Silver and Gold

As a stray from the more ideological articles I usually do, I’d like to go into a concept of mine regarding the usage of precious metals for the movement. That is, organizations and individuals in the movement keep reserves on hand of precious metals such as silver, gold, and the like. But why?

Having these reserves on hand is absolutely needed, in my opinion, and I practice what I preach. I personally own reserves of precious metals. The reason isn’t some political purpose, such as the new trend among some to buy things like silver in an attempt to screw over bankers. The real reason is more practical. The US dollar is inflating pretty badly as of late, so having something that keeps its value over long periods of time seems to be the smart choice overall.

Another issue that affects organizations in the movement is lawsuits. If a group gets sued, then their bank accounts are up for grabs by whoever is suing them. If a group has a reserve of precious metals they physically have that aren’t accounted for by the powers that be and cannot be accessed by their enemies, they still have funds to protect themselves and rebuild easier. Even massive banks have precious metal reserves for this reason too, with the Federal Reserve personally owning the largest collection of gold in human history at their New York City branch.

Beyond that, even in times of societal collapse, armed groups still need precious metals to even operate. For example, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban had a gold reserve themselves, as it turns out international arms dealers only accept luxury items such as precious metals for purposes of payment for weapons. Government-issued currencies such as the US dollar are regulated and controlled by the governments that issued them.

Gold and other precious metals aren’t controlled by anyone; they’re only issued by nature, so therefore, gold and other precious metals are accepted everywhere. Which is why it’s been used as a form of money since humanity started using money to begin with.

It’s also extremely easy to get started in this practice. Especially with cheaper metals such as silver, which is currently at the time of this writing at $25 an ounce (around $30–$32 after premiums by sellers are tacked on).

I believe that every organization and individual should partake in this practice, doubly so if you’re a believer that the US will go the way of modern day Iraq in the near future. It makes sure the wealth is preserved at a steady rate, no matter what happens. The US dollar could be hyper-inflated, yet you’re still okay because you still have solid wealth. For example, adjusted for inflation, US coins such as the US Half Dollar were made of around 90% silver before they were diluted with pot metal.

These coins are nearly the same value, at around $11–$12, with the inflation for 50 cents from the mid 1960s to now being around $10 (worth a little more because these coins are also popular with collectors of old coins, which drives the worth up a bit, but the point still stands).

Do I believe the US dollar is going to hyperinflate this year? Of course not; that’s retarded. It’ll probably take years, maybe even a couple decades at most, before we see that. But my point still stands: precious metals maintain their intrinsic value and should be kept in reserve. This especially goes for any would-be group of revolutionaries, as arms dealers only accept these as a form of payment. So it doesn’t hurt to already have these on hand rather than desperately raiding pawn shops and banks for them.

To answer another question, isn’t the precious metal trade heavily controlled by jews? Yep, it is! Has been for literal millennia. Though today, it’s mostly banks scamming on silver with those retarded “paper silver” in which bankers sell the same bar of silver to tens of thousands of dumb people for profit because they know Boomer Bill isn’t going to redeem those certificates more so than anything else, to be honest.

Though most refineries, private mints, and even local dealers are more often than not jews too, jews being involved with reselling commodities is a tale as old as time, who cares as long as it benefits your ends too? Jews would sell you the bullets you’d use to execute them if they could.

Where do I buy precious metals?:

As a budget option, I highly recommend getting started with silver first. As for where to get it, it depends on how much you’re buying. Bulk buying? Use an online dealer. Small buying? Try to find a local dealer that matches the online prices. Pretty damn simple. Buying from online dealers for small purchases tends to be more expensive as they tack on shipping charges and credit card fees, which tend to jump the prices up a lot more. Bulk buying doesn’t have this issue, as most online dealers give you free shipping, and you can rely on wire transfers and the like to purchase from them.

On another note, don’t be a retard and overspend on dumb novelty bullion. Mostly avoiding anything made by the US Mint. US Mint has a premium on their stuff, so their bullion is always $10 more than others. Buy the cheapest (usually generic rounds) bullion you can get.

In Conclusion:

Buying precious metals and keeping a steady reserve going is a good way to maintain your own private reserve of your own wealth while also having its uses for the would-be revolutionary along with practical things for an above-ground organization that has to worry about things like lawsuits and the like.

As another note, if you don’t hold it, then you don’t own it. Don’t keep these things in bank vaults or the like. The FBI has seized these, citing civil forfeiture laws, just because they can. Such as when they stole precious metals from a private depository in California, citing drug cartels, despite them just directly stealing from rich people in a blatant robbery, stealing $86 million.

Stay safe out there, and diversify and decentralize your wealth as much as possible.

Hail Victory!