Multiracial open-air zoos like America can only exist with a robust law enforcement presence. Surveillance, communications, and weapons infrastructure act as strong deterrents to crime. These elements are resources aiding police investigation and arrest. Escaping the zoo means circumventing police authority.

To circumvent police authority, a person must avoid network, camera, and eye-witness detection and surveillance. They must hinder or neutralize the police’s ability to coordinate and communicate. Above all, they must match or outperform the police capacity to commit violence.

If these three capacities exist in continuum, law enforcement would be unable to know, coordinate, and execute its mission as the system’s zookeepers. This immediately shifts power from conventional authorities into the hands of those willing to seize it for themselves. With no system barriers left to inhibit group behavior, paired with desperate times, the liberal construct of a multiracial community will always come crashing down.

Similar scenarios have already played out. North America is witness to numerous events suddenly catapulting a geographical area into social chaos serving as the foundation to boundless racial opportunity. Hurricane Katrina was one such catalyst of opportunity in New Orleans, Louisiana. It remains a test case for what happens in the wake of societal disaster. More importantly, it illustrates how North American whites can exploit these kinds of events in the future. It also suggests that North American whites can even bring about such conditions ourselves.

On 29 August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana. The rapid formation and severity of the storm killed 1,000 people and left the city deprived of basic transportation, food, and social services for weeks.

Compounding the disaster was that most of New Orleans sat below sea level. When a flawed levee system holding flood waters at bay broke, this made everything worse. Most of the city flooded, causing over $100 billion in damages and stranded the remaining residents. They were left with nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and no idea what to expect next.

New Orleans had virtually no emergency response plan in place. Whatever preparations the government made were better suited for a thunderstorm than a category five hurricane. Moreover, many police officers abandoned the city before the storm. 15% of those who remained after the storm also abandoned their post, around 249 officers. The remaining police force had no power or radio communication system, lacked transportation, were spread too thin, and seemed to have little interest in helping the parts of the city where they maintained a presence. Marauding gangs of niggers looted stores and began engaging in shootouts with other residents and cops. Even the cops began looting.

New Orleans’ cops displayed complete disregard for out-group members, routinely harassing, beating up, or simply shooting those they saw as a threat. There is even a case where two niggers, one with a gunshot wound, and their good Samaritan driver, went to the cops for medical assistance; only, instead of receiving help, they were handcuffed, beaten, had their car stolen, and were ignored. Eventually the nigger with the gunshot wound bled to death.

One of the cops then drove the car with the nigger’s dead body in it to a nearby clearing and lit it on fire. Only years later did authorities investigate it as a homicide. It turned out that a cop named David Warren shot the nigger in the first place. Ironically, Warren was cleared of wrongdoing, while Gregory McRae, the cop who torched the car with the dead nigger’s body in it to hide the evidence, was sentenced to 11 years.

Surrounded by natural disaster, chaos, and feral, desperate, big-lipped gibs-me-dat gorilla buck niggers deprived of their grape drank and food stamp Doritos, and with no corrupt Jewmerican cops in sight, the white people living in the Algiers Point community found themselves in an acutely dangerous situation.

Making matters worse for the white residents was the National Guard using it as an evacuation point and dumping 40-50 nigger “refugees” from surrounding areas into the neighborhood. The day after the storm hit, a nigger carjacked a white resident and struck him in the head with a hammer. Other niggers attempted breaking and entering white-owned homes to terrorize white women. Niggers traveled to loot local boarded-up corner stores. After looting, blacks would strut down Algiers Point streets brandishing random items of merchandise taken from surrounding businesses.

In response, good white men consolidated dozens of firearms. These brave and noble souls went to work enforcing the first No-Nigger Zone™️ since the end of segregation. The community formed a make-shift militia and posted armed men at key points of entry into the neighborhood to act as spotters.

In other areas, men constructed physical barricades to prevent vehicles from entering. Adjacent to some of these barricades were primitive security alarm systems; the community placed bits of string attached to piles of metal cans and other noise-makers at ankle height so that the cans would scrape loudly across the ground if someone from outside the neighborhood tripped the string.

Nobody was paid to do this. They didn’t get pensions or special treatment like system pigs and military. Retarded boomers didn’t thank them for their service. They risked bodily harm, torture, and death to protect their families and community from the violence and evil of the nigger. This historical fact should fill us with hope if not certainty that, in a collapse scenario, organic support for us will materialize. When the white man is sufficiently threatened and has nowhere else to turn, he will find Hitler and he will find us.

Without police presence or, possibly at the behest of the police, the militia became emboldened to dispense with the exogenous parasites themselves. White men patrolled their territory with 12-gauge shotguns, AK’s, Uzi’s, .38 pistols, and whatever else they could pool. They meted out the same violence the vicious, snarling, feral niggers threatened against them and their families.

