Taliban Victory Redux

This article has been redone as we feel that it’s relevant to today.

With the recent news out of Afghanistan. We, The American Futurist, wish to make a response regarding the situation there and what that means for us. For those unaware, NATO is pulling out of Afghanistan after 20 years of war with the Taliban and losing. This should in fact be celebrated as a victory against the jewish controlled world.

While the Taliban is not without flaws including the fact that they are a non-White Islamic organization, they are categorically anti-jewish and have dealt a serious blow to our jewish overlords. Muhammad Omar, the founder of the Taliban, was explicitly anti-jewish and very reasonable in his views.

In fact, right before the US invasion in 2001, the Taliban, as the ruling government for most of Afghanistan except for the north, destroyed 3/4ths of the world’s opium poppy supply (a key ingredient in making heroin). After the US invasion, opium poppy production more than quadrupled.

In addition, when the Taliban took over the Afghan capital city of Kabul, they brutally beat and executed Afghanistan’s former communist leader, as well as those within the fallen communist government in the 1990s who they could get their hands on. A deserving fate for all leftist traitors.

The Northern Alliance (the current Afghan government and collaborators with the United States occupation, as well as mortal enemies of the Taliban) are all child rapists, drug lords, and alike. They only oppose the Taliban because Taliban rule would mean the end of them. Currently, it seems there will be an end to them—a final solution. It is happening right now as we speak. Areas that have recently come under Taliban control have seen those who collaborated with the jewish world put to death.

As another fun fact, the CIA gave Viagra to these pedophile warlords so they could rape more young boys in exchange for supporting US interests in the country.

Another reason to celebrate the Taliban’s victory is that it demonstrates yet again that our adversary, this system, is a paper tiger. 20 years of war with Pashtun Islamic Scholars, using only Lee-Enfields from WW1 and old Chinese AKs, as well as IEDs made from soda bottles and items found at a hardware store, have resulted in the defeat of NATO’s entire combined forces in only two decades, with them fleeing from their headquarters. It’s absolutely amazing to see.

All of this shuts down the cowards and those within the system who claim, “The System is unbeatable! You can only work within the system! Rebelling against the system will only see your destruction and failure!”. Because this is clearly not the case. If it was, then how come these Pashtun Islamic Scholars with old firearms and homemade bombs can completely humiliate NATO on the battlefield?

What convinced me of the Taliban’s victory was the Korangal Valley Campaign. For those unaware, it was the US Military’s attempt to take over a strategically important valley from the Taliban. For 5 1/2 years, the US Military, with the help of the Occupational Government in Kabul, fought to take the valley. They failed, and they failed hard. so hard that the US Military left the valley in disgrace.

That alone eliminates any “The system is too powerful!” argument. “You’ll never beat them!” Again, if that were true, why couldn’t the US Military take a simple vacation for five and a half years despite their best efforts? Remember, if it were this hopeless, then their propaganda wouldn’t be needed. It’d just be treated as fact.

With this victory, as well as the fact that it is a prime example that if they can achieve victory, so can we.

Below are some good resources on the history of the conflict in Afghanistan to help you understand what led to all of this, as well as documentaries that detail the situation in Afghanistan truthfully, showing how disgusting and deplorable the NATO occupation is and why the Taliban are the good guys in that conflict, as well as what life is like under Taliban rule (although obviously made by people opposed to the Taliban, so keep that in mind).

History of the Afghanistan Conflict:

Documentaries on how bad the NATO occupation is and why the Taliban come out better along with Afghanistan under Taliban Rule:

Hail Victory!