American Imperialism

With all the global conflicts going around, it has become quite the topic in movement circles to discuss them. Many are discussing it with an anti-American bent, including ourselves. The issue of disagreement, however, is the pervasive issue of individuals taking up a third-worldist bent to it. That being how all nations deserve their own […]

Radical Youth and Revolution

With all these self-appointed “experts” chiming in left and right to comment on the rise of domestic extremism, particularly the rebirth of the Revolutionary Racialist movement within the United States that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. As someone who is a radicalized individual, I felt the need to comment as someone from the inside. […]

Silver and Gold

As a stray from the more ideological articles I usually do, I’d like to go into a concept of mine regarding the usage of precious metals for the movement. That is, organizations and individuals in the movement keep reserves on hand of precious metals such as silver, gold, and the like. But why? Having these […]

Christian Identity

Christian Identity has quickly been revived in recent times in the movement. Something that hadn’t been significant within the American movement in well over 20 years is now gaining steam again. With many who were formerly Orthodox and Traditionalist Catholics converting over. While not significant within accelerationist/SIEGEist circles of the movement, within our own corner, […]

American Treachery

At my own discretion, I wish to speak about the recent renewed war on The American Futurist by what we call the “movement mafia” internally. This has intensified after the arrest of Brandon Russell, although prior to Brandon’s arrest we were already the target of a large scale disinformation campaign and behind the scenes tomfoolery […]

Stagnation and Decay

An issue within our own faction of the greater movement is that of stagnation and a growing irrelevance. While we’re still a major faction within the greater movement, we must adapt and not only survive but also thrive. We are on a plateau of sorts and starting to show signs of stagnation and even decline. […]

Death to the United States!

Death to the United States! I cannot say this enough. The United States is the most evil country to ever exist, period. It must be destroyed. Many in our movement have been chattering over the years where the revolution might be. Some say Europe, others say South Africa, some say South Brazil. I say this: […]