Decay: A Cause For Concern

Something that has been pissing me off these past few months is just the staleness and slow decay in parts of the movement currently. Growth has been stagnant in many sectors, and with it, certain personalities and types are coming out of the woodwork to appear and create even more problems. These types aren’t new, but their prevalence has been increasing.

Imagine you’re on a slowly sinking ship for a second, and then imagine you have some assholes coming in with dynamite to come and blow more holes in the ship. Now all the progress you made with the first hole becomes harder to pay attention to because those assholes are coming in and making things even worse.

As a point, I’ll be going into certain interesting personalities who have recently resurfaced and explaining why they’re bad and need to go. Let’s begin.

The Chickenhawk:

A term meant to describe warhawks who constantly promote war and then, when it hits, are no shows for enlistment. A worrying trend that I’ve been seeing recently on the increase is that of generally older guys in the movement (mostly in their 30s) going around and telling younger guys (usually between 14 and 18) to go out and commit crimes in specific terms.

I do not mean a general and frankly vague discussion on things like tactics and strategy. I mean some loser of life hoping on Telegram, Discord, or whatever to tell younger guys in specifics how they need to go out and do things like break water pipes, shoot at power plants, etc.

It’s always some LARPing loser telling others to go out and do things they’re not willing to do themselves. Since if the young lad gets caught and goes to jail, that’s not their problem. Of course, it all boils down to the fact that these individuals are cowards and losers.

If you want to go out and do certain illegal activities, fine, that’s your prerogative. What I cannot stand, however, is seeing others come out and loudly tell everyone else to go do something they’re not doing themselves. On top of that, even if you are doing certain activities, please follow this rule. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

That’s right. Shut the fuck up. I cannot fathom how this isn’t common sense, but if you’re actively engaging in illegal activities, don’t tell people, especially over the internet. The only reason you’d do that is for gay ego reasons because you’re a loser and want recognition. I can read the news like anyone else, and if you did something, keep it to yourself.

The American Futurist’s audience is mostly teenage boys. Specifically, between the ages of 14 and 18, which is why I, and others involved with this site, take it very seriously when we see some LARPing loser trying to persuade them to go throw away their life because they made the mistake of befriending an armchair terrorist chickenhawk on Telegram or some other platform.

So to our readers, if you encounter a chickenhawk, simply just tell them to fuck off and if they’re so eager on you doing something for them. Tell them to go be an example for the movement and to do it themselves. Then kick them out of whatever chat they’re in and/or block them and cease contact.

It’s really that simple. If you yourself are a chickenhawk reading this, then this applies. Go be an example to everyone else and practice what you preach. If you want to go convince some lonely poor kid to go out and destroy a water treatment station or set off a nail bomb at a preschool for whatever retarded reason, which you shouldn’t, then practice what you preach.

For the record, I have zero issue with discussions in general terms around tactics, ideology, and more. What I do take issue with are those trying to tell others to go do things on their behalf because they’re too much of a pathetic coward LARPer to do it themselves and to them it’s safe because if they ruin some young guy’s life, then in theory that doesn’t effect them.

These people are entirely selfish and cowardly losers who pray on the young men of our movement, and these people deserve to be called out, shunned, and treated no differently than a pedophile, since really these two are no different. They’re both preying on younger individuals for their own selfish purposes.

The Fuhrer of One:

Another weird individual out of the movement’s rotten dumpster of freaks, retards, and alike. I present the man who thinks he’s hot shit and has a massive ego while running an organization with only about 5 people. Thinking themselves as fuhrer and deluding themselves as this great person.

It’s pretty pathetic, but also pretty funny to witness. Where we see some poor pathetic loser act himself Fuhrer because he runs a Gab or Telegram with 300 followers and a group of five assholes. This comes as, within the movement, we’ve seen an explosion of all these tiny groups that are a dime a dozen.

Everyone wants to start their own group because of the most petty of things, resulting in hilarious outcomes of people taking themselves way too seriously and people who shouldn’t be managing a Burger King, let alone running a political organization.

