Radical Youth and Revolution

With all these self-appointed “experts” chiming in left and right to comment on the rise of domestic extremism, particularly the rebirth of the Revolutionary Racialist movement within the United States that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. As someone who is a radicalized individual, I felt the need to comment as someone from the inside. Mostly because many of these “experts” comment from a Neo-Liberal point of view. That is, blaming us for our own radicalization while conveniently leaving the system (a system based around the ideology of Neo-Liberal free market capitalism) largely blame-free.

The rebirth of the racialist movement in the United States, but in general within most of the Western World and countries in the East influenced by the Western World, such as India and others, is unique compared to the past. At least in terms of who is being recruited into it. Historically, our movement has only really recruited working-class Whites with little education. There are some exceptions to this, such as Dr. William Luther Pierce. 

Those are exceptions, considering Dr. Pierce himself was from a family that historically has always been racialists of one kind or another. In this case, his grandfather was the Governor of Alabama and Attorney General in the Confederate States of America.

Now, in the 21st century, the average person under 25 joining the movement is from a middle-class background and is generally very well educated. This also includes myself and most ex-members of Atomwaffen Division. I’m 23, for example, and as for Atomwaffen Division itself, it was founded by Brandon Russell, who is 27 and holds education in fields such as Nuclear Physics (related to nuclear weapons, hence how he came up with the name of the group) and Electrical Engineering. Brandon was so well known in the Electrical Engineering field that he was often invited as a guest on YouTube channels such as Backyard Scientist prior to his first arrest in 2017, and those videos were obviously scrubbed.

This isn’t an anomaly. In fact, it’s pretty standard that the more radical a person in this movement is, the more educated and intelligent they generally are. The only question is, what is causing this? I’ll spare you the Neo-Liberal explanation that this is somehow all of our fault and somehow the system is never to blame. Somehow, it’s all just individual faults and never a systemic failure. That’s the issue with Neo-Liberalism as a whole: everything is individualized and everything is magically in a vacuum, so nothing is ever the fault of a faulty system.

The reality of why so many educated youth who should be in college or specialized fields improving society have seemingly embraced radical ideologies all of a sudden (including non-Fascist ideologies such as leftist ideologies) is simply the result of a growing collapse of community mixed in with a failed education system. Add all of this to the fallout from the war on terror, which was based on lies made by the Bush Administration, and the 2008 recession, which completely collapsed trust in the system, and you have yourself a potent mix for radicalism.

More people than ever have fewer friends, fewer relationships, come from broken homes, have less disposable income, and more. For any society, regardless of ideology, this is a literal societal cancer.

So as we deal with corrupt and failing systems that breed mistrust, the death of local communities and their replacement with fake internet communities, and just general resentment and alienation. People, especially young people, look for alternatives. A way to make society better for people like themselves.

I, for example, am no different. Ever since I was 11, I figured out just how rotten and corrupt society truly was. It didn’t help that I lived in one of the most corrupt states in the United States. Observing many things, such as open embezzlement by those in government meant to help general society, corrupt nepotism, drug addiction and alcoholism, poverty, and more. I just didn’t know how to make things better. So I started reading.

While the education system in my home area was trash, they did have a great program run by the Department of Education. That being said, one could order books from any library in the state (even college libraries) and have them mailed to your library to check out. I started reading anything I could find by the time I was in 7th grade. Didn’t matter. I read many authors at that time, searching desperately for solutions. Marx, Lenin, Bakunin, and others at first. Yet some of their answers didn’t fully satisfy me.

That was until I was in my freshman year of High School and turned 13, when I found authors such as Hitler and others and learned about Fascism and its beliefs. Rejecting the views of leftist authors that societal struggle is based around the oppressed against the oppressor in favor of a society based around the inferior and the superior. That society is one of the castes that one is naturally a part of.

That there are those with naturally better traits superior to others, and that society should be structured around this truth. How nature reflects this. I was intrigued as I observed this in my own reality. How democratic systems, despite their boasting of making the best system based around equality for everyone, simply didn’t produce the results they claimed as they ran counter to reality itself.

I only began to immerse myself more.

This came as other events in my life at the time solidified these feelings. How my state government tried its hardest to lift the blacks out of poverty and crime and spent ungodly resources to accomplish this with poor results. Yet the poor rural Whites of my state were abandoned in drug addiction and alcoholism without a finger lifted for them or any attention given. Even decades prior, these areas were economically great, and these same people or their parents lived good lives until industry decided it’d be cheaper to move out to India and Chile.

It never truly hits you how horrifying true poverty and despair are until you’re talking with a drug-addicted and alcoholic man who was crippled due to medical malpractice in an underfunded and incompetent local hospital. So there was clearly an issue with the wider system beyond anything that simple reform could ever fix, despite what reformists claim. It is a rotten system that thrives on human misery for oligarchic profit and benefit, not one based on the common good with good outcomes for most.

