The Death Of Journalism

It has come to light, thanks to the work of the Justice Report, that a prominent antifa doxing account on Twitter has been run by a failed journo and nutjob known as Hillary Sargent. This isn’t surprising to us here at The American Futurist, as Hillary has had a long history with the revolutionary section of the movement for years.

Mostly, she was harassing and doxing people like Vic Mackey (which resulted in his local police gay-oping him and arresting him due to faulty reasoning because they didn’t like his politics) and mocking the deaths of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk because she was from the same state as them.

Overall, a pretty miserable person, which adds to the amusing aspects of her life detailed by the Justice Report’s reporting that paint her as a miserable wine mom who spends her time harassing people online for saying racial slurs because she’s a nutcase who files failed sexual harassment lawsuits and has lost custody of her half-kike children (which for a woman to lose full custody of her children, she must have done something bad).

The Cabal and Its Growth:

Rather than repeat word-for-word what the Justice Report article has said, however, as you can read it yourself, we’d rather go into aspects not fully covered by the article, which confirmed things we’ve known for years.

That’s the cabal of failed journalists turned antifa activists who actively collaborate with leftist organizations to coordinate doxing efforts, IRL harassment, and other activities. Those failed journos are individuals such as Hillary Sargent herself, Nick Martin, Nate Thayer, and others. By the way, we have a piece on Nate Thayer and what a sicko he is on The Futurist Observer.

Beyond that point, many people in Atomwaffen Division noticed these failed and has-been journalists who still LARP as journalists but in reality are just antifa activists who are massive cowards and hide behind the journalism badge in order to carry out harassment, doxing, and the like.

Jake Hanrahan, who we hate for obvious reasons, spoke in a now-deleted interview with a YouTuber (they deleted their channel, which is why the interview isn’t available) about this issue of these failed journos who act unethically by giving over sensitive data to antifa groups in order to use that information to find individuals to harass and attack.

Jake himself gives an example of various antifa groups getting surprised and angry at him for not turning over chat logs from the Atomwaffen Division shitpost discord chat that he obtained from Ali Winston. Showing just how used they are to receiving this information from other sources in unethical matters.

In fact, it is becoming more and more common that lower-rung journos but mostly has-beens and failed ones, resort to working with various leftist groups and individuals to seek retribution and attack those on the far right. We saw this with Kiwifarms, with individuals such as Keffals and his cabal of transvestite freaks trying to shut down Kiwifarms for simply discussing Keffals and his boyfriend giving hormones to children.

Keffals bragged in a deleted tweet about having multiple journos who then used their remaining influence to make it a nationwide story that Kiwifarms was a terrorist website that drove transvestites to suicide and stalked and harassed individuals who are transvestites. The charges, as anyone familiar with Kiwifarms would know, are total bullshit. Despite this, Kiwifarms took the brunt.

This will become more prevalent as many of the new generation of journalists are outspokenly antifa. They don’t even pretend to be impartial like the old guard of journos. They will just act exactly like an antifa Twitter account and make threats, dox, guide harassment campaigns, and more.

And That’s A Good Thing!:

This is ultimately beneficial, because the more mentally unstable leftist activists who take over journalism from their neoliberal old guard colleagues, the better. Taylor Lorenz is a perfect example; she spends her time doxing and even harassing the families of people who oppose things she believes in, such as trannyism and more. Including just literal Twitter accounts that simply post funny weird transvestite cringe clips.

The more these people take hold, the more it de-legitimizes the institution of journalism, which already has a bad reputation among the general public, but this will exacerbate it. Since the gold star of journalism is openly doxing, harassing, and working with militant leftist groups to physically harm and harass individuals, their families, and their employers, from that point on, journos will rightfully be seen as disgusting fiends and enemies.

Making it easier for us to radicalize and recruit. The more these lunatics, retards, failures, and alike take power as the old guard neoliberals die off in favor of leftist activists, the more people we get on our side. The leftists can have all the useless queers, niggers, and alike who don’t even own firearms and are massive cowards. We get to have disillusioned Whites who would have been great assets to the system, but they drove them away.

Their idiocy and arrogance are our paths to victory!

Hail Victory!