I myself, as well as several others involved with this project, have no egos about this project. In reality, The American Futurist is just a WordPress website run by a couple insane assholes from their bedrooms in the middle of the night, posting our opinions so that other insane assholes in their bedrooms in the middle of the night can read them. That’s literally what we are.

We don’t put our names, faces, and more on this project, not out of fear or something stupid like that. We’re already doxed, and all of us have been doxed for several years now. However, who the fuck cares who we are? Who needs to see our ugly faces every time they click on an article on this site? No one wants to see that when they’re clicking to read an article about what angers some enraged retard at 3 a.m.

I remember Ryan Arthur, in about 2018, going into the Traditionalist Workers Party chat, and Matt Heimbach getting into it with Ryan and a couple other AWD members. This resulted in some pretty funny and frankly embarrassing self-important and LARPy messages from Heimbach. Where he demanded to know Ryan’s “commanding officer” so that he could submit a complaint and demanded respect from Ryan, citing his rank as leader of the TWP.

This, of course, resulted in many jokes and many laughs. This is because there is nothing more funny than some loser taking himself way too seriously. Just recently, we had this with leaked messages given to us just last week that were from the losers at the NSO9A, another example of a couple of gay retards thinking themselves way more important than what they actually are.

They of course hate me personally and have claimed I “messed with the trident” and that “he will fear the trident” and other frankly gay LARPy language that is now an in-joke in our circles. If I went on the street and approached some random person and told them, “Hey bud, you messed with the trident!”, I would be looked at like I was a gay weirdo and laughed at, and rightfully so.

A good measure of your speech should be this: “If I approached someone on the street and repeated what I wanted to write or say, would they look at me like I was a gay weirdo?”. If the answer is yes, don’t say it. Nothing is more embarrassing than being seen as a gay weirdo to be mocked and laughed at.

This is a general rule for all aspects of public life: nothing is worse than being a point of mockery due to your self-seriousness and giant ego. Just ask Jeremy Corbyn when, while in parliament, members of the Conservative Party mock him as he sits there still heavily self-serious and being laughed at by the whole room.

So please, can everyone just stop having an ego the size of the sun? Is it that fucking hard? You’re not special. You’re just some insane asshole on the internet, just like me. Except I’m not demanding respect I didn’t earn and I’m not LARPing like some mafia don in my couple of friends friend-group while a-logging about someone I don’t like. It’s fucking pathetic and laughable.

It’s even more embarrassing to the whole movement when you have outsiders looking in and having a laugh about it too and acting like that’s the entire movement. It makes the rest of us look bad, and it needs to stop.

The Closeted Faggot or Travestite:

While this isn’t a big problem at all, it’s still a problem that I have taken notice of recently. It’s that of the closeted homosexual or transvestite coming into the movement and trying to be one of us for whatever reason. I do not get it at all, since if we win, they’ll die. Yet these people feel the need to join up.

I also don’t get it. Since being within our circles, even disregarding the fact that they’d be sent to a camp for who they are, why are they actively making themselves even more miserable than they normally are? Go be a furry or something and get GRIDS, what the hell are you doing here?

If you are one of these types of people, just fuck off, please. It’s embarrassing enough to have you people around here. If you’re that suicidal then just off yourself, no need trying to get one of us involved.

We don’t want you here; you’ll never be welcomed here, and if you’re found out, you’ll be lucky if you just get kicked out. I’ll leave it at that. So fuck off, go be a furry or antifa, or if you’re super suicidal, then just kill yourself on your own time instead of trying to get one of us to do it for you. It’s that simple.

In Conclusion:

This concludes the gripes I’ve been having with certain types of individuals I’ve been having with as of late. If you encounter any of these individuals, then either ignore them or laugh at them for being retards and losers.

Hopefully, as a movement, we can improve to a point where these types of people are no longer even noticeable in the movement. That they’re just a thing of the past. It relies solely on us and our own actions to make this possible.

Hail Victory!