Why Fascism?

A question attempted to be answered by self-proclaimed “Anti-Hate Experts” whether it be kikes speaking before Congress from the ADL, grifters like Vaush, talking heads on CNN or MSNBC, and alike, is “Why do so many choose Fascism?”. The answers they give, however, aren’t honest; they’re just attempts at character assassination. Most of the time the “answer” given is that of characcter assassination in disguise of a profession opinion or, with Vaush (along with other radlib grifters), to just declare you mentally ill.

This of course doesn’t answer the question at all; it’s just a piss-poor attempt at character assassination and trying to discredit our ideas without actually having to have an understanding of Fascism or explaining it. When you ask such self-proclaimed “experts on Fascism” what fascism is, all they can come up with is some poorly thought out strawman or, even worse, cite fraudster Umberto Eco’s garbage book Ur Fascism.

In which Umberto Eco declares himself the expert on fascism because he “grew up in Mussolini’s Italy” even though he was only 13 when Mussolini was killed, so not much to go off of, and growing up in a system briefly doesn’t make you an expert on it. Just see the average American’s understanding of how the American system of government and economy works, and they’ll have little to no understanding outside of buzzwords.

Just like literally every other leftist ideologue who attempts to describe fascism, it’s always “Here is a list of things that oppose my ideology; that’s Fascism!”. Right-libertarians and conservatives engage in this behavior too, declaring that fascism is when there is too much regulation or when tranvestites can go into women’s bathrooms to masturbate in. It’s entirely just “Fascism is people I don’t agree with!”. It’s really dumb and, frankly, retarded.

Fascism and Truth:

Fascism is a political statement that differs from others, such as liberalism, marxism and its variants, anarchism and its variants, and so on. Fascism preaches inequality rather than the equality of mankind. That reality and nature itself are unequal. This is something that we can observe in nature itself. Unlike all the others, mostly created in the 18th and 19th centuries by idealistic idiots creating systems in their own minds, whether it be liberalism, marxism, or anarchism, they don’t conform with reality itself.

That is why these enlightenment ideologies always fail. They’re created in the heads of men without regard to the boundaries of reality or even considering reality at all. It is arrogant to think that nature and reality must conform to the ideas of men and not the other way around. Fascism is the only ideology that holds that men’s ideas must conform to nature and reality.

It is a truth that men are unequal. There are men shorter and taller than each other, smarter and dumber than each other, stronger and weaker than each other, and alike. While environmental factors play a part in this, they aren’t the sole thing that decides what something is, despite the claims and data manipulation by dishonest leftists and liberals. There are aspects of yourself that you cannot change because they are hard-wired into your DNA and other factors. This is something that the current system, run by idiotic and dishonest liberals and leftists, can’t accept. Especially in places like academia and others.

For example, James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, stated truthfully that some races of humanity, such as the negro, are inferior to those of the White race. He backed up his claims with evidence and more. Response from academia? He was blacklisted from everything as it was declared that the declaration (mostly by jews) that the races are exactly the same as each other in everything is “settled science”. Which anyone who makes such a claim that anything is “settled science” is a retard, which you can ignore. However still, despite his knowledge on the matter, despite his evidence. That didn’t matter, he was thrown out.

Eugenics was given the same treatment, despite the concept being objectively correct. Despite the fact that you can breed living organisms to have certain traits, and that being an observable fact. Doesn’t matter; it’s wrong because it contradicts some ideas written by some left-leaning writers in the 19th century, so it’s wrong.

Our society is literally the strawman of the Middle Ages, as stated by the same liberal elites. The notion that the Middle Ages were a time when everyone was a dirt-eating retard peasant and the Catholic Church burned everything the Pope didn’t like and you were burned at the stake for it. That’s our society now. The average person, while still a lemming, has been dumbed down into a drooling retard that just consumes. Their only purpose is to breathe air and shit in the water.

If you question those in the academic or technocratic priesthood, then your life is ruined. You’ll be doxed and harassed by journalists to be coerced into denouncing your statement of truth. If you continue, these creatures will attack you through censorship by removing all of the infrastructure required to give you a voice. If anyone resists, they’ll get financial institutions to threaten those infrastructure companies that keep your voice afloat.

See what happened with Cloudflare when they tried to keep Kiwifarms on their service; allegedly, Visa and Mastercard threatened to cut them off and ruin them if they didn’t drop the site.

How is this any different from the strawman image of the Middle Ages that our elites present? We’re the filthy peasants, and our middle manager lords represent the elites, who rule as insane tyrants. As a result, opposing this system in any meaningful way, flying too close to the sun, and you’re done. Your bank accounts and credit cards will be revoked, your means of income will be shut down, and you will be harassed by both system pigs and more.

That’s what’s going to happen to this project sooner or later. The only reason we still exist is because, to the system, we’re not worth spending the resources on. We’re not that big; at best, we have about 20,000 readers per month. So we’re akin to a small-town newspaper, really. However, we are growing, and as soon as we reach a growth level where the higher ups in the system take notice of us, we fly too close to the sun and we will be shot down.

