On F.T. Marinetti

A topic that I feel should be addressed is on the topic of the man who founded Italian Futurism, that being F.T. Marinetti. Thanks to this project, The American Futurist, F.T. Marinetti is regaining some interest from people again. People are looking into his old writings once more. Even digging up writings that have never […]

The Futurist Manifesto

As a further statement towards our enemies who think they can stop us. You cannot. We’ll always be online and there is nothing you can do about it. You can arrest the team of individuals behind this site as well and confiscate everything. It matters not because we’re not a simple organization with a central […]

Parallel Polis

A concept that I feel that our readership should be aware is that of Parallel Polis. That being in simple terms, a parallel society. Parallel Polis was a concept coined by Czech Conservative and Anti-Communist Vaclav Benda in the 1970s. The idea is basically to create a parallel society of your own. A counter society […]

Toy Drive

As an announcement, The American Futurist will be supporting The Aryan Freedom Network (who are in collaboration with organizations befriended to them)’s toy drive. For an explanation this will basically be a Toys for Tots type deal. You can donate toys or money to the AFN and 100% of everything donated will go to NS […]

Support The Aryan Freedom Network!

Just as a statement from The American Futurist, we ask our readers to support The Aryan Freedom Network and visit their website white-power.org. The AFN have been good friends to us and have helped us out in more ways than one and we’re personal friends with those who run AFN. Currently right now they’re doing […]

The Taliban Takeover

Though this is a tad bit late to the news, we at The American Futurist wanted to take our time to assess the historic defeat of NATO forces in Afghanistan just several days ago. It’s truly amazing stuff to see. So let us begin. When the Taliban started taking city after city in Afghanistan, it […]

Anti-Zionist Jews aren’t your friends

Within the greater movement at large, there is a subsection of that movement which values “Anti-Zionist Jews” as allies. Since they’re against Israel so they must be good right? This idea is dead wrong and only shows such a person not having a single understanding on how Jews operate, their internal factions and fights and […]

Public Transportation

A topic that always comes up in my mind when going out for a drive either to the grocery store or to the market or else what is “why?”. Why indeed. Why do I have to spend my time driving a car which after its all said and done ends up being nothing but a […]