The Holocaust: So What?

An issue that has plagued the movement since the fall of the Third Reich has been the obsession over disproving the holocaust. I for one am sick of it. Who the fuck cares whether or not the holocaust happened? I for one don’t.

Even if it did, ask yourself this. Would it change how you see the Third Reich? It wouldn’t for me. Now granted, I don’t believe in the six million number. I don’t believe in gas chambers or most of the stories around the holocaust. However, what I despise are the frankly disgusting displays by many in our cause who go overboard and try and act like Hitler personally kissed every kike and faggot in the camps while tucking them into bed. It’s gross and makes me sick.

What I do believe about the holocaust is that there was purposeful starvation of these freaks and racial enemies. These people were probably shot at by camp officials, and more. Instead of trying to deny that, we should be justifying it.

Who were these people being abused and shot at? Kikes who robbed Germany and ran pedophile brothels. Kikes who sold drugs on the streets of Berlin. Kikes who ran vile groups in Germany like the Iron Front and Anti-Fascist Action. Faggots who raped kids. I could go on. These were not good people and we need to stop being weakling faggots by trying to act like these freaks and demons were given respect and dignity.

Instead respond back whenever someone brings up the deaths and abuse, even if false, “So what?” and why these “people” deserved it. Never apologize. Instead point out that they deserved whatever happened to them and that when we take power, these rotten individuals who occupy our society such as the kikes, faggots, corrupt politicians, bankers, system elites, and the like will face the same punishment.

They won’t be deported. They won’t be kissed on the cheek and given a firm handshake. Instead, they’ll be dragged in front of revolutionary tribunals and given the just punishments they deserve. Whether that’s contributing to the nation by forced labor or being hanged or shot and dumped in an unmarked grave, they will receive the impartial justice they have earned through a lifetime of betrayal, evil, and cowardice.

The system isn’t nice to us. Why should we act like we’d be nice to them? Holocaust revisionism in the sense of acting like Hitler loved every kike, faggot, traitor conveys this. It tells the system how we’re totally these nice good guys and they have nothing to worry about from us! Sickening!

The system should have every possible fear of us. We’re the cancer that will destroy them. We will destroy every vector of this rotten system including all those that serve it. No mercy, no forgiveness, nothing but justice for their crimes.

Debby the DOJ prosecutor gets her kicks off throwing us in prison for decades and decades because we oppose system thought. Fred the FBI Agent gets off to burning our men alive such as what happened with Bob Mathews. Adam the ATF Agent enjoys murdering your wife and children such as with Ruby Ridge. Brad the Banker enjoys debt slaving and destroying communities for his own profit. Why should we extend mercy to these rotten pigs who enjoy seeing our people raped and destroyed?

They deserve to be punished come revolution. Period.

We hate our enemies. We want them destroyed. We want this entire rotten society destroyed and replaced by our own Fascist society.

When we take power, which we will, our enemies will be wishing for camps such as Auschwitz. They’ll be wishing for such mercies given to them as having a bed and food to eat. That’s too good for the rotten pigs of our society.

Let us sing the songs of revolution. Let us take adventures of danger. Let us hold a dagger in our teeth and hatred in our hearts as we endeavor to stomp upon the rotting corpses of our enemies who inflict so much cruel, sadistic suffering and humiliation upon us and our people!

I wish the holocaust happened like they said it did. I wish twelve million rotten ghouls met their end. When we take power, I promise you it will be more than twelve million. When we have our Fascist and United North America, we will spit upon their unmarked graves as we make our race, our continent, and our world an amazing place.

We will do so only by the transcendent and eternal passion that the fires of revolutionaries contain. These fires of revolutionary hatred for our enemies and love for our people will make the claims about the holocaust look like nothing ever seen before on the face of the Earth, I promise you.

Death to pigs! Death to this rotten system!

Hail Victory!