Yet I look at every Fascist state in history, and what made me really latch on was their turning similar situations around for the better. Hitler turned a poor and depraved Germany into a superpower, and the average German was better off than ever before. Suicide and drug addiction rates plummeted, poverty rates dropped, and things were done for the public good rather than for personal gain. Making a true and just society. I’m a Fascist simply because I see it as a means to get rid of the horrors I’ve seen. The husks of men I’ve seen this system create. The absolute ruin it does for profit. Both societal ruin and environmental ruin.

To deny this system as rotten is to be either delusional or insane. Simply go hang out in areas like the Rust Belt, Appalachia, the Deep South, and others to see what I mean. It’s horrific—the true face of despair and ruin. Something that continues to haunt me and is the sole reason I’m such a radical person. Why I seek revolution above all else.

That’s what separates people like me from some loser who’s only in this as a social club for a couple of years then fucks off to join something else and has no principles or passion, which a lot of moderates in the movement are sadly. They can’t tell you honestly what makes them fight besides hollow slogans such as “Save White People!”. I don’t even really bring up the racial decline in the US much when I talk about my beliefs and why I believe them. Yeah, that’s a problem. However, to myself, I just want to make a better society long-term over all else by any means necessary to get there. If that means no more non-Whites to achieve that, so be it. Any means necessary means any means necessary.

This is why any suggestions of reform for such conditions are such gross and disgusting concepts to me. Why should those who cause such suffering, such pain, and such destruction have a fight with their terms? Why? Why should I act chivalrous and fair to people who poisoned our communities with drugs, hedonism, suicide, and other harmful things? They deserve death as far as I’m concerned; considering my viewpoint, they’ve committed premeditated murder on a mass scale. These people not only poisoned good people with drugs but they also poisoned our environment, such as, for example, DuPont contaminating most of the world with PFOAs, which cause cancer and death in all living things, for the sake of billions in profit, and now 97%+ of Americans have PFOAs in their blood.

Only a total revolution and a complete replacement of this rotten system are the only means to right such a wrong. Hang those responsible and those who enable it. Get rid of all of them with no exceptions or “fairness” by any means necessary. To hell with such rotten people!

To state otherwise to me, to state that we can’t be so mean, blunt, or open about our disdain, is asking me to be dishonest with myself. Denying the truth is what that is.

This system failed people like myself for its own personal profit. For its own personal gain. I was abandoned by the system like many of you, and yet this same system has the nerve to act blameless and punish me for having such a problem. At this point, what else can you do besides seek destruction? At this point, either the system or myself will be destroyed. I choose the destruction of the system. By any means necessary, including revolution and the total destruction and replacement of the current system of power in the United States. I hope, dear readers, that you choose something similar.

This system has no right to bitch about us; they have no right to act like this came out of nowhere and act dumbfounded and blindsided. It’s like some shithead narcissist of a romantic partner acting shocked after they were finally dumped and blaming you for everything. If they didn’t want this, maybe they shouldn’t be so focused on personal gain. There should be an actual system that serves the interests and well-being of the population. Not a system that is nothing more than a small collection of greedy, sociopathic individuals only looking out for themselves and to hell with everyone else. They never will. Revolution is the only answer to people like this.

Reform is never the answer. What will reform and mass movements gain us? Small concessions? Even if they stopped flooding the country with a discounted workforce, gave support to those in need, made a functional educational system, and stopped the rampant drug addictions. It wouldn’t mean anything to me. This system is rotten to the very foundation. Any concessions they make can easily be rolled back within decades, which they have done before.

See the Confederate States of America, while not Fascist by any means. They were racialist. The whole point of the fight for the Confederacy was White Southerners fighting against Federal attempts by leftists in the Lincoln Administration to undo White rule in the South, as pointed out by Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens in his Cornerstone Speech on the basis of secession from the United States. While the Confederates lost the war, the Federal Government (mostly in response to constant White uprisings by the Ku Klux Klan and the White League) reinstated White rule in the South and promised White Southerners they could keep their White rule.

The Federal Government rolled it all back anyway a century later with the Civil Rights Act and others. Including using the FBI to dismantle Klan power structures in states like Mississippi and Alabama. So with such dishonesty, why should anything besides a complete and total revolution be an option? Why should we trust such unapologetic, sociopathic liars?

You have to be absolutely ignorant or naive to believe that we can just plead and beg our way like cowards and weaklings to get concessions from this dishonest system and keep them.

So after explaining myself and why I believe what I believe. Yes, I’m for nothing short of the complete and sudden overthrow of the system. My very existence is a result of the system’s policies and its incompetent and short-sighted actions. I seek no concessions, no compromise, nothing. Any talk of such actions to myself is nothing more than treason to the truth.

So what about you?

Hail Victory! Hail White Revolution!