingly pay absurd prices on things like $75 for spray paint stencils in Patriot Front or $500+ to be a part of “The Chairman’s Circle™“ with the National Justice Party? Who else besides someone with severe daddy issues does not even think twice about paying such absurd prices to their e-celeb daddy? Just because a group wants money doesn’t make them bad. Otherwise we’d be hypocrites considering we have a store. However, there is an obvious line between running a bookstore or even as a political group wanting dues as opposed to where all you do is nickel and dime membership to maximize cash flow.

If you’re in a group right now and want to figure out whether or not the head guy is what I’m describing. It’s a pretty simple test. Does this guy not accept actual criticism or admit any serious fault and just give you non-answers or grow hostile to you due to this? Does this guy treat you beneath him? Does this guy demand lots of money from you for no real reason other than “for the cause” and can’t give you a concrete detailed answer on what they have as serious goals? Does he demand respect he never earned?

If you answered yes to any of these, congrats you’re in a cult run by a manipulative narcissistic loser. You should get out now and find a better group with better people.

So this leaves a question: What do we do about these narcissists?

Well currently it’s to call them out, criticize, not associate or support, and build better communities where such people are not tolerated. Building a better community of any kind starts with you and me. So it’s upon us to throw such losers out and build up a movement where only good hearted men can prosper. Not rotten conmen or manipulative cult leaders only looking out for themselves. It’s really that simple.

Beyond that, due to how rotten American society is and how rotten the average American is. We’re fighting an uphill battle on this one. Got to love American Capitalism and the hyper-individualism that breeds mega-narcissists. This is the same country where it’s more common than not for a man’s children to fuck him over and steal his assets once he becomes old or for parents to rob their children of a future for their own selfish sake. Which for the rest of the world is extremely unheard of, even in sociopathic insect race China they don’t do such treachery. 

So you just got to work with what you have here in the US. We got dealt a pretty shitty hand suffice to say. We can still overcome it regardless.

Hail Victory!