Revolutionary Conditions

“What will you do when the revolution comes?” is an often-discussed topic in NS circles. Idle talk about firearms, revolutionary fantasies that sound like they’re straight out of “Mad Max”, and talk about “who needs to be killed first” are standard fare.

Before any revolution comes, however, we need to discuss revolutionary conditions. It is clear to all that, despite the sick, twisted, and degenerate state that the USA is in, the Federal Government remains strong. Its foundation might have a few cracks in it, but the proverbial house remains firm. Of course, no successful revolution can occur under these conditions. So, we must ask ourselves, under what conditions have successful revolutions happened in the past?

Having studied some of the most prominent 20th century revolutions, I can diagnose one major commonality: the inability to punish those who act against the state.

We’ll start with Spain. The Spanish Republic of the 1930’s was (and this was clear, even at the time) a powder keg. In 1931, not long after the fall of Gen. Miguel Primo de Rivera’s “soft dictatorship”, King Alfonso XIII was deposed without a fight, and the ancient Spanish Monarchy fell. The right-wing, splintered and prone to infighting, could only look on in stunned horror as their beloved Monarchy was cast away. The power of the Monarchy had for many years been on the decline, but for the Spanish Right, the symbolism of the Monarchy meant more than the actual day-to-day effectiveness of the Monarchy.

The newfound Spanish Republic was only supported by the centrists, typically the most feckless and spineless aspect of the political spectrum. The men of the Right, by and large, desired a return to the Monarchy, with the dethroned Alfonso XIII waiting in the wings, while the also-splintered Left vacillated between Bolshevik and Anarchist currents.

This is what leads to the aforementioned inability to punish anti-state actors: a country that is full to the brim of men who have a vested interest in the failure of the state. In many cases, radicals of both sides will occupy various state jobs, and they will use their powers/influence to act in ways that benefit their side.

The cracks in the foundation could be seen as early as 1932. As was typical at the time, the upper-crust of the Military was almost exclusively right-wing. Conspiratorial talk had been common amongst the Generals, and a plan was finally hammered out. Gen. José Sanjurjo was the public face of the ill-fated coup attempt, which was very poorly executed. A few failed uprisings in provincial garrisons and a few hundred soldiers in the Capital, Madrid, were not enough to take down the young Republic.

Gen. José Sanjurjo was, with a wink and a nod, “sentenced to death” by the Spanish Courts, with his death sentence immediately reduced to a life sentence. Less than two years after the coup attempt, Gen. Sanjurjo and almost all of his fellow “Sanjurjists” were free, amnestied by a centrist government. They had failed, but the message had been received loud and clear – the government was simply not powerful enough to punish its enemies, even for crimes as serious as High Treason.

This message was, of course, also received by the left-wing. In 1934, not long after the release of Sanjurjo and his men, the Left, under the cover of a Miners’ Strike, attempted their own uprising. In the Spanish region of Asturias, the Miners’ Union, which was of course controlled by the Bolsheviks and the Anarchists, declared a Proletarian Revolution, and announced the forming of a Workers’ State. They assassinated dozens of Clerical and Civil leaders, demolished churches, businesses, and government buildings, laid siege to the local Army Garrisons, raided military stockpiles and prepared themselves for a conflict with the National Government.

After many failed attempts to negotiate, the National Government finally responded with force. Using the natural enmity between the Right-Wing military leaders and the Left-Wing rebels, they were able to convince the Generals’ that putting down the uprising was in their best interests. After a few weeks of bloody fighting, the uprising in Asturias was put down. A simultaneous uprising in Catalonia was put down within 24 hours.

But, yet again, the Centrist Government showed its inner weakness. González, Tomás, and Álvarez, the leaders of the uprising, were all amnestied within two years of the uprising. The majority of the ~35,000 captured Left-Wing radicals were also all amnestied soon after the uprising. Again, the message was clear – political violence from both sides would, at the most, be met with a slap on the wrist.

Emboldened by this lack of central power, the Far-Right and the Far-Left engaged in their own respective campaigns of brutal, bloody street-warfare and political assassination. In the immediate aftermath of the all-important Election of 1936, roughly 380 people were killed in acts of political violence. The Election saw the potentially fraudulent victory of the Left over the Right-Wing and Centrist Coalitions. Indalecio Prieto, the leader of the Left-Wing coalition, was openly disloyal to the State, having previously provided arms to the Leftist Asturias Rebels in 1934.

The Right-Wing saw the writing on the wall: rather than having a powerless, spineless government in power, they would now be facing a relatively unified Left-Wing government, one which would have no qualms about turning the full force of the state against the Rightists.

The tense situation festered for a few months. The aforementioned political violence raged on, but none of the leaders of the Right-Wing were bold enough to act. But, on July 13th, 1936, the powder keg was finally lit. Members of the Left-Leaning Spanish Police abducted and assassinated José Calvo Sotelo, a member of congress who was one of the Right-Wing’s most outspoken orators.

