The Rat Report

After some internal discussions, we decided to publish a complete list of rats, traitors, and undercover federal agents. This isn’t a call to action against any of these individuals; in fact, in regards to the federal agents on this list, we ask our readers especially not to harass or threaten these men or their families. It’s not worth it due to the criminal charges that will come with it.

What lands someone on this list is clear; to the best of our knowledge, these individuals have collaborated with the system to some extent. Whether it’s working with journalists, snitching to the feds, defecting, or literally being an FBI agent, they’ll go on this list. Let’s begin.

Snitches and Defectors:

Brenan Frank Duffy aka “Jason”:

Brenan Frank Duffy is a former Atomwaffen Division member from Texas who, due to disagreements with then-leader Cameron Denton in 2018 over Brenan’s attempts to turn Atomwaffen Division into a security group for alt-righters, decided to snitch to Jake Hanrahan, Ali Winston, and A.C. Thompson, giving out the identities of several individuals, including Kaleb Cole and Cameron Denton.

He also invited Ali Winston into the AWD Discord Chat (which, despite media hype, was a shitpost chat; nothing was planned there whatsoever) to scrap the general chat. Brenan, along with Ethan Hendricks, a non-White Mexican from California who was upset that Cameron doxed him on Ironmarch for not being White as he claimed, contacted Jake Hanrahan and provided him with the proof that Sam Woodward was a member of the Atomwaffen Division.

This turned Sam’s 10-year sentence for second-degree murder into first-degree murder with a hate crime enhancement. Sam’s crime? He was friends with Cameron Denton, so Brenan, from what we were able to gather, along with Ethan Hendricks, wanted to fuck him over to spite Cameron.

To us, this is nothing more than attempted murder since California is a death penalty state and they increased Sam’s charge to life without parole. There was a possibility he would have received the death penalty.

Brenan’s current whereabouts, to the best of our knowledge, are that he has defected to being antifa. He told a Chicago news station in an interview a couple years ago that he now marches in Texas cities for George Floyd with the John Brown Gun Club.

He’s still active in antifa circles in Texas to this very day, recently doing another interview with an antifa podcast where he seethes about Cameron “ruining Atomwaffen Division” for not allowing him to turn it into an alt-right group along with how proud he is to be marching for niggers and faggots in Texas.

All in all it’s pretty obvious Brenan is a disgusting spiteful rat who believes nothing and is a loser of life. We hope he gets stage 4 prostate cancer and GRIDS.

Ethan Hendricks aka “Vex”:

Ethan Hendricks is a non-White Mexican from Southern California who was part of a trio of snitch faggots who despised us for a variety of reasons and snitched on us to the media. He was a prolific Ironmarch forum user who was later doxed by Cameron Denton due to the simple fact that he wasn’t White like he claimed to be. In fact, Ethan was a spic living in Victorville, California.

Ethan was one of the main butt buddies with Brenan, along with another guy named Tyler from New Jersey, who collaborated with Jake Hanrahan and Ali Winston in giving as much information as possible on individuals like Cameron Denton, Kaleb Cole, and others. Same with the doxing of Sam Woodward as a member of Atomwaffen Division.

Ethan is still active in NS discords and telegram groups, to the best of our knowledge. Where even six years later he does nothing but seethe about us. Mostly jealousy, because anyone who remembers the Vex Saga in Atomwaffen Division knows how Ethan tried to outdo us by launching his own publications to compete with SiegeKultur, such as Fashcast. Which Ethan couldn’t write for shit and 75% of his articles were quotes and images as filler.

Everything he’s ever done has failed because snitches are always doomed to fail. It’s beyond us how a non-White spic from Southern California could still be around. If you see this individual in your chats, kick him out. He’s a spic and a snitch and took part in what we believe was the attempted murder of Sam Woodward.

Tyler R. Wiesing aka “Tyler”:

The last member of the faggot tripartite pact with Brenan and Ethan, Tyler is the former New Jersey Chapter Leader of Atomwaffen Division who also worked with Brenan and Ethan in their snitching to journalists regarding Cameron Denton and Kaleb Cole and was possibly involved with the information given to Jake Hanrahan regarding Sam Woodward being a member of Atomwaffen Division.

Tyler was very close friends with Brenan, and they both joined Atomwaffen Division at the same time when they left American Vanguard in early 2017 (before they changed their name to Vanguard America). Tyler also ran the “Rat on Steroids” Gab account in 2018, which was taking screenshots of and leaking chat logs from the Atomwaffen Division discord shitpost chat. This account was also used by the ADL and SPLC to create reports on Atomwaffen Division.

Tyler’s current activities are unknown to us. Last we heard, he was hanging around Ukrainian NS chats on Telegram. These are simply rumors, however. We have seen nothing concrete about his current activities.

