To The Youth

The fascist/NS worldview is separate from all other ideas. Not only is it the only one to preach truth and inequality over a river of untruthfulness and equality, it is also much, much more like an organism. As fascism is the ultimate truth, it is much healthier than all other falsehoods: communism, liberalism, etc. A healthy worldview attracts youth, as youth are the lifeblood of all ideas. Something I have said to friends before is that any group or worldview can make the best choices socially, economically, and politically. However, if there isn’t a steady stream of devoted, young soldiers willing to fight for said idea, the idea will fail. It is destined to fail. We frequently see complaints about “neo-nazi youth” on the news and other ZOG-owned websites. The reason they are so scared is because they are simply afraid. The herds of brainwashed adults whose minds are made up with petty politics, who cannot even remotely think for themselves, are of no threat.

However, me and many others who are still young, we are not. We are the newer blood. The untouched blood. We have not been lied to too long and viciously, like the former adults. There’s a great quote from Ernst Junger about this: “As long as we have a youth that stands for all that is strong and manly, our future is assured.” What is so terrifying to them, so completely horrific to the minds of our enemies? It is nothing more and nothing less than strong white youth, as we are seeds. Seeds that will grow and create more seeds, creating a chain reaction of reawakening. There is a mountain of things to talk about and give advice on. Books, exercise, school, friends, and much more. I can do this in future articles. However, what I will say now is that you cannot give up. You cannot turn your back on this. I know the comforts of the modern world are alluring; they can drown out all sounds of reasoning. I have had a lot of bad days, a lot of failures, and a lot of embarrassing moments. If you truly embody this marvelous truth that we hold, you already know that you would never turn your back on it.

I know some days are hard, but they would be much harder without your brothers. Without your leaders, your faith, and your blood. We are the future; we hold the flame. To my fellow young Aryan brothers, I say march on! Hail Victory! And I leave you with a final quote from Miguel Serrano:

“The only thing I can say is that I’m always surprised that in spite of the decades of brainwashing propaganda, young people are reborn again as national socialists & admirers of Hitler. As if they were “reincarnated” to continue this struggle on earth. This gives me hope and new energies to continue the fight. Hitler and the swastika are enduring and eternal symbols, certainly archetypes of “Enduring powers of their own”. The archetype will do the work by itself, even without our best knowledge and quite beyond our will and limited lifespan. This is our hope, our belief, and the only thing I know.” – Miguel Serrano