FBI Misdeeds

It will not come as a surprise to any of our readers that the FBI – our kike-controlled government’s most unwavering and loyal underlings – are involved in various devious and illicit activities. But, we at The American Futurist are now able to inform you about some actions of theirs that are beyond the pale – even worse than their typical lying and persecuting.

On multiple occasions, the FBI have drugged members of dissident National Socialist groups, attempting to either entice them into committing illegal actions, or to say things that could incriminate themselves or others.

I have a personal experience relating to one of these incidents. I, as a member of the Atomwaffen Division, attended the 2019 Nuclear Congress, in Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to most of us at the time, the congress itself was set up by two FBI Agents and an informant, and all three of them were in attendance. At this meeting, among other illegal and unwarranted actions, an agent of the FBI, Christopher S. Leckinger, drugged an Atomwaffen initiate at the time and later member of The Base by the name of Richard Tobin.

Before one of our meetings, Agent Leckinger gave psychedelic mushrooms to Mr. Tobin. In all likelihood, this was done to induce Mr. Tobin, who of course was not in his right state of mind, to suggest or admit to some kind of an illegal activity. As the room was certainly wiretapped, this would’ve made for excellent evidence to use in a case against one or more AWD members.

Keep in mind, Agent Leckinger has a history of engaging in this behavior, getting Cameron Denton drunk to get him to admit to crimes he didn’t do while Agent Leckinger was wearing a wire.

FBI Agent Christopher Leckinger. You can read about his doxing here.

I can tell you that, up to that point, and afterwards, nothing illegal was discussed at this AWD meeting. I can assume that, in a state of anger over their lack of evidence gained during this meeting, the drugging of Mr. Tobin was a last-ditch effort to make their attempted sting operation seem worthwhile.

Knowing the bloated costs of government operations, this event likely cost the FBI millions of dollars. Unfortunately for the pigs, however, Mr. Tobin had a poor reaction to the psychedelic mushrooms, and he spent nearly the entire day in the bathroom vomiting.

Richard Tobin was later arrested and imprisoned on bogus “conspiracy” charges.

The failure of the drugging tactic at the Nuclear Congress did not dissuade the FBI. Only a few months later, they used it again at a large-scale meetup of “The Base” in Georgia. This meeting was also planned and organized by the FBI.

Members of The Base were drugged with LSD by an undercover FBI Agent, and he proceeded to entrap them by telling them to trespass on to the property of a local farmer and steal his goat in order to use in a “blood ritual”.

Under the influence of narcotics, the members of The Base agreed to this, stealing the goat and torturing then beheading it. Afterwards, the agent approached some of the still-intoxicated group members, and tried to involve them in a harebrained scheme involving the murder of two local Antifa members. Sadly, some of the members of The Base agreed to this plot, and they allegedly made plans to carry it out.

Picture of the FBI agent behind the goat beheading and murder plots in The Base in question. You can read his interview here where he conveniently left out him giving psychedelics to members of The Base to talk them into torturing animals and plotting for murder.

Despite the obviously corrupt way in which these illegal activities were induced, and despite blatant entrapment by the FBI, various members of The Base were convicted on charges relating to the events of the Georgia Meetup. The charges ranged from conspiracy to commit murder, to trespassing, to animal cruelty. They were also sued by the goat’s owner.

Some of you may have already heard of these events, though you likely didn’t know all of the details. But, we at The American Futurist have discovered a new, truly despicable crime, one that met with the tacit approval of the FBI.

Joshua Caleb Sutter, now known to be a paid FBI snitch, was the leader of a truly vile satanist organization known as the “Tempel ov Blood”. He was also, unfortunately, a member of the Atomwaffen Division.

In his role as leader of the Tempel ov Blood, he would subject potential new members to obscene and degrading “initiatory rituals”, many of which involved torture, of the mental, physical, and as we now know, sexual kind.

We were told the sick story of a young, religiously confused man who we won’t name to keep him anonymous attempted to join Sutter’s satanic group. Sutter arranged a meeting – two of Sutter’s ToB members met with this young man in a dingy hotel room in New York (Christopher Leckinger works out of the New York City FBI offices, which is a pretty interesting coincidence).

After a violent session of physical abuse directed towards him, the two ToB members forced the young man to lie face-down on the hotel bed. After shackling his arms and legs to the bed, the ToB members proceeded to anally rape the young man for a lengthy period of time. After degrading him in this manner, they left, and he was ruined forever.

This event led to much turmoil in this young man’s life, and he rejected his previously held National Socialist beliefs, turning back to Conservative Christianity. His actions were, of course, foolish and naive, but he did not deserve to be raped and tortured like that.

We at The American Futurist doubt that this is the only time that this happened. And, we are confident that the FBI knew all about it – they could have easily put a stop to such actions. But, of course, they didn’t. They allowed a man to order the homosexual rape of other men, and we suspect that they are proud of that fact. We were lucky to even obtain this story.

To our readers – this is how much the kike-controlled government of the United States hates you. They allowed young men to be brutalized and raped, just to keep one of their snitches out of prison, so that he could continue to attempt to destroy Atomwaffen Division. They drugged members of at least two groups, so that they could entrap them. They even allowed rape done by members of an FBI funded front group run by an FBI informant that they paid $82,000 to and did nothing to stop it.

They will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to destroy our National Socialist faith. They will manufacture evidence, they will blatantly entrap you, they will cover up heinous crimes if it benefits them, and they will do it with smiles on their faces. This is what we are up against.

It should be a point of pride for all of us that we have withstood this immense whirlwind of injustice. No matter how hard they come at us, we will never give up our deeply-held NS views, and we will never surrender to the kikes and their servants. And of course, it is not over.

You can bet that the FBI is preparing their next scheme right now, and they will do or say ANYTHING to put you behind bars or under the ground. Use these lessons, and some of the other lessons that you may have seen on our site, to defend yourself against them. Never lose faith. Never forget that, in the end, these kikes and traitors will face justice.

Hail Victory!