Michael Lloyd Hubsky aka “Kommisar”:

Former Nevada Chapter Leader of Atomwaffen Division. After he got doxed by Brenan and friends, he turn-coated due to his rich family threatening to cut him off financially and his gold digging wife threatening to leave over that. So he ran to Christian Picciolini and he’s the “anonymous Atomwaffen Division member” that he’s interviewing in the Breaking Hate episode on Atomwaffen Division.

This was found out because MSNBC messed up and showed off a trailer that showed off Michael’s red hair. Besides Devon Arthurs, Michael was the only member of the Atomwaffen Division with red hair. So after we called Michael out on SiegeKultur, they panicked and redid the interview entirely. Though they still had OPSEC errors by not covering the windows, as you can see Las Vegas in the background.

Nothing really much on Michael beyond the fact he turn-coated out of fear like a coward because mommy and daddy were going to cut him off and his gold digging slut of a wife was going to leave him over that and proceeded to then snitch to Christian Picciolini on national television to beg for forgiveness from the system.

Johnny Roman Garza:

Johnny Roman Garza was an Atomwaffen Division initiate from Arizona who, after being arrested along with Kaleb Cole and the others, proceeded to snitch and be a bitch. Going to King5 News to beg forgiveness and repeat system talking points about anyone who believes in fascism being a mentally ill lunatic. What a cunt. Video below of him begging for forgiveness from the system.

Johnny wasn’t some major member; no one at The American Futurist even talked with him. To our knowledge, he was just some low-level initiate who agreed to take part in Joshua Sutter’s sticker campaign. He probably would have been kicked out anyway, judging from the way he carries himself.

Had he shut up and not gone crying to the media, he would have been forgotten. Everyone remembers you when you become a traitorous rat. Simple as that.

Wade Mendisabal aka “Wade AW”:

Former Atomwaffen Division member from Washington State, Wade has a pretty interesting past. Originally an antifa skinhead with RASH, he defected and became a racialist skinhead before ending up in our circles.

According to those who knew him, Wade was a fun person to hang out with and talk to. Except things began to sour when Rose City Antifa doxed him and began hounding him along with other PNW antifa groups due to them seeing him as a traitor. Eventually driving him out of the Pacific Northwest and relocating to Texas to live with Cameron Denton.

Things came to a head when Wade’s girlfriend (also a former antifa) hit on Kaleb Cole and attempted to have sex with him at Cameron Denton’s house party. Kaleb refused and turned her down due to the simple fact that she was the girlfriend of another Atomwaffen Division member. This angered her, and she began accusing Kaleb of attempting to rape her.

Wade originally believed Kaleb and everyone else who was there who saw Wade’s girlfriend attempting to try to get Kaleb to have sex with her. This changed, and Wade ended up believing his girlfriend and decided to abruptly leave Cameron’s house and leave a frankly gay letter declaring him leaving AWD and disowning National Socialism.

He then proceeded to fully go back to antifa and snitch to Jake Hanrahan about Cameron Denton and Kaleb Cole out of spite as well. As a result, we no longer accept anyone who is former antifa into our circles. Too much of a risk. Since if you’re willing to defect once, you’re willing to defect again and you become a liability.

Informants and Feds:

Joshua Sutter aka “Swissdiscipline”:

There’s really nothing to introduce about Joshua Sutter since he’s already well known enough throughout the movement as a snitch informant. To our knowledge, he’s currently in Federal Witness Protection as his trailer in South Carolina has been abandoned since he’s been exposed.

We do have friends who know his family though; his family disowned him a long time ago and is still active in the movement. Which we feel terrible for them, as having a son or brother be one of the most infamous snitches in modern movement history while being active in the movement yourself is heartbreaking.

Christopher S. Leckinger aka “Gibson”:

An undercover FBI agent who went by “Gibson” in Atomwaffen Division got Cameron Denton arrested by getting him drunk and admitting to crimes he didn’t commit. It’s all around a piece of filth, and we’re glad that the Justice Department was retarded enough to forget to cross out his name and accidentally leave it in there. You can read more on him here on The Futurist Observer.


“Mark” is another undercover FBI agent, though he wasn’t involved in any arrests himself. As he was tasked with attempting to take down James Mason. Though that didn’t work and “Mark” was unsuccessful.

“Mark”‘s real name is unknown at this time, however, we have been contacted by members of the NSM relating to seeing this man before at their gatherings as well and possibly being involved in some arrests of certain individuals, though this is unconfirmed.

In Conclusion:

To conclude, please use this list as a way of educating yourselves, and to repeat ourselves, do not harass or threaten anyone on this list, especially those under the “Informants and Feds” section. It’s all risk and no reward, and just not worth it. Leave these pathetic individuals alone; their time will come eventually.

It’s a sad state in the movement that this rat behavior is more common among the younger generation in the movement than the older generation. Really sad stuff indeed. If you have anyone you feel should be added to this list, please email us at [email protected] for further details. Thank you.