With all the things that have occurred over the past year, this has led to some self-reflection on our part. Especially in recent news regarding Brandon Russell’s arrest, along with this project hitting a plateau of sorts in terms of growth in the movement and sadly seeing us start to fall into the same tar pits again that we fell into hard and struggled hard to crawl out of prior when we were Atomwaffen Division and SiegeKultur. This has caused a lot of internal dialogue regarding the future of this project and how to move forward and what needs to be changed, removed, added, and the like.

The biggest thing is that, as a result, The American Futurist is going to refocus its efforts on being more of a source for the ideological and political rather than trying to tell you about how to be a survivalist or the like. There are a million different websites that can teach you to make fires or print 3D guns, but not many that have thought-provoking ideological essays or interesting discussions around the revolutionary struggle. So any pieces that do not fit under ideological, political, or revolutionary discussion are going to be severely limited.

With that said, we’ll be making more attempts to distance ourselves from over-the-edge content that has no purpose but to be edgy. As we’ve noticed ourselves even in this case falling back into the same bad habits that caused Atomwaffen Division and SiegeKultur to fail. Being edgy for edginess sake is a waste of time, attracts losers and retards, and turns away good intelligent people worth a damn. We’re prone to making mistakes, and this has been one that we’ve made far too often.

In general, it’s an issue within the wider movement as a whole to focus on some weird niche person or thing and make that the end all be all. We did it ourselves, for example, with James Mason, and it became a sore mistake. Instead, things need to be stripped down to bare ideology with no meaningless distractions into the niche esoteric meaningless details and strict focus on actually winning. Not focusing on whether or not some random ideologue would like something or not or on weird esoteric garbage that doesn’t help anything. It becomes a really bad handicap at that point.

We will also be focusing on improving this project beyond just essays. Including a future podcast and restarting The American Futurist Store again, among other things. It’s just a strict issue of manpower and funding that hinders us, as those within our circles are very tight-knit and very few are internally running things. Therefore, things like life and the like get in the way of multi-tasking and running this project among other projects. Hence the slowdown in content at times as certain individuals get caught up with careers, get sick, have personal issues going on, and more.

It’s not like we can just put out a recruitment post for anyone who wants to help out with certain internal issues we’re having. Considering the fact we’re the subject of hatred by many, including but not limited to the FBI, SPLC, ADL, United Nations, International Criminal Court, various journalists, and even many within the movement such as TRS/NJP and Patriot Front, they absolutely all despise us and try to destroy us at any given opportunity.

Therefore, that opens us up to disingenuous actors such as infiltrators looking to “find out our inner-workings” to publish some dumb hit piece on us or movementarians looking to usurp our project, similar to Brenan Frank Duffy’s failed attempts at trying to turn Atomwaffen Division into an alt-right security group in 2017-2018 until he realized he was a failure and ran to go snitch to journalists like Jake Hanrahan and Ali Winston and then went on to join John Brown Gun Club in Texas. If we recruit for the core of our projects, we’d rather do it interpersonally, despite how slow and frustrating that is.

We also plan on working with more organizations and individuals to widen our scope and make more connections on things too. Even those who are not explicitly under our wing of the movement, as we make more efforts to create an actual revolutionary fascist subculture with solid intelligent and worthwhile individuals separate from the retarded baggage and problems that arise from our section of the movement that do not need to be mentioned as we’ve mentioned it before.

So with all of this—operating on shoestring budgets that barely cover operating expenses, operating with very limited manpower, and the like— It’s a miracle we’re even able to run at all, given the circumstances. It’s a point of pride, however, that despite all of this, we’re still a known menace to our enemies. To this very day, we see the seething anger of our enemies at our being around despite attempts at slander, arrests, murder, crackdowns, harassment, and more.

We’ll still be around, we’ll still keep improving, and we’ll make mistakes and learn from them along the way. While to much of our enemies’ displeasure, we’ll survive no matter what.

We hope you’re all there to join us in this process. Stay tuned for further updates.

Hail Victory!