Saddam Hussein: The Last Babylonian King

Saddam Hussein is a name many Americans know but not many know about. He was a model of a 21st-century anti-jewish and anti-US hero. While he was an Arab, that’s irrelevant. Despite knowing that Iraq would lose against the system world order, he stood like a man on the hill challenging the beast regardless. It is a mark of true bravery to stand against the greatest and most evil powers to ever exist, knowing you will fail, yet still fight them to the bitter end.

Despite the severe difficulties, Saddam stayed the course. Even though, by his own admission, Iraq’s Arabs were prone to tribal infighting, corruption, incompetence, and more. The odds were clearly not in Saddam’s favor, yet he still valiantly stood with the sinking ship of Ba’athist Iraq.

To the bitter end, he stood his ground against what he deemed the enemies of humanity. He fought in the courtroom, declaring his trial to be a sham. He declared the jews, the United States, and their coalition to be the enemies of humanity. He refused to respect it or its puppet judge. He was consistently defiant and standing like a lion. Even when the verdict of execution was read, Saddam laughed. He laughed in the face of his imminent death.

The full court speeches translated cannot be found sadly as YouTube takes it down and there is a concentrated effort to censor it. We were able to find this however below:

Even at the gallows before his hanging, he stood proud and defiant. To paraphrase what he said to his executioner, “What kind of a man kills his ruler with a covered face?” This paraphrases the execution scene from the movie Cromwell, in which King Charles I asks his executioner why such a man would kill his King with a covered face in fear? This was very relevant as King Charles I was executed by illegitimate pro-jewish puritans who, after taking over England, made England a jewish puppet state. This English puppet state has remained since 1649. The English transition was little different than the transition from Ba’athist Iraq to modern Iraq.

The last words of Saddam show nothing but defiance even in the face of death. Standing before the noose that would take his life, he shouted out “Allahu Akbar. The Muslim Ummah will be victorious and Palestine is Arab!” This means God is great (in this case the Arab God of Islam) and Israel will be defeated.

Saddam Hussein with Nebuchadnezzer in a Ba’athist propaganda mural in Iraq

Saddam idolized King Nebuchadnezzar the Great of Babylon for this reason and made it known that Iraq was Babylon reborn. Like the King, he was going to march on Jerusalem and destroy Israel and bring the wicked jews to heel. Much Iraqi propaganda music at the time exclaimed this. One military song was even titled “Jerusalem is in our eyes!” exalting how they, the Iraqi Military, would march on Jerusalem, conquer it from the jews, and return it to the Palestinians who had suffered under jewish occupation.

It’s no shocker that the jews of the world panicked and wanted such a man and a nation destroyed. The jews were seeing Babylon reborn. They had to have their golems, the US and England, go and destroy it.

While they succeeded in the destruction of Babylon reborn, now they have a new issue: an internal cancer, aka us. They can’t shock and awe us, however. There are no false weapons of mass destruction claims. For this cancer looks like any other White American, something that deeply disturbs the powers that be. They can’t tell who is who. Which is why their ultimate goal is the destruction of the White race. To the jews, no White race means no problems.

Let us learn from Saddam’s example. Even if we lose, even in the face of death and defeat, we will stand with our heads to the sky. Stand true and stand tall. Accept your fate to the bitter end. Make our enemies fight for victory over us. If they want us defeated, they’ll have to fight for it.

Let us march to our enemies until we forever crush the horizon beneath our marching boots! Let the world know that the Fascists are back!

Hail Victory!

Message from Saddam Hussein to Americans:

We plan on doing a full article on Ba’athism, specifically the National Socialist aligned Ba’athism that Saddam promoted in the future.