American Imperialism

With all the global conflicts going around, it has become quite the topic in movement circles to discuss them. Many are discussing it with an anti-American bent, including ourselves. The issue of disagreement, however, is the pervasive issue of individuals taking up a third-worldist bent to it. That being how all nations deserve their own place, how every race has their place, actually caring about non-White independence struggles outside of our own gains, etc.

I despise such rhetoric, considering the sources too, such as Eric Striker (a former maoist who still holds the geopolitics of one where he can’t stop sucking off Russia, China, and other 2nd world nations). I see it as a leftist ideological subversion within our movement.

For context, I do not hate American imperialism just because of it. I despise it because of what it ideologically promotes. That being gay nigger neo-liberalism. If we were to take power in North America, American imperialism would, in fact, continue. Except promoting our worldview. I don’t care about the US having military bases everywhere or drones striking weird brown people in the desert.

The military bases in Europe, Latin America, and the Arctic won’t be closed. Europe and Latin America won’t stop being under American influence. None of that. The idea that we give up any geopolitical influence to Russia or China is absurd to me and just cuckoldry on a geopolitical scale. This is the same reason I oppose the balkanization of the US outside of temporary secession movements for the purposes of weakening the US government. A balkanized US would just mean weakened puppet states for Russia and China to use as playthings.

Geopolitics isn’t equality; it’s winner takes all. While I may be alienating our European readers who dream of an independent union that stands equal to the US and Russia as outlined by such men as Oswald Mosley and others, I don’t care because that’s not what is going to occur. It’s either the Americans, Chinese, or Russians dominating Europe. Simple as that. Blame the Marshall Plan and how current European borders are for creating Europe like this, but that’s just how things are and will be. This is simply because, in the modern world, vast resources are required to maintain being at the top of the pecking order. European countries outside of Russia simply can’t do this. This is why Germany lost World War II as well: a lack of resources in comparison to the United States, the British Empire, and the Soviet Union combined. Simply put, if a nation has enough resources and manpower to outlast another, they can generally dominate the other as long as there is competent leadership.

Long term, as I envisioned in my book The Futurist State, I dream of a united North American nation-state (US, Canada, and other territories enjoined into one fascist super-state). A state that would dominate global geopolitics just like the US currently does. Along with client states in Europe and parts of Latin America (the White parts) allied with this new nation-state in North America.

The idea of a “multi-polar world” is one stated by weaker countries. The reality of geopolitics is that a nation-state is at the top of the pecking order and all else below it. All else is just fantasy and coping.

So no, the idea of American strength being bad on its own for its own sake rather than for what it promotes is leftist, subversive garbage to me. It’s leftist thinking rooted in third-worldism which comes from Maoism. It’s subversion in our movement. I for one only support cases such as Hamas’s struggle in Palestine or the Taliban in Afghanistan because they serve my current interests of weakening kike global dominance and weakening the United States government. It’s that simple. I don’t care about the struggles of brown people in and of themselves. I don’t care about America being mean just because it is mean. Again, this is literally how leftists think. Considering those promoting it are “ex”-leftists, such things should be viewed with extreme suspicion.

We are for a strong fascist North American nation-state. A nation that’ll dominate global geopolitics the same way the US currently does. The only thing we seek to replace the US on the world stage is changing the ideology it promotes. From a gay nigger neo-liberalism to our own worldview onto the world.

Hail Victory!