One Big Union

For centuries, the political left has held a nearly unbreakable stranglehold on the workers-rights movement. By and large, the so-called right-wing has completely abdicated its responsibility in this field, choosing to represent the interests of big-money corporations and wealthy donors. The right-wing panders to its white, conservative voting base by offering them political table scraps – attaching themselves to some social issue or another, half-heartedly fighting for it, and then moving on to the next issue after the left has defeated them yet again. This cycle is something that you can set your watch to – it is constant, and unending. The people left behind, of course, are working class whites. They are hated and scorned by the left wing that claims to represent workers interests, and they are lied to and tricked by the right wing that claims to conserve their social values.

For the last 130 years, aspects of the left wing have promoted an idea: the need for “One Big Union”. One all-encompassing union that would cover the needs of all workers, and offer solutions to all of their many problems. Then and now, this seems like a fantasy. There are simply too many hurdles to overcome, too many palms to grease, too many rules to break, etc. Today, this idea is generally only held by the most radical leftists. Many of their fellow leftists consider them naive.

But, what they certainly don’t know, and what you the reader may not even know, is that this feat has been accomplished, fewer than one hundred years ago. All of the hurdles were cleared, all of the regulations that would’ve stopped it were repealed, all of the bigwigs who opposed it were cut down to size. The idea of “One Big Union” was successfully put into practice by none other than National Socialist Germany, with their “German Labor Front”, or, “DAF”.

This, of course, would be shocking to many leftists. The ones who don’t know about it would simply deny its existence. The ones who do know about it are content with making false claims about the supposed ills of the DAF. They just can not accept the fact that National Socialist Germany, a supposedly evil state, was the most pro-(white) worker state to ever exist. I’ll demonstrate that fact to you with a relatively brief overview.

1. Having been a manual laborer himself, the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, mandated labor service for all young men and women. A minimum of six months of manual labor were required. This was done in order to break the idea that manual laborers were inferior. It also built camaraderie among the workers, allowing them to truly work together for the benefit of their racial community. Rich, poor, Prussian, Bavarian, etc. All laboring for the benefit of their volk.

2. The Fuhrer promulgated laws and regulations that mandated a fair wage scale. Blue-collar employees were no longer paid a pittance – their wages were heavily increased, and their pay was increased if they had other pressing concerns – dependents, high costs of living, etc.

3. The Fuhrer granted guaranteed sick leave to employees. In addition to this, companies could no longer exploit their workers via unpaid overtime.

4. The Fuhrer personally introduced a law establishing a minimum monthly income for all workers- no workers were allowed to starve in National Socialist Germany.

5. Exploitation of workers by any means was criminalized, and severe penalties were attached. This law was enforced stringently.

6. Taxpayers subsidized the building of homes for low-income working families. New towns were built consisting solely of high-quality, brand new homes for workers. This program was incredibly popular.

7. Dr. Robert Ley, the Leader of the DAF, brought about social security benefits for retired workers and widows. Orphans and sick children were also provided for.

8. Due to the influence of Dr. Robert Ley, medical insurance was made unnecessary, crippling the exploitative health insurance conglomerates. Free local clinics were founded and paid for by the government, all citizens were given free annual physicals, and the state would pay for nearly all medical expenses incurred by the people.

9. Funds were allotted by the DAF to build and maintain incredibly low-cost spas and health resorts.

10. Every year, The Fuhrer’s Winterhilfswerk campaign raised money for the poor, often helping more than ten million impoverished Germans.

11. Dr. Robert Ley and the DAF introduced a new organization: “Strength through Joy”, or, “KdF”. As the DAF’s recreation division, the KdF focused on providing low-cost entertainment for workers. Theaters were founded, increasing the cultural knowledge of the German worker, connecting him even deeper with his homeland. Very low-cost vacations to exotic destinations were, for the first time, made available to the average German worker. Amazing, high-tech new cruise ships were built solely to ferry workers along on these cruises and vacations. As the Fuhrer and Dr. Ley had worked together to more than double the vacation days allotted to German workers; these were not short, cheap vacations.

12. To fight unemployment, and to build the German economy, the Fuhrer gave jobs to nearly all unemployed Germans. This resulted in the construction of the Autobahn, the beautification of the country via new public works, parks, etc, and it saved millions of men, women, and children from abject poverty.

These are just some of the accomplishments of the first true workers’ State – the Third Reich. Though, of course, these accomplishments are never spoken of. The goal of the Third Reich was not to enrage the workers, they did not seek to pit them against the upper classes. Their goal was class cooperation. They desired a state in which almost all past transgressions were forgiven, and the proverbial hatchet was buried. They understood that a man must be able to create a company and profit from his own personal genius – this is in our nature. They only required that entrepreneurs, managers, etc, not exploit their workers. The National Socialists demanded that every member of the racial community had to act in ways that benefited the race. They were in the midst of creating a Nation in which managers did not look down on their workers. A Nation in which all Aryans realized that they needed to cooperate in order to benefit the race.

This is all, of course, unimaginable to the modern left and right wings. The left wing would froth at the mouth about the racial and class cooperationist aspects. The right wing would be equally angered by the pro-worker, anti-big business aspects.

Our goal is to provide a third option. To show our People that there is a way of doing things that doesn’t devolve into racial suicide. This was done before, and it can be done again.