By the end of September 2005, the Algiers Point white militia shot or killed 11. All of those shot either engaged in shootouts with residents, engaged in looting, or were otherwise presumptuous niggers knowingly sauntering into the wrong neighborhood.

Interestingly, the city of Gretna, Louisiana independently formulated and implemented the same strategy as the white militia in Algiers Point: public officials helped their own and threatened outsiders. Gretna is situated across the Mississippi River from most of New Orleans and is contiguous with Algiers.

In the days following the hurricane, as many as 30,000 people fled the storm and sheltered in the New Orleans Superdome. Conditions deteriorated significantly in a matter of days. Power blackouts, water outages, and food shortages swept the shelter. Eyewitnesses reported that people began to segregate by race in the Superdome to protect themselves from roving groups of future doctors, engineers, and lawyers. Imagine that!

Niggers were assaulting others and fighting over vending machine refreshments. Rapes were reported; the national guard attempted to create a make-shift jail to quell unrest; no one had access to clean hygienic supplies; with no plumbing, the entire structure rotted and smelled of shit.

In due time, thousands of blacks left the Superdome and attempted to cross the bridge over the Mississippi river and into Gretna. Hilariously, Gretna cops had barricaded the bridge and warned off the thousands of niggers with shotgun blasts.

At least one cop explained to the crowd that the city of Gretna didn’t want another Superdome on their hands. Some have noted how these comments were “code” talk for blacks, but of course anyone who says “Superdome” was a code word for niggers inadvertently admits niggers were responsible for the chimp out and deplorable conditions in the Superdome.

Post-hurricane New Orleans exhibited several trends pertinent to our cause. In survival situations, people are more likely to organize their communities along racial lines. Groups who perceive themselves to have few resources will fight viciously against others for those resources. Cops and soldiers are predisposed to behaving like the reluctant mercenaries they are rather than as the public servants they pretend to be.

Cops can and will participate in lawless thuggery as much as the rest of the population. Losing power uniquely inhibits law enforcement from knowing, coordinating, and executing their mission of opposing us. Establishing white no-go zones, where cops and racial undesirables are kept out, is achievable and even necessary during times of emergency and system collapse.

Knowing the trends is half of the equation; the other half requires us to assess how to exploit positive trends for ourselves by understanding their underlying cause. More than anything, the common thread contributing to system collapse, social upheaval, and Algiers Point’s temporary escape from the zoo was the destruction of New Orleans key infrastructure.

Destruction of key infrastructure entails loss of power, water/sewage, and transport—every modern convenience: no entertainment, no news, no current thing, no shows, no lights, no heat, no air conditioning, no fresh food, no fresh water, no showers, no washing machines, no serviceable toilets, no cellular service, no internet, no porn, no “public debate”, no emergency services, no gas, no traffic lights, no means of evacuation. All this deprivation with nothing but dwindling supplies and the people living next door.

Residents of New Orleans become desperate enough to crawl out of their homes looking for help. Without the ease of transport or communication, many do not evacuate, leaving whites facing a large population of lingering niggers. Little to no resources inspire looting or open conflict. Open conflict leads to an in-group mentality and exaggerated hostility against alterity.

Police lose the means to travel efficiently, fail to coordinate, and fail to hold anyone accountable; shitty police response demoralizes both residents and officers, delegitimizing the local government and emboldening civilians and officers alike to survive by any means.

Lack of central authority produces an atmosphere of unpredictability, increases individual willingness and potential to commit violence, and encourages vigilantism. White men fighting together reenforces their sense of spiritual solidarity, further fueling in-group preference.


Got the picture?

Not all scenarios in the future will take shape the way they did in Algiers Point. Therefore, it is important to understand the conditions that made it possible and work towards those ends.

Lastly, as encouraging as these events may be in portending future racial struggle, residents of Algiers Point made serious mistakes. One of the only reasons the world knows about the no-nigger zone is because members of the white militia openly spoke about their actions to hostile journalists. We need to begin to understand as a race that there is no such thing as open and honest investigation.

No matter how eloquent, no matter the pathos of our situation, system goons will use every resource we give them to denounce us and work towards federally prosecuting us. Even if they were justified, it is nothing short of a miracle that more of them did not get prosecuted. All because they ran their mouths. Journos are pests; silence is best.

Envisioning a different form of life to the one we have all become accustomed to in North America takes effort. It takes effort to peer beyond the rotting carcass of what used to be functional (though flawed) nations and to see a hopeful future made just for white people. Through events like hurricane Katrina, we catch glimpses of this distant hope while being reminded of the work and unique circumstances necessary to achieving it.

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