Beware of the Kiwis

As some are already aware, for the past couple months there has been much news coverage around the gossip forum known as Kiwifarms. For those who are unaware, it can be summarized as leftist transvestites become enraged when a gossip forum discusses immoral things they like to do allegedly around and to young boys online […]


For as long as the American Futurist publication has existed we have prided ourselves as being an organ of revolutionary thought and exploring various methodology and solutions useful to revolutionaries engaging in this battle we face. That being said it is always in our interest to keep exploring and not stagnate or fixate on one […]

The Chink Menace

A growing problem within the American section of the movement at least has been that of the rising issue of China and those either ignoring it or those celebrating it, either because they’re contrarian idiots or they’re being paid off by China, like, for example, Andrew Anglin. Either way, an issue that must be brought […]

The Evangelical Menace

With the news regarding events such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade and talk of further actions by the Religious Right of the United States which is mostly comprised of Evangelical Christians. This rebirth of the Evangelical Movement within the United States has been something that has been on the rise for several years […]

The Fag Example

In my tireless research into movements of the past to see how they’ve worked, how they’ve operated, what their successes and failures have been, and what we can learn from them, I’ve found an example that is, in a way, relevant to us. Namely, the LGBT movement. Even though we are disgusted and dismayed by […]

Gun Control: A Lesson in Media Trickery

With the intense current news cycle shilling gun control, there has been one especially noteworthy takeaway. Specifically, how the system gets things it wants done. In a “democratic” society, we see that when the system wants something, they first have to rile up and manipulate the masses into rabidly wanting it. For months, we’ve been […]