Pineapple On Pizza

For followers of the American Futurist, this question is a recurring theme. It is divisive and everyone has an opinion on it. But why is it a recurring theme? What is the joke so many have been missing? Why do we ask guests on podcasts about it? Simple. The question is a perfect example of divide-and-conquer propaganda seeded into our subculture for the purpose of our division and destruction.

We wish to foster an environment where the very publications the system uses to monitor and identify us also provide us with ample means to cloak ourselves from the system’s radar. We wish for our readers to understand the system’s attack vectors so our readers can be kept safe from the attacks of our mortal enemies. We wish our readers the very best of luck on all their endeavors. For this to happen, they must first educate themselves about the system, its tricks, methods, agencies, and employees.

The pineapple on pizza reference comes from July 2019. There was a DHS push through CISA (Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency) to explain what “Foreign Influence” exactly was. This was in response to claims of Russian involvement in US domestic issues. It broke the operation down into five clearly definable steps and matched them with info-graphics and wording that a layman would understand. Mostly, it was an accurate representation of what those operations look like without being technically correct about how bots truly operate. In this case, what they portrayed resembled a basic internet psyop. It was amusing when the joke was adapted to indicate any divisive behaviors being attributed to pineapples.

Somewhere pre-2020 the joke about the difference between a pineapple and a police cruiser was made known. A pineapple has its pricks on the outside. The context was laid. Pineapples were online dividers and pizzas were system pigs. The adoption of pizza-gate was a logical progression and the stage was set to allow the theater of life to dazzle us once again.

2020 brought us BLM protests and much excitement. Many of us watched with great interest as various actors mimicked the methodology from the DHS fact sheet and applied it in asymmetrical ways. This created further divides in the nation and mobilized a portion of the population into violent actions. The authors favorite BLM pineapple pizza operation was a White foreigner running one of the largest BLM pages and bagging a nice grift off donations. He not only secured personal wealth but prevented that money from getting to its intended destination. Also, he sowed seeds of doubt that future uprising-branded accounts were scams.

In a rush to try and contain the mess CISA started, they decided to turn to their super-weapon of “graphic novels”. To put out the fires they had themselves lit, the reactionary state decided to use the superhero format. They put out graphic novels describing a variety of the psyop tactics CISA illustrated. We will review these separately in another article as many of us found it an interesting response to the situation. It poses further questions about how much, or little, the system actually understands about the weaponized autists they have engaged in battle in cyberspace.

In the Turner Diaries, Dr. William Luther Pierce described how Whites could run black and hispanic radio channels to manipulate them during social upheaval. This was very similar to what DHS said foreign interference looked like. As the government said “don’t do this”, many people immediately used the warning as a blueprint of how to exploit open weaknesses of the system. Eventually, this may lead to the system laying traps for those who take the bait in their propaganda. We think this likely. That is another reason why we bring this up.

So without further adieu, we present the missing piece of our rather public joke at DHS and all its cronies. May you continue to make “graphic novels” whilst the cities burn and the police are too scared to go to work.