Stagnation and Decay

An issue within our own faction of the greater movement is that of stagnation and a growing irrelevance. While we’re still a major faction within the greater movement, we must adapt and not only survive but also thrive. We are on a plateau of sorts and starting to show signs of stagnation and even decline. We are sadly becoming the sick man of the movement, and I for one will not allow it.

This was inevitable due to certain events, including but not limited to things like the fall of James Mason due to his own issues of delusion and dementia. Undermining his writings, such as SIEGE, making it harder for us to spread our ideas and undermining our image. Beyond this, there is the growing cancer of incompetence and delusion within our own faction of revolutionaries. Allowing the movementarian moderates within the movement, such as active clubs and optics-obsessed cowards, to grow in our place.

This cannot and will not stand. We must adapt, reform, and change if we are to survive in the 2020s within the North American White racialist movement. We cannot continue on with the same old tired shadow of Atomwaffen Division, which, while revolutionary in its own right, has become a rotting corpse that has become dead weight for all of us. A dead weight we must learn to move past and develop a proper future if we are to thrive.

How do we change?:

We must adapt our tactics and strategy for the 2020s, and this is best done by looking into other revolutionary organizations that are not Atomwaffen Division. A personal favorite of mine is National Action. National Action was not a mass movement organization; they didn’t optics cuck and they didn’t beg the British masses to join with savvy messaging. A good thing used in an improper setting is better used in our current setting.

Instead, Ben Raymond and others worked using explicit and radical messaging and pushing that into the public zeitgeist and going after alienated White British with revolutionary potential. Banners reading that refugees must be exterminated, espousing that politicians must be hung, and calling for revolution are the way forward. Not apologizing or denying their intentions, unlike the movementarians of the UK like the BNP. Granted, National Action had to limit itself to a point due to British laws regarding racism and revolutionary talk (something that ultimately was meaningless in the end as they got banned due to the British Government bending laws), but we as Americans are not limited by this.

Imagine banners hung from highway overpasses demanding the execution of politicians, the destruction of non-White migrants invading this country, and more. Imagine an organization that took advantage of events such as what we saw in East Palestine, Ohio, and elsewhere, pushing and agitating for revolution, rebellion, and the execution of corrupt officials that caused such events. Radicalizing lemming populations into a revolutionary fervor and calling for blood.

Exploitation and Radicalization:

Sadly, our faction, the revolutionaries, hasn’t done this yet. The only people to attempt to take advantage are the movementarian moderates like Eric Striker and Patriot Front with their frankly pathetic and effeminate uninspired messaging that makes our movement look weak and pathetic. Which inspires no one besides their dedicated paypigs and fanboys on places like Gab and Telegram.

Revolutionary movements like the Bolsheviks, Maoists, and more did this tactic well. Turning disillusioned peasants into revolutionary foot soldiers craving the blood of the corrupt and traitorous. This is a proven tactic for spreading agitation and revolutionary propaganda. More effective than any mass shooting or small-scale terrorist attack. Something that the system truly fears.

Imagine just a dozen of us doing this in such areas, riling up these disaffected individuals into a fervor. Absolutely beautiful.

Instead, our side seems more preoccupied with discussions around hypothetical terrorist attacks such as blacking out a major city, which in the end is meaningless if we don’t have areas of our own that we can easily kick up into a revolt. In a sense, we’ve put the cart before the horse, which is not to say you shouldn’t learn how infrastructure works, how weak it is, and how it is prone to easy attacks. However, what point does it make when you can’t even revolt against the system to begin with?

There are more areas than we can count where we can easily do such things, yet we don’t. We must adapt to the current reality or die in irrelevance. It’s really that simple. If we are to see a White revolution, we must realize this.

We are guilty of similar short-sighted faults ourselves, of focusing on the trees instead of the forest. This allows the fakers and frauds among us to thrive, as it allows them to rely on memorizing buzzwords and not adding anything of value—a dream come true for these worms. Driving people of value away from the movement or driving them into other factions.

We must also strip away useless endeavors as well, such as focusing too much on edgy esotericism, meaningless mental masturbation exercises, and just dedicate ourselves to pure ideology and a pragmatism that shows we’re willing to abandon whatever tactics and strategies do not work for us in favor of those that do in pursuit of revolution. Strip it all down to the utmost basic and essential.

Hitler and the NSDAP, for example, did this perfectly, while it was not practical for us in the United States when the Beer Hall Putsch failed. Hitler instead found weaknesses in the Weimar government system—weaknesses that are sadly not present in the United States government—and exploited them for his own benefit. He didn’t just stick with the same old, tired, failed thing.

In our case, the weakness of our system is its abandonment of White rural America. The abandonment that can be used to our benefit as revolutionaries by taking advantage of the raw anger and alienation due to the lack of social services, pollution of their areas by industry, lack of healthcare, poverty, and more. Like a virus, we hijack the weakest of cells to grow and thrive.

Thankfully as well, due to the elite class and their collaborationist middle managers being NIMBYs, most of the United States’s important organs are located in White rural America and are ours to exploit and make unavailable to this rotten system.

Thereby making the system untenable and harder to run. As most of the United States’ food production, rail infrastructure, industry, and the like are in these areas due to these NIMBYs, they are again ours for the taking. As their mentality of “let the White peasants we hate and exploit have this in their backyard!” will come back to bite them in the ass. As those White peasants, kicked into radicalization, are now a weapon of our own, now we own the organs of the system and dictate how they’re used. If they try to take them from us in a hypothetical revolt, we destroy them on a scorched-earth policy. As a result, the system isn’t going to be as willing to carpet bomb us out of existence out of fear of destroying these important things.

Now mix this in with the actual usage of blacking out a major city like New York City and the like during a hypothetical revolt, and now you’re cooking with gas. As of now, the system has to deal not only with your revolt but also with major cities consumed by their urban lemmings, which need system support and which the system has to maintain order and control over.

This is the only valid reason I can see such tactics being used, as many in our faction discuss in all honesty. Hence, I talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Beyond that, many of the White rural peasantry are skilled individuals. Many of them are mechanics, electricians, truckers, miners, construction workers, and more. Doing the dirty jobs that the system elites and their middle manager collaborators look down upon but heavily rely on. Imagine these people just no longer doing their duties.

System logistics used to maintain their cities collapse overnight, especially with trucking, and there is a need to force the US Military (a contingency plan by the system in such an event) to pick up the slack (which most White men are refusing to partake in the military, relying instead on dumb whores, niggers, and spics, which are all incompetent compared to their White male counterparts), causing further strain and difficulty in suppressing us.

Reform or Die!:

We practice what we preach ourselves, so as a result, I can proudly state that we’re taking it upon ourselves to reform, adapt, and improve and also helping certain organizations and groups do so within our circles. As it is badly needed. You will see it yourself, dear reader, in the coming months as we test new things and adapt to the changing times. As classic evolution goes, adapt or die.

We cannot continue on like it’s 2016 and act as if Atomwaffen Division’s tactics and attitudes are the end all be all anymore. That must and will end. I, for one, will not stand to watch all of our hard work just die and for us to fade into irrelevance as counter-revolutionary moderates within the movement eclipse us. To hell with that.

If you cannot accept this, then that is too bad. It is better to adapt to the changing times than to be stuck in the past and rot away. Such poor attitudes are what caused the death of the movement back in the day. Thankfully, we were blessed with a revival in the 2010s, but now our own faction is starting to falter. We can avoid it by simply adapting, changing, and thriving. Sadly for our opponents, we’re not going anywhere, and we’re not going to just be content with rotting away into the background as a footnote. We’ll survive and thrive until we see victory.

Hail Victory!