Death to the United States!

Death to the United States! I cannot say this enough. The United States is the most evil country to ever exist, period. It must be destroyed. Many in our movement have been chattering over the years where the revolution might be. Some say Europe, others say South Africa, some say South Brazil.

I say this: as long as the United States exists, our truth cannot. The United States will and has destroyed all anti-global system activities in the world. They’ve shown themselves destroyers of all nations of goodness and righteousness. Whether it be the Third Reich, Mussolini’s Italy, Saddam’s Iraq, Idi Amin’s Uganda or even nations that aren’t even anti-jewish but simply pro-White like Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa. All have been destroyed by the might of the demonic and satanic force of evil that is the United States.

Russia and China are surely bad. However, they pale in comparison to the United States. Russia can’t even properly invade Ukraine; how the hell can they enforce jewish rule over the Earth? China is a paper tiger that relies on saber rattling, empty threats, and stealing US Military technology they bought from Israel.

The US must be destroyed at all costs.

The odds are against us, sure. We are turning into another Brazil. However, we must stick to the plan of destroying the demon. Not fleeing from it for minor adventures that the US can just come in and destroy anyways.

I dedicate my life to one thing. The destruction of the United States at all costs. There is no reform, no voting, no begging. This house is rotten, rotten to the very foundation. It must be ripped out and replaced and the rubble recycled and destroyed.

The world has not seen such a demonic force as the United States. Things the United States has done make beasts from the Bible seem like nothing. We must dedicate ourselves to its destruction. Like St. George the Dragon Slayer, we can and must slay the dragon of the United States! We stay until the job is done, no matter how bad it seems, no matter how bleak it gets. We can and we will win.

It can be done. The only question is: are you willing to do it?

Death to the United States!