I want to start by saying that I am not a part of, nor have I ever been a part of, The American Futurist. I am simply a former member of Patriot Front who wants to expose the truth about what happened behind the scenes during the disastrous Philadelphia march a few years ago. Many will remember this march as the first real march where PF was attacked and where we were mass detained by essentially the entire Philadelphia police department.

The shitshow started before the march even happened. I remember being at the camp/training area at the beginning of the day and lined up with everyone else. One of Thomas’s higher-up guys came up and pointed off to the side where all the shields were lying on the ground. He then went on to say that anyone who ever wanted to be on the shield team should race over and grab one. Even at the time, I thought that was weird. This was my first event, but I had assumed that the shield team was already a set of trained guys, not just whoever grabbed the shields first. Another moment that happened was when Thomas and some of his guys left the training/camp area to survey the march site. The guys left in charge were letting us throw roman salutes and jokingly told us to “Get it out of our system before Thomas came back”. We also were practicing for part of the march, as you can see in the video of Thomas marching down the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, saying we were basing it off of a “Certain leader during WW2”.

The next sign of bad things to come was the coordination. The march of time kept getting changed over and over again; no one knew if the trucks were coming to the camp site or if we had to drive to them. After it was decided, we would all meet the trucks in a shopping plaza. After me and a few guys arrived in the plaza, we were just sitting there for what felt like forever. No higher-ups were responding to messages, and we weren’t even sure if we were in the right plaza. Then a message came out saying for all guys to sprint over to the loading docks of a store in the plaza as fast as we could to load up on the trucks. It wasn’t very sneaky or low-key, with over 100 guys running across a busy parking lot all masked up and dressed the same.

Fast forward to the march. Things went as the footage showed. Backpack nigger attacked us, fought some people at the end by the trucks, got detained by the police—you know all this. What you don’t know is what happened after. After holding us for hours, the Philadelphia police sent the Penske trucks away, led us into one of the worst ghettos in Philadelphia, and just left us. You would assume our glorious leader, Thomas, would have a plan B to get us out, but no, he didn’t. It was an absolute cluster fuck of trying to figure out who had keys to cars at the drop-off site, which was over 45 minutes away, then there was the few guys who had cell phones trying to get in contact with the truck drivers to turn around to pick up guys. We also had a few guys who were injured; one could barely walk after rolling his ankle during the march, and some guys had to beg Thomas to let the injured man go with the guys who were going back for their cars. It was absolute chaos trying to find a way out while in an area where some low-IQ nigger could easily have rolled up and taken shots at us, and while the entire city’s police are still out and about and know where we are. All this planning, by the way, was not done by Thomas, and if I remember right, he was one of the first guys to leave, or at least was not among the last to leave, like a real leader should. I, a guy who was pretty new to the organization, was among the last guys who got out, laying in the bed of a pickup truck with six other guys cramped together. After I got back to the shopping plaza and met back up with my guys, we quickly got out of there, right as we saw multiple police cars shadowing the plaza.

We found out later that the police swooped in there to harass the guys who were lollygaging around there openly, still wearing their PF gear. The reason for the police being there, I assume, is that one, the Philadelphia police most likely put out a BOLO to all neighboring police departments for the Penske trucks, and two, someone before probably called the police to tell them a ton of masked men were running across the shopping plaza parking lot and loading up into trucks when we first loaded up.

The final part of the shitshow was when a bunch of guys were trying to head home. Keep in mind that before the event, we were all made to turn in pretty much everything, including our phones; some guys even gave them their wallets. It was probably about 4 a.m. at this point, and no one knows where the guy in charge of holding all our stuff was. The location for picking up our stuff changed multiple times, so keep in mind that, like I said, most guys don’t have phones on them, so a lot of guys didn’t even know where to go to get their stuff. It took another 2 hours just to get our stuff back and leave.

I want to also say that PF does have good guys; in fact, they are the ones who keep PF alive. Thomas, however, is not a leader; he is someone who cares more about his own vanity and how he looks than his own guys, one of whom he killed due to his incompetence and not caring about member safety by pushing guys to drive past their limits by ordering members to run red lights, drive long hours while tired, and go above the speed limit or face punishment.

To anyone in PF reading this, I urge you to get out while you can, join a real nationalist group, and let Thomas’s stagnant group burn out and crash.

Editor’s Note regarding the dead member. This is something Thomas gets annoyed whenever brought up and best explanation he’s offered was a corporate speak explanation how it’s a shame but totally not his fault and tries desperately to change the subject. He speaks about it like when an oil spill happens and ExxonMobil has to do a public statement and damage control. Something that we find a lot of disgust in, as we being former Atomwaffen Division also have dead members due to screw ups and something we’ve owned up to and we celebrate their lives every year. Something Thomas and Patriot Front leadership don’t do and instead want those who end up dead or in prison such as early member George Pickard to be forgotten about for the sake of “optics”. All because Patriot Front leadership, from what we gathered internally, is terrified of gaining the “Atomwaffen Reputation”.These guys deserve a steel toe boot to the head due to how selfish and cowardly they all are.