They Don’t Care About You

This is an article for the White FBI/DHS/other alphabet soup agents that monitor this website. The recent news of Viktor Bout being freed in exchange for a WNBA nigger has shown the world just how little the United States cares about its agents if they are White, especially if they’re White heterosexual men with families such as the still currently imprisoned Paul Whelan.

This is an excellent illustration of why white men who work for the system are the true fools. They work for a system that doesn’t give a damn about them or their safety, yet they put their lives on the line to protect it. All the while, slowly, more and more White Americans start to hate them and see them as pigs and tyrants.

Paul Whelan, though he denies it, was very obviously a US spy. He very obviously had connections with US Intelligence. Given that many in the intelligence community are outraged that one of their own has been turned over in favor of a minor sports star.

All because Paul Whelan is white and Brittney Griner is a nigger and a lesbian, so she is given preference. It’s undeniable that Paul Whelan was abandoned by the US Government because of his lack of melanin and him not sucking dicks. All in exchange for a weapons dealer who has armed many organizations opposed to US geopolitical influence.

To the white alphabet soup agent reading this, that isn’t a fag or anything else out of the ordinary. Why do you serve a system that despises a normal, average white guy like Paul Whelan? that doesn’t care about your safety? that doesn’t care about you or your family? Why? I sure as hell can’t fathom helping people who don’t give a damn about me and actively hate me. That’s why I am who I am, and that’s why I fight for the things I fight for.

So why in the hell do you serve a system that doesn’t care about you and your needs? At this point, you’re better off just quitting your job and finding a better one that doesn’t have the same risks attached to it, along with the fact that your bosses won’t actively hate you, and if anything bad happens to you, they won’t abandon you to the wolves.

This has completely surprised everyone at The American Futurist: that a man with ties to US intelligence is actively sidestepped in favor of a nigger lesbian who knows how to throw rubber balls in nets because they were caught in Russia bringing in their THC vape oils in order to get high while playing basketball in Russia.All the while, Paul Whelan actively helped the US gather intelligence on Russia, and when he gets in a pinch, he can get fucked.

As an example pertaining to us, see the doxing of FBI Special Agent Christopher S. Leckinger, known as “Gibson” in Atomwaffen Division. We found out his real name because the Department of Justice was lazy and forgot to black his name out on a page. Thus, allowing us to easily find out his real name just from court documents. That’s how much the Department of Justice values its agents’ well-being and privacy.

Imagine if we were as brutal as the media and the FBI made us out to be—that we were this “American ISIS” or a violent criminal gang. Christopher Leckinger’s own life would be at risk at that point, and so would his family’s lives too. Yet the Department of Justice didn’t give enough of a damn to even bother to double check if they blocked out their agents’ names. Pathetic.

They didn’t even protect their paid informants, such as Joshua Sutter; even though they blocked his name, they gave too many clues proving that it was him in court documents. Again, why work for a system that doesn’t care enough to even consider basic safety measures?

Just Quit:

As a final message to the alphabet soup agents reading this that fit into the category of normal White men, just quit your job. If the system cares about lesbian nigger basketball players, then let those people work for the Department of Justice and the State Department.

Let the entire FBI, DHS, ATF, etc. be entirely staffed by mentally retarded, morbidly obese transgender blacks in wheelchairs since the system loves them so much and values them over you and your family’s lives and safety.

At this point, you’d be better off just quitting your job and letting the system deal with their problems themselves if they want to shit on you and disregard the well-being of you and your family. I’m sure that there will be many stuck as servants for the system despite it going against their own interests and well-being, collaborators are exactly that.

Hopefully, at least one of them reading this will realize that they’d be better off just quitting and letting their incompetent bosses deal with problems like us.

This has been a message from The American Futurist

Hail Victory!