James Mason: The Fall

We’ve been trying to avoid releasing this statement for several months, due to wanting to avoid the issues that come with a statement such as this. As of today, however, James Mason has forced our hand. Certain long-standing circumstances that had previously been kept under wraps can no longer be hidden, and we are cutting ties with James Mason effective immediately.

The issues started in April of 2022, around the time of that Telegram Q&A that we did. We found out from multiple individuals that James was accusing Ryan Arthur, formerly of AWD and at the time the leader of the NSO, of multiple misdeeds, including purposefully not uploading James’ content, stealing, lying, etc.

James didn’t have the courage to say this to Ryan’s face, so we had to tell Ryan ourselves. All of the allegations against Ryan were totally disproven, clearing his name. This was extremely out of character for James, so we chalked it up to early dementia, since paranoia and bizarre false allegations are common among demented people, and James has a family history of memory-affecting brain disorders.

A few weeks after this, we faced another issue regarding James. He was having an affair with the wife of an NS man, a man who had been his friend for thirty years. James and this man’s wife were seen in a compromising position by a friend of James’.

These issues led to a meeting among the prominent people involved with the AF. Some wanted to cut all ties with James immediately, while others wanted to keep things as they were. We eventually decided to slowly end our focus on James’ work while not totally severing our relationship with him.

We do regret not immediately cutting ties with him after this, but it was an unusual situation, one that we don’t have much experience with.

Recent visitors to James’ apartment have also contacted us and informed us that he says dishonorable things about AWD heroes Cameron Denton and Kaleb Cole, personally blaming them for “almost getting him in trouble”. James’ greatest fear is, of course, going back to prison, and he blames Atomwaffen Division and those involved with “almost causing him to go back” even though there was no real risk of that. Nevermind the fact that the Atomwaffen Division is the only reason anyone has ever heard of James Mason. Apparently, James doesn’t care that it was the hard work of Cameron Denton that many of his low-quality non-Siege writings were ever even published.

Now, what forced our hand was the fact that James unknowingly told a friend of ours about the fact that he was working on a new project with a disgraced member of the now defunct National Socialist Order. We were intrigued and decided to look into it. It turns out his plans were simply to screw us over, lie about us being underhanded, make up stories about how we screwed him over, and more. Albeit in a passive-aggressive and frankly cowardly way of not mentioning us by name but instead “the other publication” and “atomwaffen affiliated”.

The person running James’ new website is a former webmaster for the NSO, “Wulfrik”. Prior to the satanist takeover of the NSO, Wulfrik was removed for pedophilia. And, we do not mean that he “had a 16-year old girlfriend” or anything as typical as that. He admitted to other NSO members that he had watched illegal child sexual-oriented videos and attempted to bring up other pedophilia-related topics with them. To our knowledge, though, he hasn’t directly harmed any children. Believe us when we say that if he had, he wouldn’t be doing web work and videos for James right now. We’ll leave it at that.

What disturbs us even more, however, is that James knows that Wulfrik is a pedophile. Multiple people told James about this. Of course, this does bring up the question: “Why didn’t you do more than just kick him out and tell others in your circle to avoid him? Why didn’t you do something to him? Why didn’t you make a public statement at the time?”

This is easier to say from the sidelines and with hindsight, but at the time, we didn’t know if Wulfrik was an informant or not, trying to get others arrested on pedo charges (which is a favorite of the FBI), and he was not in many online circles. So, despite some internal controversy, we simply left it at kicking the man out and telling others privately what he did and to avoid him. And, as he hadn’t harmed any children, we didn’t feel certain about doing anything more than kicking him out and warning others. Again, for all we knew, he could have been an informant trying to entrap us.

Photos of Wulfrik in Question:

His real name is Zackary, he’s from West Virginia and has a strong West Virginian accent. He currently resides in Denver and is a frequent guest at James Mason’s apartment in Capitol Hill Neighborhood. As stated he’s an open and proud pedophile. His telegram handle is @wulfrik88. He works as an airplane refueler at Denver Airport.

But James, of course, knows that this guy is a pedophile. We had that discussion with him. Yet he’s collaborating with him to make his own platform on which he lies about us and acts like we’ve done nothing but take advantage of him. When anyone who knows us knows damn well that we’ve worked our asses off for six years for this man. Six years spent publishing James’ low-quality post-SIEGE works, getting him all of these TV interviews, getting SIEGE to become one of the most popular books in post-1945 NS history, etc. We did all of this for free, of course, purely out of friendship and respect for James. He proceeded to stab us in the back and lie about us.

What about SIEGE?:

This, of course, brings up the issue of SIEGE. Will we continue selling it? We’re not sure, but we still love SIEGE and think that it’s an excellent book. Sadly, the author turned out to be an underhanded asshole. Though, of course, with his cognitive decline, we’re not sure how much of this is truly his fault, and how much of it is simply his brain ceasing to function properly.

So this brings us to an interesting dilemma. Ideologically we agree with it, obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t promote it, but the author is now actively screwing us over. Even if we wanted to keep selling SIEGE, it is possible that this would sour the book for everyone who wants a physical copy. So we have about nine copies left. After those sell, if they sell, we’re probably not going to do another order with our publisher. We will likely focus on other works.

What’s the future with The American Futurist?:

In our heart of hearts, we honestly don’t know. Granted, we did make some preparations for this as stated, but obviously it is still a blow. It seems ironic: everything has come full circle. As a revolutionary fascist publication, we tried to dig up the heroes of the past and bring them into the present. Sadly and stupidly, we decided to center our entire project around one man, who turned out to be incredibly flawed himself.

Keep in mind that most people here are in their early 20s. We were in our mid-to-late teens when we discovered James Mason and brought him back. So it was a stupid mistake that we have to face the music for and pay for. And, of course, it was not James Mason that built this movement. It wasn’t James Mason who built Atomwaffen Division, it wasn’t James Mason who built SiegeKultur, it wasn’t James Mason who made The American Futurist. We did that, all of us, including you, by lending us your support. All James did was write some cool essays in a newsletter over 40 years ago. Now he shit talks and backstabs those who did all that work. The only “man” that he has left to help him out is a literal pedophile.

It stings, but it’s a learning experience, and amusingly enough, James himself said it best: “All my heroes are dead because at least they can’t disappoint.”. It surely rings true here. 

In Conclusion:

To conclude this, we’re sorry if this hurts and confuses readers of ours, especially with our work building this man up. We also apologize for not telling you about this earlier. That was our mistake, and it was also a mistake to make this man such a centerpiece of our projects. He didn’t do any of the work himself, he took us for granted, and now he thinks that he can move on without us and has claimed sole ownership over Ironmarch and Atomwaffen Division, despite him having no involvement with Ironmarch and barely any involvement in Atomwaffen Division. We have our doubts about his prospects.

Now, we shall return to our Ironmarch roots, and we must move away from James and the cult of personality that we regrettably built around him, and instead focus on our own future and what we can do until we reach the long-awaited final victory.

This has been a statement from the entire staff at The American Futurist. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] and we’ll gladly answer them. We have nothing to hide, and we won’t hide anything anymore. A lot of reforms, improvements, and more will be occurring. This is a sad time for us, but it will also lead to many future opportunities.

We encourage you to come along with us on this adventure.

Hail Victory!

Heil Hitler!