That’s an unavoidable outcome for which we’ve already planned; remember, for example, that the United Nations seized our original domain, americanfuturist.xyz, last year, citing us as a “terrorist website”. The FBI, for example, has already harassed those involved with this website, including myself; they harassed my own mother over the work I do. All this over what is a small project in comparison to others in the movement.

Yet we march on.

What the hell even caused this rise in the movement?:

Despite claims from the same “experts” who cannot even define our own ideas, the rise in our movement as well as general political extremism within the Western World was caused by two major events. The Iraq War in 2003 and the biggest factor, The Great Recession of 2008, there are other minor factors to throw in; however, those two events, especially The Great Recession of 2008 are what really caused the spike in political extremism on all fronts.

A lot of people, including many system elites, just do not appreciate how big the Great Recession of 2008 really was. This is due to a lack of trust in system institutions on the part of many people. It got its start in 2003 with the Iraq War, when the White House and the Pentagon were just straight up lying about why they were invading Iraq, namely, the claim that Saddam Hussein had WMD, was ready to nuke the United States at any moment, and was supporting Al-Qaeda with these WMD.

A society needs to have its people trust its institutions and its government. If that trust is threatened, the whole system starts falling apart. With it being found that the US government lied about its reasoning to invade Iraq, trust in the government, media, and military fell. Especially among many individuals who went to Iraq only to lose limbs, friends, and their mental health on the basis of a lie because the US couldn’t just say, “We’re invading Iraq because Saddam Hussein is anti-US and anti-jew and we want to overthrow him and replace him with a pro-US puppet!”.

However, this is minor compared to the Great Recession of 2008, which caused mass disillusionment among many sectors of the American population. Institutions such as the financial sector, government, and more simply lost a lot of their credibility during this time. The media’s downplaying of the recession, especially after Obama was elected, only did damage to their credibility too.

This recession, of course, set off a chain reaction in which those growing up in such an environment, including myself, were screwed out of a future. Because everything foreclosed and property values crashed, it allowed a few real estate megacorporations to just buy up entire areas of the United States for cheap, then rent them out at much higher prices than before.

Jobs went from being good-paying, long-term jobs with big benefits you could enjoy, such as manufacturing jobs, which admittedly were already mostly gone by 2008 as everything was moved to Monterey, Mexico. Have fun in a world where the only jobs available are shit tier “gig economy” jobs or minimum wage mcjobs with no benefits and you’ll get some boot licking boomer telling you you’re entitled for complaining about this situation while they got to enjoy incredible conditions themselves.

All the while, if you want to exist in modern society, you have to indebt yourself in some way to some kike banking group because all those nice paying jobs are now in Mexico and the only high paying jobs left are suicide inducing jobs that require you to get a bullshit degree at some university, in which you further indebt yourself in the hope of getting more money.

This lack of income through wage stagnation and jobs being outsourced abroad has its own social issues that come with it. Lack of money means individuals cannot go on things like dates, hang out with friends, and more. Leading to social isolation for many. Which, because of this, creates issues such as incels, suicides, random mass shootings, and more.

In an environment like this, it’s no wonder political extremism is on the rise in the Western world. Young White men are disproportionately prone to political extremism, whether far left or far right, with the majority becoming far right of some variety. This is a statistical fact. In general, subgroups such as non-Whites and women are less interested in political extremism than young White men.

Of course, the reasoning is straightforward: Western society, particularly American society, despises young White men. That’s an absolute fact for anyone above a room-temperature IQ and with the ability to just observe reality and be honest about it. Many of the problems young White men face in our current society are just played up for laughs; they’re treated as a joke, and young White men themselves are meant as figures to mock and despise.

Any of their issues are put to the side as the intelligentsia of our society would rather focus on more pressing issues, such as some pervert who gets off being seen as a woman gets to have their horse piss pills that make them grow tits or worrying about the plight of the black man due to “systemic racism”. Which systemic racism is purposefully defined vaguely in academia in order to make it a problem that can never be solved ever, which works to their advantage because they are the self-appointed problem solvers, so the end goal for them is to remain empowered forever.

It’s no wonder that so many young White men in such an environment, including myself, are flocking to causes such as this that seek the overthrow of the entire system in favor of one that most benefits ourselves. Who wouldn’t become a radical in such an environment?

Seriously, what do these idiots in academia, government, the media, and more expect? They strip us of economic opportunities, mock our problems, demonize us, and then when we radicalize, they blame it on ourselves, maybe throw some insults in there too, and remove all environmental causes that led to this because it includes themselves, and they don’t like that.

However, they’ll drone on endlessly that it’s not Jaquirus’s fault he’s in prison for life for raping and murdering some random person, it’s because he grew up in a shitheap ghetto. It’s always a double standard with these people.

In Conclusion:

Due to current trends, our cause will only grow. Arrogance and stupidity are the downfall of any empire, and the system’s empire is no different. It’s a bad omen for a society when those who would normally be its prized possessions instead seek to destroy it. Caution to a society where the scholar becomes the propagandist, the chemist becomes the bomber, and the dregs of society are put on a pedestool to be celebrated in their place.

If all of these system “experts,” politicians, and others want to figure out why people, including myself, are drawn to extremism when, statistically, most of us, including myself, should be the least likely to become what we are. They need to look into a mirror.

These trends will grow like cancer on the system up until its death.

Hail Victory!