There was no response from the National Government. The Centrists, still barely holding on to their control of the Government (due to the Left’s lack of a coalition in Congress), had neither the ability nor the inclination to prosecute Calvo Sotelo’s assassins. The previously fractured Right-Wing were finally scared enough to truly act. Gen. Sanjurjo, Gen. Mola, and Gen. Franco, along with a few Right-Wing political figures, hastily planned a Coup. On July 17th, 1936, four days after the assassination of Jose Calvo Sotelo, the Coup was set into motion. The events of the following three years are, in all likelihood, already known to you.

The Spanish Republic may have not been doomed from the start. The downfall of the Republic was, however, guaranteed by the failure of the National Government to punish any anti-state actors.

Similar (but not quite as bloody) events also occurred in the German Weimar Republic. After his failed 1923 Putsch in Munich, Adolf Hitler stood trial for High Treason. The Munich Court, controlled by Judges who were totally disloyal to the National Government, sentenced Adolf Hitler and his comrades to only a few years in prison. They were all released within eight months of their sentencing.

This Leniency was, of course, not only limited to the National Socialists. When the National Socialist Martyr Horst Wessel was assassinated in 1930, the perpetrator, the Communist Pimp Albrecht Höhler, was given a paltry six year sentence. The centrist-run National Government had yet again shown its inability to punish opponents of the State.

These historical events might cause you to think about the present-day Leftist Street Radicals. These glorified thugs are untouchable – they remain unpunished by the United States Government, and they openly flaunt this fact. But, there is a major difference here – unlike the Left and Right Wing radicals of 1920’s/1930’s Spain and Germany, the American Leftist Street Radicals of today are not opponents of the state/system. Indeed, they act on the orders of state/system controlled politicians, media figures, and celebrities. They go unpunished not because the state/system is unable to punish them, but because the state/system is unwilling to punish them. This is a very, very important distinction.

Right-Wing radicals in the United States are, of course, punished in an absolutely draconian manner. Ridiculous prison sentences on absurd charges, social ostracization, constant anti-rightist propaganda, etc. Anybody who does not see the difference in how these two groups are treated is either brainwashed or a liar.

Under these circumstances, there is no potential for a National Socialist Revolution in the United States. We would not be able to get off the ground, with the full brunt of the United States Government and their only slightly disguised Leftist militia on our back. Any potential anti-state action on our part will be punished harshly, the National Socialist perpetrators would end up either dead, or serving lengthy prison sentences.

This raises the question – how do we, as National Socialists, help to bring about these revolutionary conditions? In this, our enemies – Bolsheviks – give us our answer: “Revolutionary Defeatism”.

This, of course, sounds counter-productive. Our goal is Total Aryan Victory, why should we support any form of Defeatism? But, this is not internal defeatism – it is external defeatism. We must, above all things, support the downfall of the United States Government BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If the United States supports one side in a war, we must support the other side. If the United States, somehow, implements a policy that we agree with ideologically, we still must oppose it. If a natural disaster strikes the United States, we must applaud mother nature. In order for National Socialism to succeed in the still-White parts of the Earth, the United States Government MUST FALL! The overwhelming majority of the Earth’s White countries are in absolute thrall to the United States – their so-called “leaders” are no more than Satraps, only holding office due to the blessing of the USA. The USA will not allow any truly-White government to exist. For that reason alone, the United States Government is the most evil thing to ever exist.

I still have hope for the future. The Left and Right wings in the USA are becoming more and more polarized. When the White Right-Wingers of this country realize that they are being outbred, and that they can no longer win elections, they will no longer support the existing government. They will oppose its actions at every turn, and they will harm it if they can. Right-Wing local officials may stop prosecuting fellow Rightists for certain crimes. This could have major ripple effects, causing a total lack of faith in the United States Government.

One thing is certain – we can’t stop fighting for what we believe in. As Revolutionary National Socialists, our goal is clear – we must do everything that we can, within certain boundaries, to hasten the downfall of the United States Government. Only by doing that, can we bring about the Revolutionary Conditions that are required for a genuine National Socialist Revolution. But, we must always remember that certain actions mean death or prison, and we must ask ourselves – is the death of a certain number of scumbags worth the life of a Solid National Socialist? Is the destruction of a certain target worth the life of a Solid National Socialist?

If there is doubt in your mind, the answer is no. We must find other ways to help bring about the end of this evil Government. We must find atypical ways to do it. But, after all, we know for a fact that we are followers of the one and only TRUTH – the message of our Führer, Adolf Hitler. If there is a higher power out there, we know that he is on our side. We will win in the end – of this I have no doubt.

Postscript –
This article is not to be taken as a denunciation of National Socialists committing anti-state/system acts under current conditions. While I don’t see it as the wisest move right now, I have absolute sympathy for any National Socialist who has simply had too much, and who needs to act against the state/system that hates him and is trying to destroy him.