The Dennis Mahon Project

After several months of hard work with many setbacks, we’re pleased to announce the creation of “The Dennis Mahon Project”. A project solely dedicated to archiving the movement’s history, preserving historical items, and even digitizing old movement media that hasn’t been seen in decades.

It’s a grand task, especially with our limited manpower and resources; however, we’ll certainly be able to do it. This project, however, will not be officially involved with The American Futurist or its sister projects, despite, in all honesty, having the same exact staff. The reason is to make this project as neutral as possible and not favorite towards any single group in the movement.

This project came about due to tragic circumstances, sadly. Originally, The American Futurist was planning on simply releasing items by Dennis Mahon celebrating his contributions to revolution. Thanks mostly due to the donations of copies made by Dennis Mahon’s brother, Daniel Mahon. These copies were entrusted to an unnamed individual to process, but they were never processed. These items were stolen from us, and we assume they have been destroyed.

We were saddened by this and thought it was lost forever; thankfully, Daniel Mahon donated all of the original VHS copies to The American Futurist to use as we please. As of yesterday, those that follow us on The American Futurist Telegram would know that we released the complete recording of speakers from the 1987 Aryan Nations Congress from their headquarters in Idaho. Which featured many individuals, including Tom Metzger.

To our knowledge, there are only two VHS tapes of this event in existence. One now belongs to us; the other, which we assumed belonged to Pastor Butler, is owned by an anti-White NGO which lists it in its collection. We assume they got this due to the lawsuit against Aryan Nations that saw all of their assets seized by jewish NGOs. Well, it’s online and available forever now. So will the rest of the items in our collection.

As it stands, The Dennis Mahon Project will exist as an Odysee channel and a Telegram channel. This is our official means of spreading all archived information we publish. We’re glad to see this develop in such a way, and we hope that you will come join us. Links are below to the Telegram and Odysee channels, respectively.


Telegram Channel: